This year for Halloween, Bethany knew she wanted to be a bride.  Julia couldn’t decide what she wanted to be, until we found her a pretty pink ballerina-type dress at a thrift store.  So then she chose to be a ballerina, but then eventually changed into a “pink princess”.  Luke was a monster that hated his costume and refused to wear his hood. 🙂

The celebration started the weekend before Halloween at our annual trunk-or-treat.

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I got ONE picture of the monster before he ripped his hood off.



Bethany’s BFF Megan was also a bride, people kept asking them where their grooms were.


Although Luke hated his costume, he LOVED trick-or-treating.  He quickly caught on that if he said “trick-or-treat”, people would put candy into his bucket.  He was thrilled!

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After the kids filled their buckets there, we headed to Clint and Syd’s for their Halloween party which I don’t have any pictures of.  But it was great fun as usual, and my kids weren’t being brats this year!  Score!

On Halloween day, it was crazy hair day at Bethany’s school.


She also had a Halloween party that I could not attend, because Luke was burning up with fever.  So I stopped by the school to drop off my treat/drink.  It was what I called a “zombie fizz”,  which was round ice cubes with one black sprinkle inside.  The sprinkle dye would bleed into the ice and turn green, so it really did look like a zombie eyeball.  Add some “zombie slobber” (sprite) and “zombie blood” (grenadine), and you have a pretty creepy looking drink!


After dinner that night, we headed out into our neighborhood with a big bunch of friends to trick-or-treat.  Luke was not feeling well and didn’t want to wear his costume.  But I didn’t want him to miss out so I took him to a few houses in his PJ’s.


Then I took Luke home and Neil took the girls and our friends around the neighborhood.  They came back with a boat load of candy!  Both the girls decided to to the switch witch this year.  So basically, Neil and I ended up with ten pounds of candy to eat and the girls ended up with a cute new pair of boots and some lip gloss.  🙂

Julia’s school party wasn’t until the next school day, so I went down with Luke to help out and bring a treat.  I love going into her classroom.  It is so neat to see all those little kids talking in Spanish.  They did a ton of crafts and had pizza and treats.


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!  We did!