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Published by Sara on 20 Aug 2013

Well Child Checks

I had all three kids go to the doctor this month (not all at the same time) for their wellness visits.  Bethany and Julia both have a great bill of health, no issues to report.  Here are their stats:

Weight:  60.75 pounds…65%
Height:  50 inches…46%

Weight:  49.75 pounds…77%
Height:  47 inches…84%

Weight:  30.3 pounds…74%
Height:  34.25 inches…47%

Luke is still having problems with lactose intolerance, so the pediatrician had me get some new probiotics that she said should cure him within six months.  If not, then he might be stuck with it.  Also, he doesn’t breathe well at night and I showed the doctor a video of him sleeping/breathing.  She said that his adenoids are probably too big and he needs to see an ENT for a possible sleep study which may lead to adenoid removal.  We will have to see what the ENT says.  Another funny thing is that he is missing a tooth in the front, and the doc says she thinks that tooth is missing and he probably won’t get it at all.  He will get the adult tooth probably, but the baby tooth is missing.  Strange.  See pic, it’s that cute little gap on the bottom.



Otherwise, we are blessed to have three beautiful and healthy children!

Published by Sara on 20 Aug 2013

Lake Fork 2013

When we got to Lake Fork this year, we were a little bit upset because our usual spot was taken!  This has never happened before.  So I sort of felt like I got punched in the stomach for a few hours.  But then we realized that this other spot was really great.  It really is a better spot, although the potty is smaller and the water area isn’t as easy to play in, but that can be fixed.  We ended up really liking where we were.
Another fun thing about this year is that Ciera was with us from Boston.  Julia and Ciera became fast friends and played together most of the time.
It rained like crazy for one day and night, so the girls eventually ran out of clean pants and I had to do some “laundry”.
The girls caught all kinds of creatures, butterflies, frogs, fish, caterpillars, etc.
We laughed like crazy about wenises.
Those are the highlights, now onto the pictures. 🙂

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Published by Sara on 07 Aug 2013

Random Stuff

1.  Luke’s favorite (and most annoying) thing to do is to pull every pillow off of the couches and either lay on them or jump on them.  The second I put them back on the couch he rips them off again.


2.  All of us girls went to the eye doctor.  We all had our eyes dilated.  Scary looking!!




My eyes got worse over the past year, but neither of the girls need glasses.  Julia’s eyes are very slightly fuzzy, but not bad enough to need glasses anymore.  So that is good news.

3.  We are doing some slight revisions to the backyard.  A pergola, a metal gate around the garden (so that a certain little boy stops stomping on my carrots), and we will have some more curbing put in as well.


4.  We went to a Boise Hawks game for FHE last Monday.  Neil got some tickets from his boss that included appetizers and drinks before the game.  It was fun, but we didn’t stay that long because Luke started to get antsy.




The end.

Published by Sara on 07 Aug 2013

Bethany’s 8th Birthday

Our first born child has reached the age of accountability!  Eight years ago a perfect, beautiful baby girl was born and placed into our arms.  The past eight years have been amazing with this girl.  Watching her grow up has been such a joy.  We are sad that she is getting older, but looking forward to all the fun years ahead.

On Friday the 19th, we started celebrating her birthday.  We went to the movie Despicable Me 2 which was such a cute movie.  Then immediately after that she spent the rest of the afternoon roller skating/blading at the Roller Drome.  Roller skating has become one of her very favorite things to do.  Directly after that, she got to go play at Krista’s house for the rest of the night for date night.  Both she and her sister were beat at the end of the day!

The next day we had a party for her at Grandma and Grandpa’s pool in Emmett.  She requested a pool/beach theme this year, so we decided to do a swimming party which was really fun.


The girls got in the pool right away while I set up the party.

007 008

Party favors!  Mini beach buckets and beach balls, and sunglasses for the kiddos.


I made these mini-popsicles and life tubes out of candy to go with the summery theme.

003 004

I also tried to make some frozen lemonade, but couldn’t get the recipe quite right and so they were kinda yucky.  The kids thought they were fun anyway.


After swimming for a while, we all had some pizza for lunch.


And then it was time for presents!  She really tried hard to keep a straight face while opening presents.  🙂

032 036 047

Her jaw did drop a little when she opened her present from Neil and I though, because she wasn’t expecting that we would get her these really nice dolls that she has been drooling over.  She was planning on using her birthday money to buy them for herself, but we surprised her with them.


Not only did she get the dolls she wanted, she got every single thing on her birthday list (plus some) so she was a very happy girl!


The funny thing about the above dolls is this:  they are now old news and have been sitting under her bed for the past week or more.  So I am packaging them back up and selling them on ebay.  True story.  I’m not paying that much for dolls that don’t get played with.  Lesson learned for me I guess.

After presents we had cupcakes.  They were individual little beaches with an umbrella and tiny pina colada in a coconut (Whoppers, licorice, sprinkles, and frosting).


She is pretending to blow the candles out, because the wind blew them out first. 🙂


After that, there was much more swimming to do!

108 025

There are way too many farmer tans going on in this picture.



She had a wonderful birthday.  Thank you everyone for coming!  We love you! windelldenyse