Luke has a bad habit of throwing things.  He chucked a toy hammer and it hit Bethany square in the head.  It didn’t really hurt her, but it bled like crazy!

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Here is another one of Luke’s victims.  This time he threw a toy train and caused Julia to lose her first tooth!  I was totally not expecting her to lose any teeth for a while.


Aunt Becky came to Idaho for a visit and to spend Thanksgiving here.  The girls and I got to babysit the two little boys.


Both of the girls wanted to cut their hair.  I prefer long hair, but they really really wanted to.  So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let them.


And a few weeks after losing her first tooth, the other one came out too!


The day before thanksgiving, I took the girls to see Frozen.  We loved it so much, it might be our favorite movie!  We are obsessed.  Even as I type this Bethany and Luke are playing Legos and singing “Let it Go” from the movie.  We have the soundtrack and listen to it all the time.