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Published by Sara on 27 Dec 2012

Christmas 2012

We kicked off our Christmas celebrations by going to mom’s for Christmas Eve.  We ate ham and ribs and pizza, weird combo but very good!  Then we watched pieces of Miracle on 34th Street.  Jack started to get a little sleepy then, so we busted out the presents!  We did away with getting presents for adults a few years ago, my mom is only allowed to do stockings for me and my siblings.  Good thing the stockings are huge!



Luke was so happy about this candy.


My mom stalks RC Willey for clearance deals.  She found this dollhouse for less than 30 dollars.  The girls were thrilled!  It is taller than they are!


She also found this sweet horsey at RC Willey for Luke, but he is currently afraid of it, so Bethany is demonstrating.



When we got home, we got the kids all ready for bed we and tucked them in.  Our elf Sunny did the crepe paper thing over the door so that they wouldn’t come out during the night.  He also left them a little note.  Then he left to go back to the North Pole to help Santa with Christmas.



In the morning, they busted through the crepe paper before I could catch them and they came into our room.  Luckily most everything this year was wrapped so they couldn’t catch a sneak peek before everyone was ready.  Here is the scene.


We started with stockings!


Then presents!


Luke could care less.  All he wanted to do was stomp on his presents and everyone elses.



When all the presents were opened, the girls were so happy.  But then I told them that there was one more, and we gave them each a little box.  They opened them to find their very own Ipod Touches.  They were beyond happy and couldn’t believe that we got them their own.  They love them dearly.

After we cleaned up a little and ate a small breakfast, we headed over to Emmett for Christmas at dads!  We ate some delicious turkey and all the  trimmings and opened some more presents!





Next stop was Christmas at Neil’s house.  We started off by having a delicious ham dinner and lots of sweets.  Then the kids played for a while before it was time for more presents!  Laken, you crack me up.


After we opened gifts, the adults did a while elephant gift exchange which was very exciting.  There was a whole lot of stealing going on.  🙂


All the while we were exchanging presents, it was snowing outside.  It ended up being a white Christmas after all.  It made for a very scary drive home.  Highway 16 was like a parking lot and very slick.


It took us a long time to get through all of the accidents on the road.  It’s a good thing that Luke conked out and the girls had their Ipods.


We made it home safely eventually.  It was such a great day that we didn’t want it to be over yet.  So we let the kids stay up until 10:30 so they could play with all their new stuff.  Here they are making Orbeez in the kitchen.


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope yours was as filled with love and family and friends as ours was.

Published by Sara on 24 Dec 2012

Christmas Party

Bethany had her class Christmas party on Friday.  It was a snowman theme, so the girls and I made some “snowman chow” and put it in baggies to hand out.  We also got some water bottles and put a cute label on them that said “melted snowman” but I didn’t take a picture of those.



At the party, they played a game where they had Vaseline on their noses, and they had to pick up cotton balls with it and put it in a cup.  It was pretty cute.





They also did a snowball relay race but I was busy handing out napkins and goodies to pay much attention.  Also I was trying to keep Luke from crashing into things with the stroller which he loves to push around.



Julia came too. 🙂



Lots of goodies!





After the party, we went home for a while.  Then we came back to watch the whole school at an assembly.  They have a sing-a-long every year where everyone comes and sings Christmas songs with the kids.

Now it is Christmas break!  Merry Christmas!

Published by Sara on 24 Dec 2012

More Santa

On Tuesday, we went to Clint and Syd’s for some “Christmas Crafts”.  The kids were happily working on their paper trees at the table.  And then, without notice, Santa came busting through the back door jingling his bells and ho-ho-ho-ing!  The kids’ jaws dropped, and any child age 2 and under was screaming and/or crying with terror.  Eventually everyone calmed down and Santa sat down by the tree to talk to the kids.

Bethany still believes in Santa, but just barely.  She thinks of the logistics of how he works and it really seems impossible to her.  But for now she is enjoying being a believer.

004 007

Julia still believes, but she is very intimidated!  She wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap.


And little Luke is too little to care, he just thinks he’s some big scary red guy.  He wouldn’t let Santa come near him.


Thanks Clint and Syd, that was fun!

Published by Sara on 20 Dec 2012


We haven’t gotten any good snow this year yet.  So when we woke up to about an inch of fresh snow on Sunday, the kids were excited.  I got in the shower to get ready for church, and when I got out and got dressed I couldn’t find the girls.  Then I noticed that they were outside in their robes and winter clothes building a snowman.

020 024





They did a pretty good job, considering the fact that they were very under-dressed!  Silly girls.

Published by Sara on 18 Dec 2012

Candy Houses

On Saturday, we went over to Vince and Randi’s to build and decorate graham cracker houses.  There was certainly not a shortage of candy!  And this isn’t even all of it!



Luke found the kitty.  He was obsessed with this animal.  He was kissing and petting and rubbing his face on him.  Later that evening he was a mass of runny boogers, sneezing, and bloodshot eyes.  Poor thing is allergic to cats just like his momma.


Julia and Daddy worked on one house and Bethany and I worked on another.





Luke would walk by every once and a while to sneak some candy.



Making candy houses is a lot of fun.  What isn’t fun is eating so much candy that you hate yourself.  We all ate so much candy that we weren’t at all hungry for dinner.  True story.
Here is Julia’s finished house (she really packed the sweets on!):



And Bethany’s:



I ate most of the Kit-Kats the next day and blamed it on Neil.  Also a true story.

All of our masterpieces:



On the way home, we stopped by a house that has amazing Christmas lights.  Really, the best I have ever seen.  I took a short video, and this is not even close to the extent of this light show.  There are a billion more lights and colors than this video shows.

Everyone should check this out.  It is at McMillan and Victory in Nampa, and the street is called Saratoga.  The subdivision is called Belmont Heights.



Published by Sara on 17 Dec 2012

Santa Pics

We always get to meet Santa at our annual ward party!  Bethany was excited about it and she told Santa that she wanted a camera for Christmas.



Julia told me from the beginning that she did NOT want to sit on Santa’s lap.  I told her to do it anyway, just for a picture.  She quietly talked to him a little, and told him that she wanted new Rapunzel hair.



And here are all three of them together.  Ha!  What a happy group of kids!



Published by Sara on 14 Dec 2012

New Tradition?

I saw this idea online and thought the kids would really enjoy it.  You get 25 Christmas themed children’s books and wrap them all up and put them under the tree.  Then, each night a child gets to open one and then we read it.  We started this on December 1st.  The kids thought it was the coolest!

I think it is really important for families to have traditions.  I’m not 100% sure if we will keep this one though…it was very exciting for the first week but then they sort of lost interest.  The same goes for our elf on the shelf.  More than once our elf has “forgotten” to fly home to the North Pole and the kids didn’t even notice!  Whoops.


Published by Sara on 10 Dec 2012

Disney on Ice

I took the girls to Disney on Ice last Saturday.  What a great show!!  The girls absolutely loved it.  What is not to love about ice skating princesses??

We didn’t take many pictures for fear of being yelled at for using flash photography.  But here are a few self-pics of us.

We also got a very expensive bucket of popcorn which was very tasty.  I love spending time with my girls.  Especially if Disney is involved! 🙂

Published by Sara on 08 Dec 2012

Lost Tooth

Bethany had a very loose tooth when we dropped her off at the Hibberts last Friday for date night.  Neil and I left and went to Tucanos for dinner, and I got this text from Krista:  Just had some excitement at date night.  The kids had just finished dinner and ran into the kids room to play and be obnoxious.  Moments later, Bethany realizes her tooth is gone.  She is crying because it’s lost so we all get on our hands and knees and start searching.  No luck.  So I told her about how Oakley lost a tooth at school and just wrote a note for the tooth fairy.  So she seemed to be ok with it.  Coy and I started to clean up dinner and Coy spots the tooth on the kitchen floor right where Bethany was sitting.  The girls were laughing so hard they couldn’t contain themselves.  She’s very happy.  Never a dull moment.

I laughed my butt of at that message!  So it was a very exciting date night for Bethany.  She said that it was the best date night ever.  🙂  Krista was nice enough to send me some pics of the search party.

After we got home, she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy.

Such a funny girl!!  So the tooth fairy left her money with Sunny, our elf.  Looks like they had a little rendezvous because Sunny was covered in glittery kisses!

Sunny is a playa.  Naughty elf.

Published by Sara on 03 Dec 2012

Christmas Decorating

We always always put up our Christmas decor the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I am in an exceptionally Christmas-y mood this year!

My two mischievous helpers…

Luke did not want to participate in my annual ‘picture of the kids by the tree’ and did NOT want to wear a Santa hat.

But about five minutes later, he came to me and wanted me to put the hat on him.

And then he voluntarily stood in front of the tree and posed for a picture.  But then he got all bashful and wouldn’t look at me.

After that, we got some use out of my waffle iron that I got as a Black Friday deal.  I have been seeing so many different ways to use a waffle iron on Pinterest.  So for dessert, we put cinnamon rolls in there and had cinni-waffles!  It was fun.

Happy December!! kockler_clementina