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Published by Sara on 31 Oct 2012

Halloween-Round 1

Our Halloween fun started on Saturday with our annual ward trunk or treat.  This year I have a scary vampire…

And a pretty purple Rapunzel.  She also has an 82 inch long braid to go with her costume, but she decided at the last minute that she was too embarrassed to wear it.  She still looks beautiful without the extra hair.

And we have the cutest puppy that ever lived.

The puppy was too busy for pictures.

I was dressed like a kitty and did some trippy eye makeup.

Luke of course is too little to understand the whole idea of trick or treating.  But he knew that people were handing our candy.  This picture cracks me up, he is standing there all excited because he has a tootsie roll.

After we did that, we headed over to Clint and Syd’s for their annual Halloween party.  We had a few things to unload so we got all the kids out and packed our stuff in.  The first game was Bingo!

After a while I noticed that I didn’t know where Luke was.  I asked Neil where he was and he didn’t know.  Panic!  Where is he?  I thought there is no way he could still be outside.  I thought he was with Neil and Neil thought he was with me!  Where is my baby??!!  So we opened the front door and there was my little doggie, just minding his own business outside by himself.  What a horrible mom I am!  He was probably out there for a good 10 minutes.  Ugh.  Makes me sick just thinking about it.  He wasn’t scared or worried or anything though, so that was good.  Sorry little doggie!
We had italian sodas:

And then Bethany threw a fit because she didn’t win a prize in the balloon game.  It seems like every year one or both of my kids throw a fit at Clint’s party.

But then she finally cheered up and I gave the girl cousins Halloween tattoos.

And as if Luke hadn’t had enough for one day…

I am a horrible mother I tell you!  Happy Halloween anyway!







Published by Sara on 28 Oct 2012

The Color Run

I used to really enjoy running when I was younger.  Way younger.  I never really thought that I would ever like running again after having three kids and being an out of shape mom.  But thanks to technology and a treadmill I gradually worked my way back up to running for long periods of time.  Whoop!  And I enjoy it most of the time.
When I heard about the Color Run, I thought that it sounded like a blast.  When I heard that the Color Run was coming to our area I knew that I wanted to do it.   It’s the happiest 5K on the planet!  You get to run with thousands of people that are excited, and they throw paint on you!   It sounds ridiculous, right?  Ridiculously fun!
The morning of the run was a little crazy.  I ignored my alarm and woke up extremely late.  I was supposed to meet Alyce at her house at 8am, and I woke up at 8:02.  So I really had to hussle.  I still had to drop the kids off at my moms.  I managed to haul butt enough to make it to Alyce’s by about 8:20.  But then Alyce and I got lost in conversation on the way to the run and we missed our freeway exit.  Twice.  Haha.  But we finally got there.

There were just a few minutes to spare until they let the second wave of people go, which was where our other friends were waiting for us.  But how in the heck are we going to find them in all of this?!

Luckily Rebecca climbed up onto someone’s shoulders and I spotted her.  Whew.  It was time to run!  It was very exciting.  These guys were throwing prizes into the crowd and playing really good upbeat music.  Off we go!

It was slow going for the first quarter mile because of the massive amount of people.

We saw a cloud of pink in the air ahead as we saw the first color station approaching!  I put my camera in a plastic baggie so that it wouldn’t get ruined by the paint powder, hence the fuzziness.

There were a LOT of people passing through the pink station at once, so we didn’t get splattered too bad.  But the people were thinning out a little more now so we could actually run.  And I decided to take my camera out of the plastic baggie because I didn’t want my pics to suck.

Everyone slowed down as we approached the yellow cloud!

We had a little more fun in the yellow paint!

Right as I was taking this picture….POOF!  The color thrower got me right in the face with the yellow.  It was hilarious.  So since Alyce was laughing at me I tried to use her as my towel. 😉

Lots more running, and then orange!

Then pink again!!

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

The blue station was crazy.  We really took our time in this one.  Amy and Natalie did paint angels on the ground.

Blue teeth!

All of us at the finish line.

The fun doesn’t stop here.  We headed over to the Finish Festival, where everyone parties and dances, and there is a color throw every 15 minutes.  So pretty!

Messy, beautiful, hilarious, COLORFUL, chaos!

In the end we all looked like we got barfed on by a rainbow.  I hope it comes back next year, it was seriously awesome.



Published by Sara on 25 Oct 2012

Student of Honor

Again!  I’m pretty sure this is a yearly thing with all of the students, but it is still special when your child gets picked.

We got to go have lunch with her at the special table.  I told Beth I would bring her whatever she wanted for lunch, and of course she chose a Happy Meal.

After lunch, we went and played on the playground.  I let Luke loose and he was, like, the most popular kid in school.  Look at the flocks of children following him around.

We had a fun time hanging out with Bethany at her school.  I wish I could have watched her play tetherball, I guess she is pretty good at it.  She beats the third grade boys is what I have heard. 😉

Love you Betny!!


Published by Sara on 23 Oct 2012

Birthday Weekend

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday!  Just kidding, I turned 31.  It was the best birthday ever.  We started celebrating on Friday afternoon.  Clint and Syd watched all the kids for us and Neil and I went to Cirque de Soleil.

It was VERY entertaining.  People jumping off of buildings onto trampolines, hanging by one foot 50 feet in the air…stuff like that.  Really cool show.  Thanks mom!  After the show, we picked the kids up and then headed to Aleshea’s house for a craft night with some of my besties.  Neil dropped the girls and I off and then went home with Luke.  We ate some Costa Vida and crafted the night away while the kids played.  Look at all of the crafts we did!

My friends are all midgets.  I’m not even wearing shoes.

The next day was my actual birthday!  It was a beautiful Saturday, and the very first day of the Boise Temple open house.  I was SO happy to have my family come with me to see the temple.  What a fantastic opportunity.  Everyone was able to see the room where I put on my wedding dress and the altar where Neil and I knelt and were married.  We all felt the calm and spiritual environment inside the temple walls.  It was such a great, once in a lifetime experience.

After the temple, we went to the Great Wall Chinese buffet.  We used to go there all the time when I was a kid.  I ate until I was uncomfortably full, and then I was showered with gifts!  Thank you SO much guys, really.  It was truly the best day ever.

Oh, but it isn’t over yet!  Even though we were still full from our huge lunch, Vicki and Oscar took us out to dinner at Chapala.  🙂  Then we had milkshakes from Blazen Burgers.  Too many calories for one day!  But it was my birthday, so calories don’t really count.  Vicki is back there somewhere too…probably behind the scary guy.

Best. Birthday. Ever.



Published by Sara on 21 Oct 2012

Poo Results

The poop results are in.  Luke is LACTOSE INTOLERANT!  Ugh.  No wonder the poor kid has had the hershey squirts forever, the boy can’t digest dairy!  And he loves milk.  A few months ago, I thought that dairy could be the culprit.  So I took him off of milk for about a week and didn’t see any difference.  And then I thought to myself, “he isn’t lactose intolerant, that’s dumb!”  It is actually very uncommon for babies to be lactose intolerant.  So I gave him his milk back.  But I was also still nursing at the time I took the dairy away, not realizing that breast milk has lactose in it, duh.

So he has been off of dairy products for the past week.  He still has diarrhea most of the time, but all of the milk that he used to drink damaged his little guts a bit, so they still need to heal up.  He has been in a MUCH bettter mood though.  So glad that we finally figured it out!  His pediatrician also said that he may grow out of it, so that is great news.

Published by Sara on 17 Oct 2012

Preschool Field Trip

I was able to go with Julia on her preschool field trip to Linder Farms.  It was a fun morning and she got to pick out her very own pumpkin, which she carried around for several days afterward like it was a baby.  And Luke had more fun than he could handle!  Here are the pictures from our fall outing.


Published by Sara on 15 Oct 2012

Dance Camp

Bethany didn’t have school last Friday, and Julia’s preschool teacher sent me a flyer for a dance camp at Columbia High for that day.  It looked like fun and the girls said that they wanted to do it.  They were gone ALL day.  9-6.  They danced all day!  They also had lunch and snacks and rest times where they played games and such.  The CHS girls also fixed their hair and put a little bit of makeup on them.

Here are all of the girls that attended.  Bethany is third from the left with her arms crossed, and Julia is second from the right on the floor.

And here are their little dances!

Published by Sara on 09 Oct 2012

15 Months

Luke had his 15 month well baby checkup on Thursday, here are his stats:

Weight:  24.31–70%
Height:  32.5 inches–88%

He hasn’t gained any weight in three months.  He also has constant diarrhea.  So the pediatrician suggested that we check his poo for signs of carbohydrate absorption something-something.  I can’t remember exactly what she said.  Also she wants to check his stool for blood.  So over the past week I have had to smear his poo onto a card for three different diapers, and I had to collect a nice pile of poo in a jar to take to the lab.  Fun stuff.  So we should get those results back in a week or so.
Other than that he is a healthy boy.  Smart as can be and stinking adorable.
I wanted to also document a few of the cute things that he does.  When he sees something that he wants, he reaches out with both arms and says, “gee goo!” repeatedly.  “Gee goo” is “thank you”, he thinks it is something that you are supposed to say when you hand someone an object.  He thinks that every animal is a “doggie”.  He is obsessed with cars.  The first word he always says when he wakes up in the morning is “car”.  I attempted one day to try and count how many times a day he says the word “car” but I got tired of it after about five minutes because he says it constantly.  He has recently learned the word “truck” so now he throws that one in every once in a while.  “Car, car, car, car….TUCKKK.”  Lately he has been getting all of his cars out and lining them up on the ottoman.  Oh, and he heavily accentuates the “C” sound in the word car, so he sounds like he has something stuck in his throat.

He still loves his blankie and calls it Diddy.  He is getting more and more attached to it as time goes on.  The last time I washed it, he put both of his hands on the washing machine and whined for his Diddy.  The blanket is pure white so it gets gross looking really fast.
I usually put the girls to bed before I put Luke to bed.  He thinks it is hilarious to go into the girls’ room after I have tucked them in.  He busts open the door and usually says “raar” or yells something really loud in the dark.  The girls think it is sooo funny so of course that just makes him want to do it more.
We love our little boy!!