Luke had his visit with the ear, nose, and throat doctor today.  Our pediatrician recommended Dr. Jill Beck at St. Lukes downtown.  So we headed down there this morning.  First off, the office is just for children.  So the waiting room had gobs and gobs of cars and trucks to play with and Little Brother was in heaven with all those wheels…until it was time for him to go back to the exam room.  So I had to pry him away from all that fun, but he had a death grip on one of the big, bulky semi-truck toys so I let him take that one…until it was time to put him on the scale to be weighed.  A nurse then had to (again) pry the truck from his hands to get his weight.  Luke then decided that this place was evil and no one was allowed to look at him or touch him or his truck.  This made getting his vital signs very difficult.  Most of the areas on his medical chart for vitals said, “child refused”.  Ha.  Little stinker.

So then the doctor comes in and he is just giving her the stink eye.  She knew we were there to talk about his mouth-breathing and possible enlarged adenoids.  So she asked me if he snores and how he sleeps at night and I showed her this video.

If you can hear, he sleeps very loudly!  And never through his nose.  I don’t think this boy has ever taken a breath through his nose at night.  She asked me if he ever wakes up grumpy, and oh man.  Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and he is like the spawn of satan.  And she also asked me if he ever sleeps with his head cocked back and his chin up.  Why yes, he does!  Every night pretty much.  Like this:

photo (1)

He also happens to be sleeping with a fire truck but that’s beside the point.  The point is that he sleeps like that because he’s trying to open his airway so he can breathe.  Anyway, Dr. Beck needed to get a look at his adenoids.  So I had to sit in a chair with an already ticked off Luke on my lap.  I had to hold him tight and then they dripped some numbing stuff plus a decongestant up his nose to make way for a little camera to be shoved up there.  I had to hold his arms still while another lady held his head, and yet another lady restrained his legs while the doctor put a long, skinny tube up his right nostril.  He did not like this one bit!  But he only had the camera in his nose for about 20 seconds and the doctor confirmed that he has a 100 percent blockage.  Meaning that his adenoids are so big that they are blocking his airway completely.  🙁

His surgery to have them removed is on October 21st.  We are debating on whether or not his tonsils will come out too, they are a little bigger than average but causing him no trouble, so we are undecided.  My poor little baby boy!  He has to go completely under and this is so sad and scary for me.  But the doctor says that they need to come out for a million different reasons; better sleep quality, easier breathing, a happier child, and even better formation of growing facial bones.  So…out with the adenoids!