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Published by Sara on 28 Nov 2012


Neil finally got what he was after!

Ok, so this next part is so funny.  Gross and wrong, but still funny.  When Neil got home from slaughtering the above beast, he brought the head inside so that the kids could see it.  Luke was in love with the “doggie”.

Published by Sara on 27 Nov 2012

Playing in the Leaves

It’s so much fun!

Published by Sara on 20 Nov 2012

It’s Baaaaack!

WOOOOOT!  Goodbye child kidnapping jokes!!  After a year of driving the chomo van, we got the truck back!  (Insert Hallelujah chorus here!)

Published by Sara on 05 Nov 2012

Halloween-Round 2

The day before Halloween, we popped a million bags of popcorn for Bethany’s class party.  We went with the popcorn hands again since we still had a bunch of gloves left over from last year.  Plus it’s nice to give the kids something that isn’t sweet.  We might just do this every year.  Maybe we will make it be “our thing”, we’ll see.  So we assembled them all right after school and got them done right before gymnastics.

After gymnastics, we went toa local pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins for carving, but they closed on the 28th for some reason so instead we stole one of Grandma’s pumpkins and also carved the little one that Julia got from preschool.

Luke is chewing on a pumpkin lid.  Ew.

The next day, I went and helped out at Bethany’s class party.

Beano and our little doggie came too.

I brought my glitter tattoo kit and Rebecca and I gave all of the kids tattoos.  They loved it!

Later on, we got ready for trick-or-treating!  The pretty-yet-scary vampire:

And the always adorable Rapunzel.  She decided to wear the hair this time and I was so glad she did!  It is really cool and she got a lot of compliments on it.  People kept asking her if it was real.

The little puppy.  So stinking cute.

While we were waiting for all of our friends to show up, we hit up the houses on our street.  This was their first house (which scared them to death..haha) and Luke’s very very first time trick-or-treating.

After we did our street, I put Luke in the stroller and we did almost the whole rest of the neighborhood with a whole bunch of our friends.  Luke was very good and happy riding in the stroller for the good 1.5 hours we were out.  Bethany got tired first and so I headed home with her and Luke while Neil did one more street with Rapunzel.
Sweeeeet payoff!

Luke could not keep his little paws out of the candy.  He kept saying, “nummy? mummy? nummy? num?” and trying to bite through all the wrappers.  Then Julia came home with an even bigger sack of candy.

It was a great Halloween!!  Bethany decided to do the Switch Witch this year, so she just picked a few of her favorite candies out and left the rest for the Witch.  She exchanged the candy for a little doggie toy.  Julia decided that she worked too hard for her candy and wanted to keep it all.