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Published by Sara on 21 Jul 2013

4th of July Camping

We usually try to go camping over the 4th of July weekend, and this one had perfect camping weather. So we headed up to Lake Fork with Keith, Carmen, and Riley, and our friends Rob and Julie and their family. The Williamson’s also came up and joined us for a day.
Within minutes of getting there, this boy had already gotten in the water and soaked his pants and shoes. And he threw a bucket in the creek and it floated away.

After camp was set up, they caught a frog.  Luckily it escaped, otherwise it would have had to endure hours of torture.


We got the girls some good new sleeping bags.  They are so nice and they slept wonderfully that night.



The next day was the 4th.  The mosquitoes were terrible.  I brought up these repellent bracelets to try.  Even with one on each hand, one on her ankle, and one on her head she still got eaten alive.  She was also wearing spray.


Shortly after breakfast, we got to work on project Dammit.


Lukie was a good helper.


And so was Beano.


Then Vicki and Oscar showed up with their family, and we had a whole slew of people working on the creek.  And by working, I mean standing around. 🙂


For dinner that night, we prepared some dutch oven dinner that took forever to cook.  Oscar couldn’t wait and so he cooked a bunch of dogs and brats.


At about 9:45, we went into town to watch the fireworks.


Our view wasn’t that great.  But we didn’t want to have to fight traffic and crowds.



The next morning Keith and Carmen cooked us a delicious breakfast and then we hiked to Duck Lake.

834 841

846 850

The fishing wasn’t great, but Neil always manages to catch a few.



Luke hiked the way back almost all by himself.


Neil caught another fish out of the creek when we got back and he ate it for lunch.


Riley and Luke both had baths that night.


The next day (Saturday), we put the finishing touches on the creek.  Here is the completed project.


Luke playing in the creek with no pants.


We were supposed to pack up and go home this day, but we were having too much fun so we decided to stay through until Sunday.  So the girls continued their fun by catching caterpillars and butterflies.


And some cards of course.


We love camping!  And we just had so much fun with our friends and Kiki and Carmen.  It was an unforgettable trip.

Published by Sara on 08 Jul 2013

Luke’s Story

In honor of my little boy turning 2, I thought I would post his birth story.  This is the exact article that I wrote while in the hospital.  I didn’t edit it at all.  There is only one section that Neil wrote (you will be able to tell which one).  I remember telling him when I was in the tub to “write something!”  And he asked “what should I write?” and I said, “I don’t care, just write something!”.  Anyway, here it is!

Arrived 5:45
Cytotec inserted at 6:30 after being monitored for a while.
8:00: still nothing…just watching tv and playing ipad.
Hooked up to monitors, bed is pretty uncomfortable.
Miss my girls terribly.
8:00-9:00: walked the halls for a while then bounced on the ball while talking to becky on the phone.
10:30-dr. Hughes came. 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, -2 station. Did a pretty violent exam and put another pill in. She had her eyes closed the whole time during insertion and we all laughed at how she was doing her exam. I said it wasnt funny even though it was. She said she would be back in two hours to break my water.
And now there is a serious lightning storm with wind and sideways rain.
11:40-storm is over. This bed is horribly uncomfortable and neil is fast asleep over there on the pull- out bed thing. I am having occasional small contractions.
12:00-nurses came in and said i’m dehydrated. I have to drink a big thing of water. They also brought me a softer bed. Neil is still snoozing.
12:25-dr. Came in and broke my water, her exam was extremely painful. Now I am shaking uncontrollably and a tad scared. Feeling slight pressure.
1:25- shaking is better. having regular contractions that hurt but tolerable. We are walking around the loop with a blanket because i’m freezing and a hot pad on my tummy. Now i’m on the yoga ball and we are going to start timing contractions. Neil ismaking me drink tons of water. The pain is 30seconds long with 1 minute 10 seconds apart so far.
2:50-was checked…i’m a 4… Contractions are worse and i also barfed. This freaking sucks. Feel like i want some pain meds but i’m not sure how long this will last?
3:28-my wife hates me and she hates having babies and claimes that she will never have another baby! She just got in the tub and it seems to be easing the pain a little. She is measuring 6 cm!
3:32 ish- feeling pressure in the tub. Told neil to get the nurse asap. Two nurses came in and said they were getting the doctor.i. Had to get out of the tub as quickly as I could. Ripped off my wet bra as people toweled me off from what seemed like all angles. I kept asking what I should do and Dr. Hughes told me to get on the bed and push. I was surprised that it was already time to deliver, i was only 4 centimeters 45 minutes ago. I got on the bed. Dr. Hughes had poured mineral oil on the area and was also using a hot washcloth to ease the pain and it felt so nice. Neil also put the ice pack on my forehead (the one I was using on my shoulder) and that felt heavenly. About five minutes of pushing and three or four contractions, he was born at 3:45 and they flopped him on my chest! I was so relieved that it was over. I had a “first degree” tear and got some stitches…not sure how many, but the doctor said it wasn’t a bad tear at all. She didn’t use any anesthetic while she was stitching either so that was fun. He was 9.14 in weight, and i kept much did he weigh again??? No way! The nurses were all pretty amazed at his weight.

Published by Sara on 08 Jul 2013

Happy Birthday Luke!

Little Brother Luke turned two on the 23rd!  We celebrated with a party on that day with a Lightning McQueen party.  He is obsessed with “Queen”.

Luke2nd birthday


The goody bags were pretty heavy this year.  I went a little overboard I think!  So don’t be expecting such awesome treat bags every birthday. 🙂





The cake had to have a few patch jobs done.  When it was finished, Luke took a wooden spoon and started poking at it saying “pancake? pancake!”


We had pizza and salad.



Then Bethany handed out the goody bags.


Luke got the motorcycle out of his, and abandoned everything else.



Time for presents!  Luke is so easy to buy presents for.  Anything with wheels is all he wants!

063 photo 3

He got LOTS of cars, trucks, tractors, etc!  He was loving it.


Three cute girls with McQueen suckers.


After presents, the kids played and played until it was time for cake.

photo 1 104 113

photo 2


Happy birthday Luke!  We love you so much.  Thank you to all of our family for making his day perfect. 🙂 strenke blum_roxy