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Published by Sara on 30 May 2013

Field Trip

Last Tuesday, Julia, Luke, and I had the pleasure of going with Bethany on her school field trip.  First it was Kathryn Albertson park, followed by a picnic at Ann Morrison.  This didn’t sound like it would be too exciting, but the teachers had a whole scavenger hunt lined up and we ended up seeing tons of animals.  Everyone had a really great time.  The whole second grade was split up into groups, and I was so lucky to have such a small group of kids when I would see other moms with way more, and way wilder kids.  Plus I got to hang with my dear friend Wendy all morning.  So it was just Wendy and I, with Beth, Megan, and Kimberlee.  And my other kids of course.  I carried Luke the whole time in the Ergo, which he still loves and it really worked out well.


photo (4)

photo (6)

We saw a deer in the park, which I think is just strange!  The park is in the middle of Boise!  She must have traveled down from the mountains along the river.  Here are the girls all trying to sneak up on it.

photo (5)

We also saw lots of geese, some cute fuzzy baby geese, ducks (duh), a cute owl poking his head out of his hole, and turtles.

photo (2)

My sweet little sisters:

photo (1)

After exploring the park for several hours, we went across the street to Ann Morrison to play on the playground and eat lunch.

photo (3)

It was a fun and tiring day!

Published by Sara on 29 May 2013

The Cove

A few weekends ago, Clint booked the Simplot cabin in McCall and invited us all to come up.  I was all for it, but Neil was just too busy so he couldn’t go with us.  So I packed up the kiddos and headed up.  It was beautiful.  Right on Payette Lake.


After we chose our bedrooms (there were so many, this cabin sleeps 20) the kids wanted to go play in the sand/water.  Luke was in heaven.  It was pretty cold out, so he was all dressed in warm clothes, but they only lasted a few seconds before they were wet and sandy.  The Cove has it’s own private beach area that was very nice!


008 011 015

There were also these huge rocks that the kids loved playing on.


After getting all dirty, we went inside for dinner.  Chicken nuggets that I brought from home, yum.


The cousins had so much fun playing together.  Here are “the Triplets” jumping on the couch.


After hours and hours of the cousins playing, it was finally time to settle down for bed.  I think it was around 11 before Beth and Julia were asleep.  Then at about 7am or earlier, the whole house sounded like a herd of stampeding elephants because all the kids got up and started playing again.  So much for sleeping in.  Julia came into my room and got Luke out of his crib and took him downstairs (or so I thought).  A little while later I got up and went looking for him and no one had even seen him.  Panic immediately set in and I pictured my little boy sneaking outside and drowning in the lake.  I searched the second floor, still no sign of him.  Then I went to the third floor with Clint following closely behind.  I called his name and there was no answer.  I almost fainted at this point, because there was no other place for him to be than outside (dead in the lake).  But then he came walking out from behind the railing on the third floor, like “hey mom, what’s up”.  He was hidden so I didn’t initially see him when I went up there.  I have never felt so happy to see him.  I seriously thought he was dead.  Worst feeling in the world.

This is the beautiful view out my bedroom window.

photo (3)

After I recovered from the frightening experience of losing Little Brother, we ate cereal for breakfast and got dressed to play outside some more. Putting Luke in clothes was a dumb idea.  They got wet and sandy within three seconds.




Coy, the swinger…


Luke was getting quite brave when it came to the water.  He’s jumping in this picture.


And now he’s running…


A few seconds after the above picture was taken, he biffed it and fell in the water.  Bethany turned around to grab him.  I thought he would be scared but he was laughing his head off.


When Bethany was helping him up, he said, “oh my goss!” and it was hilarious.  He has never said that before.

After playing, everyone headed to town for lunch but I stayed behind with my kids.  It was nice and quiet, so I put Luke down for a nap and he took a world record long nap.  Probably 3.5-4 hours.  It was so nice.  You can see him in there sleeping.


The girls played quietly.  Go fish is their favorite game, and apparently Julia enjoyed a martini.


For dinner that night, I wanted to go out with my kids.  I thought it would be fun to have Oakley and McKinlee come too.  So we had a little girl’s night out at the Toll Station restaurant (plus Luke).  Everyone had pizza and I had prime rib. 🙂  Then we went in search for some ice cream and/or candy, but it isn’t really tourism season in McCall yet so everything was closed.  We did stop into McCall Drug to look at the toys.  I had a hard time getting Luke out of this store.

photo (1)

All the chillins:

photo (2)

Our last stop was the park where we played on Sharlie.


The girls stayed up way too late again that night.  After all the kids were asleep the adults enjoyed a nice game of Scum before going to bed for the night.

We had a big breakfast in the morning.


The kids got to play for a little while longer before we packed up and left.


It was such a fun weekend!  Thanks Clint and Simplot!!

Published by Sara on 16 May 2013

Julia’s Illness

This past week has been a hard one for Julia.  The day after her immunizations, she came down with a fever.  This is a normal side effect of shots.  But after four days of temperatures like these…

photo (7)

…I started to get worried.  She was just miserable.  She was tired all the time, didn’t want to eat anything, and burning up.  I had to sleep with her on the couch for a few nights because she was always waking up in the night uncomfortable with fever.


So I called her pediatrician to see if it was normal to have a fever this long after having shots.  They said that usually the max for fevers after shots is three days and that I should probably have her looked at by a doctor.  We decided to give her one more night to see if she would be better in the morning.  Friday morning she was worse than ever.  I was supposed to go have breakfast with Bethany at her school, but I told Beth that I had to take Julia to the doctor ASAP.  Bethany understood.  Julia was lethargic on the couch, I had to put all of her clothes on her because she wouldn’t move and she kept trying to fall asleep.  I told her that we needed to get into the car and go, but she kept saying that she didn’t want to and that she just wanted to take a nap.  I was so concerned at this point that I considered taking her to the ER.  I had to carry her to the car.  I took her to the quick care clinic, and the doctor checked her out.  He checked her throat last, and when he saw it he said he was completely sure that she had strep throat.  Well no wonder she was so sick!  I thought it was because of her shots the whole time.  He did a strep culture just to be sure, and the results would be back on Sunday.  So they sent us to pick up some antibiotics and we went on our way.  The doc told us to bring her back if she wasn’t better by Sunday.

She took the antibiotic for two days, and did not improve one bit.  Still sick as a dog.  So on Sunday morning I had to clothe her again and I took her back to the quick care.  The strep culture had just gotten done and they told me that it was negative.  It was not strep throat.  WTH?  What is wrong with my little girl?  The doctor decided that we should test her for Mono.  When she said this, I was sure that’s what was wrong!  Karin had Mono a month ago and maybe Julia picked it up from her.  They had to poke her finger for some blood to do the test.  She was terrified yet brave.

photo (1)

photo (2)

Well that test came back negative too.  Now what?!  More tests.  Now they needed a urine sample and some more bloodwork.  Julia was freaking out about having to pee in a cup and having a needle in her arm!  Plus she was burning with fever, so she melted down and started crying softly.  Poor baby.  🙁

This is what she looked like after having to pee in a cup and having her blood drawn.  She was so brave, I was very proud of her.

photo (6)

photo (5)

photo (4)

photo (3)

After waiting a while for the urine results, the doctor busted in and said, “She has a UTI!”  We were all shocked at this strange diagnosis but very happy that we figured out the problem.  The doctor was such a nice lady and I’m glad that she was able to get to the bottom of this illness.  Since she was sick for so long, the doc wanted to send the blood to the lab anyway just to make sure that her kidneys were okay.  Julia was almost all better about 24 hours after taking the new antibiotic.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Published by Sara on 14 May 2013


Last Saturday we all went down to watch Beth play her 2nd to last soccer game.  She has improved a LOT over the season.




Soccer has been a really good experience for her.  It has taught her to come out of her comfort zone a little.  I really don’t think soccer is her thing though, she has already decided not to play again next year.  So the search continues for this girl’s special sport I guess.  After her soccer game, we headed next door to the Idaho Center.  They were having a community fun day, and I noticed that the health department would be there doing booster shots for kids.  Julia needed to get her immunizations for Kindergarten and this was the perfect opportunity.  At the event, they had lots of vendor booths set up where you could check out their businesses while filling a goodie bag with a bunch of free crap!  We ended up having several bags full of pens, pencils, water bottles, frisbees, etc.  It’s mostly cheap stuff from China, but hey, it’s free stuff!

Playing a game to get a prize:


Getting a tattoo:


Petting a snake!


These people also had some tortoises and Luke was terrified!


After checking out all of the vendor booths, it was time for Julia to get her shots.  She was so scared.  She has been dreading this moment for over a year.  But she knew she had to go through with it so she put on her tough girl face and got them done.

It’s really cute toward the end of the video when they turn her chair around, Bethany goes in to try to hold her hand to comfort her.  You can just tell that Bethany has such a soft spot for her little sister.

No tears at all from Julia!  Way to go!  So then we went to ride some ponies.



Now Julia has everything she needs to begin Kindergarten this fall, finally!  She has been ready for school for several years.  I was worried that she would be very bored in regular school.  She already knows everything that Kindergarten has to offer.  I can just see her rolling her eyes during the ABC song and acting like a know-it-all.  So Neil and I decided that we would put her name into the lottery at a charter school nearby that is a magnet school that teaches Spanish and English at the same time.  I got a call last week that she got in.  This is great news!  Having to learn Spanish in Kindergarten will definitely hold her attention and she will have less opportunity to be bored.  It is so cool to know that she will be bilingual by the time she is 12.  I may even start taking some Spanish classes myself so that I can communicate with her.  🙂

Published by Sara on 13 May 2013

Remembering Grandma and Grandad

Aunt Becky was here visiting for a few weeks, and while she was here she had a dream about Grandma and Grandad’s old house.  This caused her to want to go there, along with doing some other things that we used to do with them.  So some plans were made, and on a Saturday we headed out to visit their graves.

Grandad passed away in 1994 when I was 13.  I don’t know the exact cause of death, but I know that he was really sick for a while and his blood stopped producing platelets.  I remember my dad having to go to the hospital to donate platelets to give to Grandad.  He ended up having a brain hemorrhage and passing away in the hospital.  (Dad, maybe you could clarify or elaborate in the comments?) I was just too young to really know what was going on.


Grandad was a coxswain for the US Navy during WWII.  Very cool stuff.  He worked on the USS Southard which was a destroyer ship that exploded enemy submarines.  Grandad was on the ship when it was destroyed by a typhoon near Japan.  It’s neat to have a Grandparent that was a veteran of a world war.

Grandma was the sweetest little lady.  I remember that she would always let me wear her makeup and put on her square dance dresses so that I could twirl them around.  She was the greatest cook and her potato salad was to die for.  After Grandad died her health also started to decline.  Probably from missing Grandad so much.  Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s eventually caused her to have to live in a nursing home for the remainder of her years.  She passed away in 2005, just a month after Bethany was born.

003 +


After we visited them at the cemetery, we headed over to their old house to see if anyone currently lived there and maybe if we could peek in the  windows or something.  But someone was living there so we just did a drive by.


Then we drove a short while to the dam at Lake Lowell and threw some rocks.



After that, we headed to a park in Marsing that we always used to go to with Grandma and Grandad when we were little.  It is just below Lizard Butte.  If you haven’t seen Lizard Butte, it is really cool.  It seriously looks like a giant lizard sitting on a big hill.


We played on the playground, did some fishing, fed the ducks, and had a little picnic.


024 036 047 059 025 031 061

Such a great day!  Thanks Becky for the great idea, and Grandad for taking time out of your busy day for us. weishaar_randy pedrozo-hai