Luke’s surgery was scheduled for Monday, October 21st.  Luke and I woke up early and headed to St. Lukes downtown.  He was in a cheery mood the whole time we were waiting even though he didn’t get to eat or drink anything.  That’s probably because there were lots of toys to play with.

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When we were called back into a room, he had to take a tractor with him, of course.  He was still in a pretty good mood, but he refused to wear a little hospital gown.

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After what seemed like forever and many many consultations with different people, it was finally time to go back to the operating room.  He had to take the tractor too.  The nurses let him push it all the way to the OR.  Then I had to pick him up and put him on the table.  🙁  They put the gas mask on his face and he only cried a little, then his eyes rolled back into his head and he was asleep.  I left the room a little sad, but I knew he’d be fine so I wasn’t too shaken.  I waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes and Dr. Beck came out, she was already done.  She said that everything went perfectly and his adenoids were, “just nasty”.  So I am really glad they came out!

Then I got to go back and be with him in recovery after a while.  He had just woken up and I have never seen him so mad.  He was fighting with the nurses and constantly tugging at the IV in his foot.  They gave him extra pain meds and sedatives twice, and used a whole roll of that sticky stretchy stuff to wrap around his IV so he wouldn’t pull it out.  He continued on with this behavior for about 40 minutes, even though I was there holding and consoling him.  It was painful.  He finally said that he wanted a popsicle but then he just held it and let the whole thing melt all over us.  But finally he calmed down enough to have the IV removed and he could be discharged.


He was tired for the rest of the afternoon.  By evening he was acting like this…


So the surgery didn’t really affect him much.  I gave him some advil a few times, but he seemed to not even notice that he just had surgery.  He did have the most horrible breath for about 4 days though.  And now (almost 2 months later), I am SO glad that we got those things out.  He sleeps so quietly now and through his nose!  He is overall a happier little boy.

Love you my little Lucas!!