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Published by Sara on 29 Jan 2014

Thanksgiving and Some other Stuff

I decided it would be awesome to have Thanksgiving at my house this year with my side of the family.  We had quite the feast!

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Richy brought a Heavenly Ham that was literally heavenly.  After we ate, we watched the Thanksgiving day parade and tried not to fall into turkey-induced comas.  It was nice to have everyone all together for Thanksgiving!  Even this little guy and the creepy guy behind him.


After everyone headed off to other dinners, we also left for Thanksgiving at Neil’s parents.  We ate another delicious feast there.  Luke was being picky so he had yogurt and Cheerios.


I had to unbutton my pants at this point in the day.  🙂  Then we played some fun games and scanned all of the Black Friday ads.  Later that night my mom and I hit up Target and a few other stores and totally scored.

That night, Sunny our elf made a triumphant return!


However, a few days later, Julia had a dream that Sunny turned evil and it was scaring her.  So he lasted a whole three or four days and then he stopped moving.  Which is so nice.  This elf on the shelf business is too much work.  Half the time I am almost asleep and then suddenly remember that I forgot to move the stupid elf.

The next Monday, we put up all of our Christmas stuff!  I was really excited for Christmas this year.  Probably because I had already taken care of the shopping.

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And a few days after that, it dumped snow outside!  The kids were thrilled.  This was Luke’s first real time in the snow and he loved it.  And I loved that he could barely walk in all of those thick clothes.

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Published by Sara on 29 Jan 2014


Luke has a bad habit of throwing things.  He chucked a toy hammer and it hit Bethany square in the head.  It didn’t really hurt her, but it bled like crazy!

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Here is another one of Luke’s victims.  This time he threw a toy train and caused Julia to lose her first tooth!  I was totally not expecting her to lose any teeth for a while.


Aunt Becky came to Idaho for a visit and to spend Thanksgiving here.  The girls and I got to babysit the two little boys.


Both of the girls wanted to cut their hair.  I prefer long hair, but they really really wanted to.  So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let them.


And a few weeks after losing her first tooth, the other one came out too!


The day before thanksgiving, I took the girls to see Frozen.  We loved it so much, it might be our favorite movie!  We are obsessed.  Even as I type this Bethany and Luke are playing Legos and singing “Let it Go” from the movie.  We have the soundtrack and listen to it all the time.