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Published by Sara on 29 Jun 2013

Bob Lebow 2013

This years bike ride had beautiful weather, unlike last years freezing temperatures.  We did the 10 mile ride this year.  Julia had to have been the smallest kid there doing the 10 miles on her own.  10 miles is a long way for little girls to ride on their small bikes!

Getting ready to head off!



Off we go!

124 136

About halfway done.  We stopped at the aid station and got some snacks and gatorade.


Luke rode in the trailer the whole time.  He loves that thing.  He can ride in it forever and occasionally falls asleep in it.  Towards the end of the ride, he decided he wanted to stand up and look around.


We did it!  Julia was so tired.  We have done ten mile bike rides as a family before, but we usually stop and take breaks.  Bethany has really strong legs so it was no trouble for her.  We finished up our Bob Lebow with a delicious BBQ at the end.  They had burgers, hot dogs, Greek yogurt, yummy cookies and all sorts of other stuff.


So proud of my little biker family!


Published by Sara on 24 Jun 2013

School Party

On the Wednesday before school ended, Bethany’s class had a party for the kids with summer birthdays.  I offered to bring the cupcakes.  Beth has requested a summer/beach theme, so we went with beachy cupcakes.

photo 1

The kids really loved them.  Especially this kid.

photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

And I was able to get a picture of Bethany with her teacher, Mrs. Potter.  She was such a wonderful teacher!

photo 5

And now second grade is over and summer is finally here!  Bethany was an awesome second grader.  She exceeded all of her goals and got all E’s on her report card except for one S+.  She is reading at a fifth grade level which is amazing.  We celebrated her success by letting her choose a restaurant to eat at on the weekend.  She chose Golden Corral like she did last year.  We are very proud of our smart little girl.

Published by Sara on 24 Jun 2013

Sand Dunes

On Memorial Day, we headed up to Bruneau Sand Dunes for some fun with family.

photo 1

Cannon and Nash pretending to be dead:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 5

The weather was great for being at the dunes, but the sand was HOT on the other side.  Neil and the kids are at the bottom trying to figure out how to get back up without burning their feet.

photo 1sphoto 2sphoto 3sphoto 4sphoto 5s

After we had our fill of sand, we were supposed to go back to our house for a BBQ.  But then it started raining, so we just nixed the BBQ idea and had a quiet evening at home.