Baby Kayson was due to be born on the 3rd of October.  So I scheduled my visit from the 1st to the 7th (Tuesday-Monday) and just hoped that he would be born within that time frame.  Becky was having absolutely no signs of labor coming, so I was really taking a risk.  But it was a good time for me to go, so Luke and I hopped an airplane and flew to Portland.

Luke was fascinated by the airport!  He loved looking at the “BIG aahplanes”.


The airplane ride was even funner.  He looked a little scared when the plane started to take off, but then I said “wheeee!” and then he realized that all was well and thought it was really cool.  After getting into the air he settled down to play some ipad and eat pretzels.


Becky and Keaton were waiting for us at the Portland airport, and since it is pretty much next door to the airport….IKEA!


Some of the days we stayed at Becky’s and just relaxed, and other days we went shopping.  After I had been there for 3 days, we were starting to worry that baby Kayson would be coming late.  Still no signs of labor.  On the 4th day (Saturday), Becky starting complaining about a crampy stomach….contractions were starting!  She had contractions all day, and they got really bad at night.  She decided it was time to go to the hospital at around 3am.  I went with Becky and Klayton and stayed through the check-in process.


She was not really dilated enough to stay, but she was in too much pain to go home.  So we stayed for an hour to see if she would progress.  After an hour, she had dilated 1/2 cm, which wasn’t much, but they decided to admit her anyway.  They said it would be a while before the baby was born, so I went back to Becky’s house to go back to bed.  Klayton called at around noon and said that she was at 9 centimeters.  So we hussled down to the hospital (which was 5 minutes away).

She still wasn’t quite ready to deliver when we got there, so we hung out and waited for that little baby to arrive.  Shortly thereafter, she was checked and she was fully dilated and ready to go!  I took this picture just a few minutes before he was born.


Her labor was too easy, there wasn’t even any swearing or yelling.  Just smiling and laughing.  Nothing like when she was in labor with Keaton!


A perfect little baby was born.  Kayson James Novak, 7 pounds 7 ounces and healthy!


Big brother coming to meet the baby for the first time:



A happy family!


Two very curious little boys:

307 315

And he is just the cutest little guy ever.


He was born just in time.  My plane was leaving the next morning.  So glad that I got to see and hold him before going home.

So my little travel buddy and I headed home.  🙂


Congratulations Becky, Klayton, and Keaton!