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Published by Sara on 25 Jan 2013

Unloading the Cameras

I haven’t taken many pictures lately, but just checked the cameras and there are a few on there that I can share.  Except for the first few pics, which are actually videos of a party that we had on New Year’s Eve which I am forbidden to share, but they are hilarious!  We played Just Dance with Vicki’s Xbox.  Just picture a group of clumsy people dancing to hip hop.  It isn’t pretty.

This one is gross!  Bethany had a star shaped princess wand in her mouth.  Then she bent down to get something off of the floor, and the star jabbed her in the back of the throat and literally popped a hole through her skin.  She had a sore throat for a few days.



Here is Lukie doing what he does best, playing with cars (or anything that has wheels):



Sisters getting warm by the heater and playing with their Ipods:



And a big nerd boy wearing Julia’s glasses.  You can tell he has teeth coming in because of all of the drool soaking his shirt.





That’s all!

Published by Sara on 23 Jan 2013

18 Months

My little buddy has hit the 18 month mark!  I love this age and wish he would just stop right here.  I took him to the doctor for his well-baby checkup, and now I can’t find the paper with his stats.  I think he was around 25.5 pounds.  89th-ish percentile I think.  I can say that his growth spiked up a lot, since he is eating better after discovering the lactose intolerance.  He is still having poo problems, but they are much better.  The doctor says if he isn’t all better in 6 months then he needs to see a gastroenterologist.   I also had her check out this strange hard lump that he has growing inside his bottom lip.  She said she had no idea what it was and that if it wasn’t gone in three weeks then he would need to see an oral surgeon (yikes!).  Three weeks has passed now though, and it seems to be getting smaller so I am not worried.  I asked her to check inside his mouth to see if he has some teeth coming in because he has been cranky.  The poor boy has SIX teeth coming in all at once.  Four molars and two canines.  And he is a very slow teether, it takes many weeks for his teeth to come through.  So this is the reason for the absence of blogging, I have a cranky, teething toddler on my hands!  I cannot wait until these teeth come in!  He is very healthy other than the above issues, and so smart!  He says tons of words.  I just love his little tiny boy voice.

Well, that’s all for now!  We have seriously been doing a whole lot of nothing over here.  It is too darn cold to go out, plus mister cranky pants makes it hard to do anything because he just wants me to hold him all the time.