We have a sweet, furry new member of our family!  She is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever met!


I love cats.  When Neil gave the go-ahead to get one (outside) cat, the girls and I were ecstatic! We searched around for the perfect little kitty and finally found her at a shelter in Nampa.  She is so soft, affectionate, playful, and kind.  She has never tried to scratch or bite even when Luke is pulling her tail and squeezing the crap out of her.



She did get to live inside for the first week.  Now she lives outside and seems to like it just fine.  She hangs out under the shed most of the time, but when she hears someone come out she comes running over to greet you.  She has been a great pet and I’m so glad that the kids have her.  They take care of all of her needs too, they clean the litter box and feed her every day without even being asked.  The only downside is that Luke and I are extremely allergic.  For the first few days, my nose was running like a faucet and Luke’s was completely plugged up.  He kept whining to me saying, “boogies!  boogies!”  The boogie problem seems to be getting better now, but if Luke touches her and then touches his eyes then they swell up and itch.  I’m hoping we build up an immunity soon so that we can handle her more and not be miserable afterwards.

We love her!