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Published by Sara on 29 Jan 2014

Thanksgiving and Some other Stuff

I decided it would be awesome to have Thanksgiving at my house this year with my side of the family.  We had quite the feast!

042 046

Richy brought a Heavenly Ham that was literally heavenly.  After we ate, we watched the Thanksgiving day parade and tried not to fall into turkey-induced comas.  It was nice to have everyone all together for Thanksgiving!  Even this little guy and the creepy guy behind him.


After everyone headed off to other dinners, we also left for Thanksgiving at Neil’s parents.  We ate another delicious feast there.  Luke was being picky so he had yogurt and Cheerios.


I had to unbutton my pants at this point in the day.  🙂  Then we played some fun games and scanned all of the Black Friday ads.  Later that night my mom and I hit up Target and a few other stores and totally scored.

That night, Sunny our elf made a triumphant return!


However, a few days later, Julia had a dream that Sunny turned evil and it was scaring her.  So he lasted a whole three or four days and then he stopped moving.  Which is so nice.  This elf on the shelf business is too much work.  Half the time I am almost asleep and then suddenly remember that I forgot to move the stupid elf.

The next Monday, we put up all of our Christmas stuff!  I was really excited for Christmas this year.  Probably because I had already taken care of the shopping.

058 068 075

And a few days after that, it dumped snow outside!  The kids were thrilled.  This was Luke’s first real time in the snow and he loved it.  And I loved that he could barely walk in all of those thick clothes.

079 085 086 087 092

Published by Sara on 29 Jan 2014


Luke has a bad habit of throwing things.  He chucked a toy hammer and it hit Bethany square in the head.  It didn’t really hurt her, but it bled like crazy!

003 006

Here is another one of Luke’s victims.  This time he threw a toy train and caused Julia to lose her first tooth!  I was totally not expecting her to lose any teeth for a while.


Aunt Becky came to Idaho for a visit and to spend Thanksgiving here.  The girls and I got to babysit the two little boys.


Both of the girls wanted to cut their hair.  I prefer long hair, but they really really wanted to.  So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let them.


And a few weeks after losing her first tooth, the other one came out too!


The day before thanksgiving, I took the girls to see Frozen.  We loved it so much, it might be our favorite movie!  We are obsessed.  Even as I type this Bethany and Luke are playing Legos and singing “Let it Go” from the movie.  We have the soundtrack and listen to it all the time.


Published by Sara on 16 Dec 2013

Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween, Bethany knew she wanted to be a bride.  Julia couldn’t decide what she wanted to be, until we found her a pretty pink ballerina-type dress at a thrift store.  So then she chose to be a ballerina, but then eventually changed into a “pink princess”.  Luke was a monster that hated his costume and refused to wear his hood. 🙂

The celebration started the weekend before Halloween at our annual trunk-or-treat.

005 006 008

I got ONE picture of the monster before he ripped his hood off.



Bethany’s BFF Megan was also a bride, people kept asking them where their grooms were.


Although Luke hated his costume, he LOVED trick-or-treating.  He quickly caught on that if he said “trick-or-treat”, people would put candy into his bucket.  He was thrilled!

428 436

After the kids filled their buckets there, we headed to Clint and Syd’s for their Halloween party which I don’t have any pictures of.  But it was great fun as usual, and my kids weren’t being brats this year!  Score!

On Halloween day, it was crazy hair day at Bethany’s school.


She also had a Halloween party that I could not attend, because Luke was burning up with fever.  So I stopped by the school to drop off my treat/drink.  It was what I called a “zombie fizz”,  which was round ice cubes with one black sprinkle inside.  The sprinkle dye would bleed into the ice and turn green, so it really did look like a zombie eyeball.  Add some “zombie slobber” (sprite) and “zombie blood” (grenadine), and you have a pretty creepy looking drink!


After dinner that night, we headed out into our neighborhood with a big bunch of friends to trick-or-treat.  Luke was not feeling well and didn’t want to wear his costume.  But I didn’t want him to miss out so I took him to a few houses in his PJ’s.


Then I took Luke home and Neil took the girls and our friends around the neighborhood.  They came back with a boat load of candy!  Both the girls decided to to the switch witch this year.  So basically, Neil and I ended up with ten pounds of candy to eat and the girls ended up with a cute new pair of boots and some lip gloss.  🙂

Julia’s school party wasn’t until the next school day, so I went down with Luke to help out and bring a treat.  I love going into her classroom.  It is so neat to see all those little kids talking in Spanish.  They did a ton of crafts and had pizza and treats.


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!  We did!

Published by Sara on 10 Dec 2013

Family Photos 2013

Over the summer, we won a photo session from Laken Fulton Photography! We had our session just a few days after Luke’s surgery.  She did a wonderful job.  Here are some of my favorites.

DSC_7058 DSC_7071 DSC_7091 DSC_7113 DSC_7140 DSC_7145 DSC_7183 DSC_7211 DSC_7223 DSC_7247 DSC_7256 DSC_7310 DSC_7320 DSC_7327 DSC_7359 DSC_7389 DSC_7409 DSC_7148 DSC_7384


We also got a set in black and white and they are gorgeous.  Thank you Laken!

Published by Sara on 09 Dec 2013

Luke’s Surgery

Luke’s surgery was scheduled for Monday, October 21st.  Luke and I woke up early and headed to St. Lukes downtown.  He was in a cheery mood the whole time we were waiting even though he didn’t get to eat or drink anything.  That’s probably because there were lots of toys to play with.

386 387

When we were called back into a room, he had to take a tractor with him, of course.  He was still in a pretty good mood, but he refused to wear a little hospital gown.

389 405

After what seemed like forever and many many consultations with different people, it was finally time to go back to the operating room.  He had to take the tractor too.  The nurses let him push it all the way to the OR.  Then I had to pick him up and put him on the table.  🙁  They put the gas mask on his face and he only cried a little, then his eyes rolled back into his head and he was asleep.  I left the room a little sad, but I knew he’d be fine so I wasn’t too shaken.  I waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes and Dr. Beck came out, she was already done.  She said that everything went perfectly and his adenoids were, “just nasty”.  So I am really glad they came out!

Then I got to go back and be with him in recovery after a while.  He had just woken up and I have never seen him so mad.  He was fighting with the nurses and constantly tugging at the IV in his foot.  They gave him extra pain meds and sedatives twice, and used a whole roll of that sticky stretchy stuff to wrap around his IV so he wouldn’t pull it out.  He continued on with this behavior for about 40 minutes, even though I was there holding and consoling him.  It was painful.  He finally said that he wanted a popsicle but then he just held it and let the whole thing melt all over us.  But finally he calmed down enough to have the IV removed and he could be discharged.


He was tired for the rest of the afternoon.  By evening he was acting like this…


So the surgery didn’t really affect him much.  I gave him some advil a few times, but he seemed to not even notice that he just had surgery.  He did have the most horrible breath for about 4 days though.  And now (almost 2 months later), I am SO glad that we got those things out.  He sleeps so quietly now and through his nose!  He is overall a happier little boy.

Love you my little Lucas!!

Published by Sara on 09 Dec 2013

Portland & Baby Kayson

Baby Kayson was due to be born on the 3rd of October.  So I scheduled my visit from the 1st to the 7th (Tuesday-Monday) and just hoped that he would be born within that time frame.  Becky was having absolutely no signs of labor coming, so I was really taking a risk.  But it was a good time for me to go, so Luke and I hopped an airplane and flew to Portland.

Luke was fascinated by the airport!  He loved looking at the “BIG aahplanes”.


The airplane ride was even funner.  He looked a little scared when the plane started to take off, but then I said “wheeee!” and then he realized that all was well and thought it was really cool.  After getting into the air he settled down to play some ipad and eat pretzels.


Becky and Keaton were waiting for us at the Portland airport, and since it is pretty much next door to the airport….IKEA!


Some of the days we stayed at Becky’s and just relaxed, and other days we went shopping.  After I had been there for 3 days, we were starting to worry that baby Kayson would be coming late.  Still no signs of labor.  On the 4th day (Saturday), Becky starting complaining about a crampy stomach….contractions were starting!  She had contractions all day, and they got really bad at night.  She decided it was time to go to the hospital at around 3am.  I went with Becky and Klayton and stayed through the check-in process.


She was not really dilated enough to stay, but she was in too much pain to go home.  So we stayed for an hour to see if she would progress.  After an hour, she had dilated 1/2 cm, which wasn’t much, but they decided to admit her anyway.  They said it would be a while before the baby was born, so I went back to Becky’s house to go back to bed.  Klayton called at around noon and said that she was at 9 centimeters.  So we hussled down to the hospital (which was 5 minutes away).

She still wasn’t quite ready to deliver when we got there, so we hung out and waited for that little baby to arrive.  Shortly thereafter, she was checked and she was fully dilated and ready to go!  I took this picture just a few minutes before he was born.


Her labor was too easy, there wasn’t even any swearing or yelling.  Just smiling and laughing.  Nothing like when she was in labor with Keaton!


A perfect little baby was born.  Kayson James Novak, 7 pounds 7 ounces and healthy!


Big brother coming to meet the baby for the first time:



A happy family!


Two very curious little boys:

307 315

And he is just the cutest little guy ever.


He was born just in time.  My plane was leaving the next morning.  So glad that I got to see and hold him before going home.

So my little travel buddy and I headed home.  🙂


Congratulations Becky, Klayton, and Keaton!

Published by Sara on 19 Sep 2013

Luke’s ENT Visit

Luke had his visit with the ear, nose, and throat doctor today.  Our pediatrician recommended Dr. Jill Beck at St. Lukes downtown.  So we headed down there this morning.  First off, the office is just for children.  So the waiting room had gobs and gobs of cars and trucks to play with and Little Brother was in heaven with all those wheels…until it was time for him to go back to the exam room.  So I had to pry him away from all that fun, but he had a death grip on one of the big, bulky semi-truck toys so I let him take that one…until it was time to put him on the scale to be weighed.  A nurse then had to (again) pry the truck from his hands to get his weight.  Luke then decided that this place was evil and no one was allowed to look at him or touch him or his truck.  This made getting his vital signs very difficult.  Most of the areas on his medical chart for vitals said, “child refused”.  Ha.  Little stinker.

So then the doctor comes in and he is just giving her the stink eye.  She knew we were there to talk about his mouth-breathing and possible enlarged adenoids.  So she asked me if he snores and how he sleeps at night and I showed her this video.

If you can hear, he sleeps very loudly!  And never through his nose.  I don’t think this boy has ever taken a breath through his nose at night.  She asked me if he ever wakes up grumpy, and oh man.  Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and he is like the spawn of satan.  And she also asked me if he ever sleeps with his head cocked back and his chin up.  Why yes, he does!  Every night pretty much.  Like this:

photo (1)

He also happens to be sleeping with a fire truck but that’s beside the point.  The point is that he sleeps like that because he’s trying to open his airway so he can breathe.  Anyway, Dr. Beck needed to get a look at his adenoids.  So I had to sit in a chair with an already ticked off Luke on my lap.  I had to hold him tight and then they dripped some numbing stuff plus a decongestant up his nose to make way for a little camera to be shoved up there.  I had to hold his arms still while another lady held his head, and yet another lady restrained his legs while the doctor put a long, skinny tube up his right nostril.  He did not like this one bit!  But he only had the camera in his nose for about 20 seconds and the doctor confirmed that he has a 100 percent blockage.  Meaning that his adenoids are so big that they are blocking his airway completely.  🙁

His surgery to have them removed is on October 21st.  We are debating on whether or not his tonsils will come out too, they are a little bigger than average but causing him no trouble, so we are undecided.  My poor little baby boy!  He has to go completely under and this is so sad and scary for me.  But the doctor says that they need to come out for a million different reasons; better sleep quality, easier breathing, a happier child, and even better formation of growing facial bones.  So…out with the adenoids!

Published by Sara on 19 Sep 2013

Happy Birthday Julia!

My little girl turned SIX!  Holy cow I’m getting old.  We decided to do something different this time and have her party at a fun place.  We chose “Bounce” in Meridian, which is a building full of a bunch of inflatable jumpy things and slides and such.  It was a fun change!

026 036

046 049 052


After getting thoroughly hot and sweaty, we went into our party room for presents and cupcakes and soda.

063 066

She is obsessed with pretty things, especially jewelry!  Her birthday list consisted of;  necklaces, earrings, pretty clothes, pretty shoes, dresses, a jewelry box, and money.  Such a girly girl.  She ended up getting everything on her list and was a very happy girly girl!




After cake, more playing!  Even the adults joined in on the fun.



When we were all done at Bounce, we asked Julia where she wanted to eat for dinner.  She chose the Olive Garden (her favorite).  So we went there with Mom and Jack, and Keith, Carmen, and Riley.  She was in heaven.


When we got home, she could hardly wait to organize all of her stuff.  She very carefully placed all of her new jewelry into her jewelry box and then chose one of her new outfits and coordinating accessories to wear to school the next day.  I finally got her to go to bed.  She looked very pretty for school the next day:


She was really happy to get to go to school on her actual birthday.  She took some cupcakes with her to hand out at snack time and they sang happy birthday to her (in Spanish).  After school we gave her one more gift (some more jewelry) and I made her favorite dinner (manicotti).  We love this little girl!  Thank you everyone for your love and support of our little Beano!

Published by Sara on 10 Sep 2013

Bethany’s Baptism

Bethany’s baptism was held on August 31st.  It was a hot, gorgeous day!  We left for the stake center at 3pm to get Beth dressed.  I originally didn’t want her to wear the jumpsuit because they are just not very cute.  But I wasn’t smart enough to engineer a dress that wouldn’t float to the top of the water (although I did try).  So jumpsuit it was.  Her best friend from school was also getting baptized, so that was really special.  Here they both are before changing.


Daddy and Beth.


Family photo before the program.


The program was delightful.  The first thing I noticed about all the children getting baptized (I think there were 8 all together) was that they were ALL girls.  A whole bunch of sweet little girls dressed in white all ready for the waters of baptism.  My bestie Jessica spoke, and her talk was touching and I loved that she was the one that was chosen to speak to the girls.  The musical number was performed by my friends April and Addie.  They played a gorgeous piano duet of “My Heavenly Father Loves Me”–it was amazing!  I was tearing up all over the place.  Then it was time to get in the water.  Bethany did wonderfully and only had to get dunked once.  🙂  I hardly heard a word of her confirmation though, due to Luke being noisy and me trying to keep him quiet.  So that was a bummer, but I got to listed to Megan’s confirmation and my eyes were misty the entire time.  I am so glad to be a part of this church!  And I am happy that Bethany has a testimony of her own and wanted to get her first saving ordinance.  I love her to pieces.

After the baptism, everyone came over to our house for dinner.  First we watched Bethany’s slideshow, and then we went outside and had spaghetti and treats.  I went with an all white dessert buffet.


I am happy when there is an occasion where I get to use all of my party dishes.


The donuts were everyone’s favorite, as you can see in the background.  🙂




Thank you to everyone who came.  It was a really special day, thank you for sharing that with us.  <3

And here is her slideshow.  It is 20 minutes long.  Her whole 8 years from birth to now.  Please take the time to watch it, it really helps to show the sweet girl she has grown up to be.  And we did a little photo shoot at the temple for the end pictures.  I spent a lot of time on it, so watch it! (In full screen, with the volume up):)

(If it looks stretched or skewed, it could be because you are using Internet Explorer.  Switch to Chrome since you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer anyway. ha)

Published by Sara on 09 Sep 2013


We have a sweet, furry new member of our family!  She is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever met!


I love cats.  When Neil gave the go-ahead to get one (outside) cat, the girls and I were ecstatic! We searched around for the perfect little kitty and finally found her at a shelter in Nampa.  She is so soft, affectionate, playful, and kind.  She has never tried to scratch or bite even when Luke is pulling her tail and squeezing the crap out of her.



She did get to live inside for the first week.  Now she lives outside and seems to like it just fine.  She hangs out under the shed most of the time, but when she hears someone come out she comes running over to greet you.  She has been a great pet and I’m so glad that the kids have her.  They take care of all of her needs too, they clean the litter box and feed her every day without even being asked.  The only downside is that Luke and I are extremely allergic.  For the first few days, my nose was running like a faucet and Luke’s was completely plugged up.  He kept whining to me saying, “boogies!  boogies!”  The boogie problem seems to be getting better now, but if Luke touches her and then touches his eyes then they swell up and itch.  I’m hoping we build up an immunity soon so that we can handle her more and not be miserable afterwards.

We love her!

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