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Published by Sara on 15 Feb 2013

Emmett and a Black Eye

On Saturday, we were getting ready to go to Emmett to celebrate Cannon and Sydnee’s birthdays.  About an hour before we left, Luke fell and bonked his eyebrow on our side table.  It really wasn’t bad at the time and he only cried for a minute.  But when we got to Emmett, the swelling kicked in and he looked awful!

018 033 038

He didn’t seem to be bothered by the goiter growing on his face.  After we celebrated, we went to John’s pool and did some swimming.

039 040 041 043

The next morning, Luke’s eye was getting very colorful!  It was nearly swelled shut when he woke up.


Oh, and that night we gave him a haircut.  He hated every second of it!


By Monday, he had a full blown black eye.  Some of the bruise even spread over to the other eye.



Not the most flattering picture of my cute boy, but you can see the extent of the damage really well in this picture.




That was one big ugly owee!!

Published by Sara on 12 Feb 2013

Size Fives

Neither of the girls ever got big enough to outgrow size three diapers.  This is what Luke looks like wearing a size four:



So he is wearing size FIVES!  What a fatty!