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Published by Sara on 30 Sep 2012

Disneyland–Going Home

Our ride didn’t come to get us until 10:30 on Sunday morning, so we had plenty of time to get ourselves together and ready to go home.  Since our condo had a washer and dryer, Neil did all of our laundry so that it was all clean before we even left.  I gave Luke the cars that I bought him and he loved them of course.

Then we waited on the curb for our ride.  We were sad to leave.  “Look sad, everyone!”

It’s a little easier to take the pain of leaving Disney in a nice silver limo. 🙂

The L.A. airport was a little more stressful than any of the others, there were a lot of people there!  Luke fell asleep with daddy.

It took Neil five or six tries to make it through the metal detector at security and that was pretty funny.  When we took off, we flew over the ocean and turned around, it was really cool!  I have never flown over the ocean before.  It freaked Julia out though for some reason.

The flight home was pretty uneventful.  From L.A. to Vegas, Luke was pretty cranky so I had to give him candy to keep him from squirming.  Plus there was quite a bit of turbulence and I was getting a little bit nauseated.  Our layover in Vegas was about an hour, so the kids sat and played with ipads and Neil and I walked around the airport with Luke and eventually got two large Frostys from Wendys and ate them without sharing with the kids, hehe.  The flight from Vegas to Boise was nice and quiet and calm, Luke fell asleep for most of it.  We got back home at 7:10pm Idaho time.

We had such a good time.  Every time I think about our trip I get sad because it’s over.  Guess we’ll just have to go again very soon. 🙂  There are a few things that I wanted to document that I will use for future reference for the next trip, or if anyone else is planning a trip this info may or may not be helpful.  🙂

1.  Bring a hat!  Or buy one if you forget yours!  I have really bad Melasma on my forehead.  The sun makes it worse, so it was really dumb of me not to wear a hat in the hot California sun.
2.  Have a smartphone.  The Mousewait app would have really helped us out on a lot of occasions.  An iphone has been on my wish list for a long time and I wish I had gotten one before this trip.
3.  The ART buses are great.  It was only 24 dollars for our whole family for three days.  It’s 15 dollars a day to park your car at Disney.
4.  We brought 4-6 bottles of water and we always ran out pretty quickly.  We should have taken more advantage of the free ice water that you can get at any restaurant with a soda fountain.
5.  Go in the middle of the week!!  It is worth missing a little bit of school to beat the Friday and Saturday crowds.
6.  I will probably add more to this list as ideas come to my mind.

We are so grateful that we were able to go on this trip.  We made some great memories and my girls are now die hard Disney fans like me! ♥







Published by Sara on 27 Sep 2012


We had a little trouble getting out the door on Saturday morning, but that was okay because we knew it would be really busy that day at the parks.  Richy and Cam missed the bus, so we got to Disneyland and did the picture thing while we waited for them to get there.

We hadn’t been to Toon Town yet at all, so when Richy and Cam arrived we got onto the train and got off at Toon Town.  The kids got a kick out of it, there is funny cartoony stuff all over the place.

There was pretty much no wait at Roger Rabbit, so we got on that.  It had a really fun line, plus it was nice and air-conditioned.  I think that this day was probably the hottest of all.

On our way to check out the rest of Toon Town, we saw Minnie!  Bethany had been dying to meet Minnie.  So we waited in line for a while and each of us gave Minnie a hug and got a picture with her.

After that, we sat on a bench and had a little snack break.  Then we explored Donald’s house and Goofy’s house, and by this time we were so blazing hot.  Richy had already been into Mickey’s house and said that the air-conditioning was really cold in there, so off we went to Mickey’s house.  Sure enough, the air in there was icy cold and refreshing.  So we did the tour through Mickey’s house which took a good 20 minutes and got us nice and cooled down.  Bethany wanted to pose with the broom in Mickey’s house, she remembered it out of the Fantasia movie.

After Mickey’s house, we checked out Chip and Dale’s treehouse (which wasn’t much) and that was everything at Toon Town.  So we stopped for a potty break and continued on our way.  Next, we hit up It’s a Small World.  The line said 10 minutes but it felt way longer than that, and we were so hot.  But while we were waiting in that line the girls got a glimpse of Merida (from Brave) and they thought that was pretty cool.  Finally we got onto Small World and loved it (mostly because of the air conditioning..ha).  Luke really liked it and was singing as we floated along.  He fell asleep in the Ergo before the ride was over.  I moved him into the stroller when we were off the ride where he continued to sleep.
Then we headed toward Splash Mountain so everyone else could ride that one.  On the way, we passed the princess area where you can wait in line to meet three princesses.  The girls really wanted to meet them, but the wait was 45 minutes and it was so bloody hot outside.  So we opted to just peek over the fence and see them from a distance. Our timing was great because it was time to switch princesses out and we were standing right by the place where they walk out.  So Sleeping Beauty walked by and said “hello princesses!” to the girls and they almost died of excitement.  We also got a peek at Ariel.
We swung by Tomorrowland and got fastpasses to Space Mountain, and I got a Mickey ice cream bar.  They are so good!
Then we moseyed over to Splash Mountain and stopped for a picture by the Rivers of America on the way.

Then everyone got onto Splash Mountain with a rider switch pass that I had saved from yesterday.  Beth and I stayed off with Luke since we had already ridden it and Beth didn’t like it anyway.  We got a couple of souvenirs from the gift shop by the Pooh ride (I got some cute straws and bought the kids some suckers).  Oh, and I got a soda too.  Luke had woken up by now so I gave him a chicken strip for lunch on a bench in the shade.

We hadn’t spent very much time in Fantasyland so we went that way after Splash Mountain.  We had to stop for a picture in front of the castle.  Neil made us do the dumb thing with our hands. (??)  Julia is like…what the heck are you doing that for??

Then we went through the castle and did the Sleeping Beauty walk-through of the castle.  But first, we had to change Luke’s shirt because he got all gross from the sucker I gave him.  We also put his shoes on him and let him walk around for a while, but all he wanted to do was push the stroller and so we picked him up.  He was not happy about that.

Inside the castle, knocking on a door:

After the castle we strolled through Fantasyland and chose to skip all of the dinky rides because the lines are long and the rides are short.  But since we were over there, we peeked over the fence again to see what princesses were there.  We saw Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.  And Jasmine was just leaving so we saw her backside. 🙂
It was now time for us to get on Space Mountain.  The line for Autopia wasn’t very long though so Neil took Julia on that and Richy took Cam.  Beth was a little bummed that she couldn’t go on that one again so we got a frozen lemonade while we waited.  It was the most refreshing, delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth.  And I had to share it…boo.

I set Luke free for a while and he absolutely loved this big ball…it was a giant marble spinning ball that had water flowing over it.  So he got soaking wet from that and I had to change his shorts.

Then Richy and Cam and I got onto Space Mountain.  The girls were afraid to ride it, and I don’t blame them because at Halloween time it changes to “ghost galaxy” and there are scary ghost images all over it.  And truthfully it made me a little sick.  While we were on Space Mountain, Neil took the girls down to main street and Bethany bought a little plush Mickey and Julia got a baby Bambi that she loves.
I got a rider switch pass for Neil to ride Space Mountain, but he didn’t really want to and since Cam loved it so much he gave the pass to Richy to take Cam on it again.  I can’t remember the exact order of things at this point, but I know that we all rode Star Tours again and we rode Astro Blasters two more times (Neil winning both times, again).  We ended up in the innovations building (after I bought ANOTHER frozen lemonade…delicious I tell you!).  In the innovations building, the kids played with this dining table for quite a while.  It is a kitchen table that has touchscreen placemats.  Pretty amazing.

Then we said goodbye to Tomorrowland and hopped on the train to New Orleans.  Our Disneyland adventure was coming to an end and we all agreed that Pirates would be our last ride.  We used the “attraction readmission pass” that I had gotten with Bethany on Small World to get onto the ride through the exit without any waiting.  We felt like VIP’s by getting ushered in and hopping right on!  After we rode Pirates it was getting dark.  It was Saturday night and very busy at the park.  I tried to hold my camera up to capture the crowd, this is the best I could do.

I had to have a picture in front of the big Mickey pumpkin.

I wasn’t ready for it to be over.  So my amazing hubs said that he would take the kids back to the hotel and I could stay at Disney with Richy and Cam.  Yay!  So I strapped Luke to him in the Ergo and he managed to get all three kids and the stroller onto the bus.  Richy and I decided that we would try one final time to get on that dang car ride at Cars Land.  When we got to the ride it was not working, so that put an end to our hopes of ever getting on it.  We were hungry and thirsty at this point, and I was dying to go to the Cozy Cone Motel for a traffic cone cup!  On our way there, Tow Mater drove right up to where we were so I got a self portrait of me with Mater. 🙂

Me and my cute cone cup!

From there we walked through the rock valley and under the stone arch of Cars Land.  I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of that, it was quite amazing.  We were headed toward the Pacific Wharf Cafe to get some soup in a bread bowl but about died when we saw the length of the line.  The Disney corn dogs were also on my list of things to eat and the line at Corn Dog Castle wasn’t that bad, so it was corn dogs for everyone.  They were goood.
There was a ride that I really, really wanted to try on this trip called Toy Story Mania.  It wasn’t very far from where we were eating our corn dogs.  I assumed it would be shut down because the World of Color was about to start.  So we headed over there and it was open!  Woot!  AND when we were riding Pirates earlier, the cast member forgot to take our “attraction readmission pass” and we still had it!  It was expired and also was for the wrong park, but we decided to try our luck and see if we could get on Toy Story Mania with it!  We are tricky!  I love Cam’s evil expression.

Sure enough, the cast member wasn’t paying attention and let us on this ride without waiting at all!!  Haha.  So we were giddy that we got to skip the line (the wait was 45 minutes at the time).  This ride was SO FUN.  It was a 4D shooting game and we loved it.  So I was really happy that my last ride on our Disney vacation was a great one.  On our way out, we stopped in a little shop and I bought three little candy tins for the girls and I.  While we were in the shop, the park got dark and we heard the World of Color starting, cool!  We left the shop and walked down to where we could see the show and we stopped to watch it for a while.  It was pretty amazing.  Our favorite part was the little Wall-E snippet.
At this point we split up because Richy wanted to get back to the hotel before the pool closed at 10:00.  So Richy and Cam left and I was left alone to absorb every little last thing that I could before having to leave.  I strolled through a bakery and a few shops.  I bought some earrings and a ring, and I got Luke a little Lightning McQueen and a Tow Mater die cast car.  Then I decided that I better get outta there before the World of Color gets over, because then there would be people everywhere (arsses to elbows ,if you will).  So I headed out of there and sat and watched the Disneyland fireworks while I waited for the bus.  Goodbye Disney!!












Published by Sara on 26 Sep 2012


We didn’t get up quite as early on Friday.  We just got up when we felt like it and got ready just like the day before.  We still were making good time though.  Here we are waiting for the bus on our second day of Disney!  Cam is working on his photobomb technique.  Well done, Camero.

We had a funny bus driver on this morning.  Bethany and I were in good spirits and were singing a song until the driver came on the loudspeaker and said, “No singing on the bus.  This isn’t the happiest bus on earth”.  And everyone laughed.  It was hilarious.  This picture was taken shortly thereafter.

First on our itinerary was California Adventure.  We wanted to hit up the newly opened and very popular Cars Land before it got too busy.

Cars land is soo awesome.  It is like straight out of the movie.  There is a race car ride in the land that we were hoping to get onto, but when we got there the wait was already an hour long and the fastpasses were gone.  So we abandoned that idea and headed over to Bugs Land and got on the cute little bumper cars.

Bugs Land is adorable.  Everything is great big so that you appear to be the size of a bug.  Giant straws are the light poles, the signs are made out of giant paperclips and q-tips, the benches are made out of giant popsicle sticks, etc.  So cute.  Like this ride is made to look like cookie and Chinese takeout boxes with leaves for the balloon part.  You can see Neil poking his head out of the middle one.

After we did all we wanted to do at Bugs Land, we headed for the Tower of Terror!!  This time Neil and I went on first with Bethany and Julia.  The girls had no idea what they were getting into!  They knew that an elevator was somehow involved with this ride but they didn’t know that the elevator “breaks” and falls 13 stories.  HA!  So they trusted us and got on the ride.  This is the picture that was taken right as they drop you, look how they are holding on for dear life!  And Bethany looks pissed!

HAHA!  They hated it!  We were really proud of them for getting on though.  When they got off, a cast member gave them both a sticker that said “I took the dare.”  This is them right after I asked them what they thought of the ride.  Thumbs down!!

After we officially traumatized the children, we went for a walk down the little boulevard.

Shortly after this picture, an announcement rang out that the space shuttle Endeavour was going to fly over the Disneyland resort.  Awesome!  That was something that I really wanted to see!  So I hung around watching the sky while the kids went with Neil on the Monsters Inc. ride.  I waited and waited.  Then I was like, “hmm…what’s over here??” and we went and watched a 4D movie preview of the new Frankenweenie.

The kids really loved it!  It is another Tim Burton animated film.  My girls love Tim Burton movies.  They are twisted I guess.  But wait…I forgot that I was waiting to see the space shuttle!! Crap!!  So we got out of the movie and sure enough, I had missed it.  Seriously!  What an idiot!
Oh well.  Just around the corner, the live Aladdin show was starting any minute.  So we hussled over there and actually got some pretty good seats for being one of the last people to get there.  It was amazing, of course.  Everyone really loved it.  After that it was snack time, so we found a bench and busted the snacks out, and I got a Mickey pretzel.  🙂

After lunch/snack time, we walked down Buena Vista street and found a penny smashing machine.  It was Julia’s turn to smash a penny (Beth did the last one at Rainforest Cafe), but Bethany really really wanted to be the one to smash it so she had herself a little fit.  A cast member just happened to be nearby and tried to comfort her.

And THEN…Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates came over and tried to hug her!  Bethany refused to hug him so he came over to me and gave me a big ol’ hug.  How funny is that!

Bethany cheered up pretty quickly after that.  She really wanted to ride the Fun Wheel (giant ferris wheel) so we headed that direction.  Luke had fallen asleep in the stroller so I didn’t go on the Fun Wheel, and Julia stayed with me and we did some shopping.  I got a few trinkets at a shop and Julia got her first souvenir, a cute pair of dangly earrings.  When everyone got off of the ride, we went back into the store and the girls got some suckers.

Then Richy and Cam and I went to ride Goofy’s Sky school (rollercoaster).  Beth didn’t want to ride it, so after Richy and I were done, Neil went on it with Cam and Julia.  After that, we noticed that there was water squirting out of the ground and the kids went to investigate.  They all got soaking wet.

Then we all decided that it was time for a little break.  All of the kids wanted to go back to the hotel to swim.  On the way out, we stopped at a few shops and Julia bought a hair flair thingy.  Here she is showing off her hair thing and new earrings while waiting for the bus to take us to the condo.

Swimming back at the condo!

Richy throwing Cam:

Bethany doing a sweet belly flop:

Luke was having the time of his life.

The water was nice and cooling and the hot tub was very relaxing.  Everyone was pretty beat at this point, except for me…I felt great!  I wanted to go back to Disney and Bethany said she would go too.  So everyone else finished up swimming and went back to the room for a nice dinner of Ramen noodles, and Richy ordered in some sushi.  Bethany and I got dressed and hopped on the bus back to the Magic Kingdom!!
It was dinnertime, so the first thing we did was fight the crowd (the parade had just gotten over) to head to the Plaza Inn for dinner.  I did some research and found that this was a good place to eat.  We got a big plate of pot roast and mashed potatoes with a biscuit and it was absolutely delicious.  Plus the drink refills are free and they have the best grape jelly ever!  So after we stuffed ourselves we went and rode on the Autopia ride which you can tell by Bethany’s face that she LOVED.

After that, we hopped on the train and got off at New Orleans square.  The plan was to go and get on Splash Mountain.  But when we got off the train I spotted the mint julep bar and decided that I wanted some Micky beignets (a southern type of doughnut).  I had also never had a mint julep so we got one of those to try.

It was pretty nasty.  At least we tried it.  Our beignets were yummy though!

We got some fastpasses to Splash Mountain so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line.  So we rode on the Pooh ride.

After Pooh, we did some shopping and then it was time to ride Splash Mountain!  Beth did not like it.  Look at her face!

Plus it was dark outside and she got pretty soaked and was really cold.  After Splash Mountain, we decided that we would try our luck at getting on the Cars ride at Cars Land.  So we BOOKED it over to Cars land only to find out that the wait time for that ride was 120 minutes…no thank you!  And by this time California Adventure was getting ready to close, so we thought that we could maybe get onto Soarin’ before it was too late.  On the way to Soarin’ we hopped on the Ariel ride again becasue there wasn’t a line, then we literally RAN all the way over to Soarin’ only to watch them shut the door on us.  Oops, we were too late.  Well ok then.  Disneyland was open later so we headed back over there and rode on It’s a Small World.  Just because I was curious, I asked the cast member running that ride if they had rider switch passes for Small World, he said they didn’t but then he handed me an “attraction readmission ticket” which was good for admission of 6 people on any ride we wanted without waiting.  Uh….ok, I’ll take it!!  And by the time we got off of Small World, it was pretty late and Beth and I headed home for bed.  What a great day!!




Published by Sara on 25 Sep 2012


We got up early on Thursday morning so we could get to the park before the gates opened for Magic Morning.  Magic Morning admission is when they let you get inside an hour before the park opens to the general public.  So I went to work getting myself and the girls ready.  I put their hair up in pigtail buns (Minnie mouse ears?) and sprayed it with glitter hairspray for fun.  The guys made breakfast and got PB&J’s ready for our lunches.

Although the walk to Disneyland wasn’t that far, we decided that we didn’t want to walk that far every day.  So we opted for bus passes since there was a bus stop right outside our hotel.  The bus comes around every 20 minutes and takes you straight to Disney.  Plus it was a really good price ($24 for all of us for three days).  We LOVED the buses and were really glad we decided to get the passes.  Here are the kids sitting on the curb waiting for the bus.  It was early in the morning but it was already extremely hot and the sun was blaring.

We got to the park and stood in line for about 10 minutes before they opened the gates.  Disneyland was all decked out for Halloween.  I took a few pictures of the pumpkins while we waited.

A cast member at the gate was doing a countdown till the park opened and everyone counted down 5-4-3-2-1…then everyone cheered and poured into the park.  So exciting!

We got inside and decided to skip taking pictures of us by the entrance and just head straight down to hit some rides.  Our timing was perfect because just as we were walking onto Main Street, Mickey appeared!!  So we got our Mickey picture right off the bat.

A side note about my “80’s belly shirt”.  Neil hated it.  He made fun of me constantly because he thought it was hideous.  It was quite funny.  So anytime we saw someone with this type of shirt on we would yell, “80’s belly shirt!!”.  This was also the last picture that was taken with my “beast” camera.  It was just too bulky to carry around so I just used my little point and shoot from here on out.

We walked straight past the Matterhorn and got in line for Nemo’s submarine ride.  We waited about 7-10 minutes to get on.  Not bad!  This pic is blurry…they don’t like you to use the flash on almost every ride.

The kids were in awe.  I was so happy to see them so amazed!  Then we headed to the Matterhorn boblsleds because they were right across the way.  The bigger kids were excited but Julia was terrified to get on.  We made her get on anyway.  🙂  Neil, Beth, Richy and Cam went first while I held on to Luke.

We then took advantage of the “rider switching”.  This lets you get right onto the ride without waiting in line again if you have a baby that can’t ride.  So I got on with Julia, and Neil got to go again.  Look at her scared little face!

It was actually quite scary!  The Yeti growls at you in the dark several times and it is pretty startling.  Both of the girls thought it was too scary but then ended up saying that they loved it the next day.

Then we went to get a fast pass for Star Tours.  But then we realized that the line was really short so we just went right in.  Everyone got on Star Tours and I stayed behind with Luke and waited for the switch pass.  I rode with Cam and Julia after the first group was done.  It was a fun ride, but I got motion sickness and thought I was going to barf!  The ride exits right into a nice big store, so we browsed around for a little while before heading to our next ride, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  So we headed across the path to that ride and then we realized that Julia was not with us and she was nowhere to be seen.  I immediately knew she was lost and ran towards the store that we were just shopping in.  I don’t think I have felt such panic in my whole life.  I found her at the entrance to the store with two adults who were trying to console her, she was sobbing!  I ran to her and swooped her up and hugged and kissed her.  She was only lost for a few minutes but it was the worst few minutes of my life!  She cheered up pretty quickly and we got in line for the Astro Blasters.  We turned the scary event into a funny joke as we would say “where’s Julia!” about once an hour just for fun.  🙂  Here we are in the Astro Blaster line shortly after we found Julia.  You can tell by her face that she is still recovering from her trauma.

After Neil kicked all of our butts at the Astro Blasters, we got on the train to head to the other side of the park.  We ate our sandwiches while we were on the train.

When we got off the train, we got in line for the Haunted Mansion since it was just right in front of us.  At Halloween time, they re-do the entire Haunted Mansion in a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  So it was completely different.  The kids were a little scared to get on but they all did and they all loved it (except Cam).  Then we walked down to Critter Country to get on Splash Mountain, but when we got there we found that Splash Mountain was currently broken.  So I got a churro.  🙂

From there we walked towards Pirates of the Caribbean.  We climbed up Tarzan’s treehouse first and then we got onto Pirates without waiting at all!  We just walked right on!  The kids LOVED it, so we decided to do that one twice in a row.  Jungle Cruise was next, the line was really short for that one too.
After that, we took a potty break in Adventure Land.  While we waited for everyone to go potty and we talked about what to do next, we walked off and left Julia in the bathroom and lost her again for a few minutes.  Whoops.  And then we decided that we definitely needed a refreshing treat, so we got some Dole Whips and sat in the Tiki room and ate them while we watched the singing birds in the heavenly air conditioning.
Since it was Thursday and the least busy day, we decided we should go over to California Adventure and hit the popular rides while the lines were short.  So we went and got on Soarin’ (sooo fun!).  This time Neil waited with the baby who had fallen asleep in the stroller.

After we got off, Neil took all of the kids on Soarin’ with the rider switch pass.  They are only supposed to let 2 people go with the pass, but we quickly figured out that the cast members don’t care.  So we would always send as many people as we could to go on the ride again.

Then it was off to Grizzly River Run.  Neil sat out on this one with Luke again.  This is one of those raft rides that can potentially soak you.

So Richy, Cam, Beth, Julia and I all loaded onto the raft with a really nice older couple.  When we got to the top of the hill on the raft, the ride broke down and we had to sit there in the boat for a good 20 minutes.  The older couple was really cool though so we just chatted with them until we finally got sent down the waterfall.

While we were stuck up there we talked about who we thought was going to get the wettest.  I decided that it wasn’t going to be me.  WRONG!  I took a huge wave of water right over the top of my back and got completely drenched.  Everyone thought it was pretty funny.  It was sooo hot outside thought so it was quite refreshing.
The ride was still going really slowly so Neil decided to skip it for now instead of using the pass.  We went right across the path into the Redwood Challenge trail which was a lot of fun for the kids.  We did a little climbing course and a rock climbing course and some other fun stuff.

Bethany got pretty wet on the raft ride too as you can see on her back.

I was bouncing Luke on this rope stuff and he was laughing like crazy.

Then we walked down to get on the Ariel ride which had NO wait and was awesome!  When we got out of the Ariel ride, the Pixar parade was coming down the road so we stopped to watch it.  I am so glad we did, it was amazing.  Nemo came right up to Cam!

The green army guys were so cool!

And Tow Mater was the last guy in the parade.  Love him!

Then we watched “It’s Tough to be a Bug” in Bug’s Land which was one of our very favorite things.  It is a 4D show that rains on you and you can feel bugs crawling under your seat.  Then it was dinnertime.  I had pre-ordered World of Color Picnics for all of us.  You get a picnic meal, a souvenir tote bag, and a ticket to watch the World of Color show that is EXTREMELY popular.  The food was really good!  Plus the kids got a light-up bracelet in their picnic boxes.

We let little Luke run around for a while after dinner and we got the girls some cotton candy.

Then it was time for us to wait for a good spot to watch World of Color.  So Neil took one for the team and waited in line for the show while Richy and I took the kids to ride Jumpin Jellyfish.  We also stopped at a shop and Bethany got her very first souvenir, a baby Minnie plush.

Then we switched off and Neil took all the kids to ride some spinning carnival type rides.  Richy and I can’t do the spinning rides because we get sick.  Then we all waited for the water show to start.  I let Luke down to push his car for a while, but had to pick him up because people started pouring in to secure their spots for the show.

What we got to see of the World of color was amazing.  It is one of those shows that gives you goosebumps!  I realize these are shaky and short, but I was holding Luke and it was a tad difficult.

In this one, that light pole thing is just spewing tons of bubbles.

A few minutes after taking these videos, everything shut down and all the lights came back on.  Then an announcer came on and said that the show could not continue due to technical difficulties.  HUGE BUMMER.  So we decided to call it a day and go back to the hotel for bed.  It was late and Luke had fallen asleep.  So we went back and went to bed so that we could be rested up for the following day of fun.











Published by Sara on 24 Sep 2012

Disneyland 2012

Day 1- Traveling

We didn’t have to get up very early on Wednesday morning, our flight was scheduled to leave at 11:15am.  I had already packed everything and it was all ready to go, so it was a leisurely few hours before we had Kip drive us to the airport.  Jessica had made us a sweet CD of Disney songs that we listened to while getting ready and in the car on the way to the airport.  I haven’t been so excited in a long time!  We stopped for one quick picture before going through security at the Boise airport.  See how happy the kids are?

We waited around for about 30 minutes before boarding the plane.  We flew with Southwest airlines.  We LOVE Southwest, they are great.

I love this picture.  My brother is a professional photobomber.

Luke was a good boy.  The roar of the jet engine made him go right to sleep.  The girls thought that flying was awesome.  We flew to Vegas and then had to switch planes.  We landed at the Orange County airport at 2:10 Pacific time.  We told the kids that probably some big ugly bus would come to pick us up, but in reality we had ordered a stretch limo!  It was only a little bit more money than a bus ride and a LOT more comfortable.
Waiting for our ride on the curb:

It was super nice and we got to our hotel super fast.  Also, our driver looked like Bruce Willis.  He had on a grey pinstriped suit and the sweetest snakeskin boots I had ever seen, plus some really cool hollywood style aviator sunglasses.  He was a super cool dude.

After arriving at the condo we took a few pictures with the limo.

We stayed at the Worldmark Anaheim which was AWESOME.  Great two bedroom apartment with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and everything else you could ever need.  Awesome pool, four hot tubs and a kiddie pool.  I could go on and on, it was perfect.  And right next door to a convenience store if you needed anything.  So the first thing the kids wanted to do was swim, so Richy took the kids down while Neil and I checked things out and put the groceries away.  I had pre-ordered our snacks and lunch foods from Safeway and had them delivered to our room.  It was a really great thing to do, we bought 50 dollars worth of groceries and it ended up saving us lots of money by not having to buy lunches at the park.
This was the biggest of the hot tubs:

While the kids were down swimming, Mickey and Minnie (wink, wink) stopped by and left the kids some presents.

They were amazed!!!!

They each got a pair of jammies and a card from Mickey and Minnie.  It was a really sweet surprise for them.  Cam wanted to wear his jammies to dinner.  🙂

Then we got ready to head out to dinner.  We planned on eating at the Rainforest Cafe which was in Downtown Disney.  We decided to hoof it over there so we could see how far the walk was.  It was about .08 of a mile.  We made it without any trouble, plus it gave Luke some time to fall asleep while I picked up our park tickets on the way to dinner.

Neil did end up getting a blister from one of his flip-flops, so I traded him for one of my flip-flops and we were both mis-matched.  The Rainforest Cafe was pretty awesome.  They have a thunderstorm every thirty minutes inside the restaurant.  The gift shop is so awesome, and the whole place looks like a jungle…complete with animals.  Mr. Gorilla had a booger in his nose I guess.

The atmosphere was amazing.  The food was just ‘eh’ though and the service was also ‘eh’.  But it was still way fun.  After dinner we shopped around at Downtown Disney until it got dark.  The Lego store was sweet.  They had massive statues of Disney characters completely made out of Legos all over the place.

Then we walked back to our condo.  We gave Luke a bath and got the kids ready for bed.  After Luke’s bath I let him run around in the buff for a few minutes, and he ended up pooping on the floor.  It was a highlight of the day for the kids…they thought it was hilarious.  He also stepped in it and tracked it around on the carpet.  It was fun to clean up.  Then we put the kids to bed.  We had very, very important things to do the next day!!






Published by Sara on 18 Sep 2012

Getting Ready

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow!!!!  So of course we have been busy doing important things like packing…and even more important things like getting prettied up with Mickey and Minnie!

These are so much fun!!!

The girls each have close to $100 for spending money (thank you everyone!).  We also have lots of cute Disney shirts that I have been picking up here and there if I find them on clearance.  I got the girls each three shirts to wear at Disneyland for a buck each!!  Score!  I also got Luke and I some cute Mickey attire for cheap.
I am crossing my fingers that Luke doesn’t cry and/or poop on the airplane and will be a good boy!  See you in a few days!


Published by Sara on 17 Sep 2012

Welcome Home Kevin

Neil’s youngest brother just returned from his mission in Chicago.  The whole family went to the airport to greet him.  The nieces and nephews all had matching shirts that Krista made (don’t let us forget to give you money for those, Krista), and we put the kids’ nicknames on the back.

The kids had a lot of obnoxious fun- getting in people’s way going up and down the escalator repeatedly.

Finally he is here!

A proud mom and dad:

A happy little sister:

And a lot of little kids that have grown up a lot over the past two years.  There were also many new nieces and nephews that Kevin had never met before.

After the airport, we went to a nice little park and had a picnic celebration.  It is so nice to have Kevin home.  Well done thou good and faithful servant! ♥

Published by Sara on 10 Sep 2012


Julia’s first day of preschool finally came!  She was very happy to feel like a big girl and go to school.  I think that deep down inside she was a little nervous, because I could not get her to smile.

At the front door of her preschool:

Finally a smile!

She had a great day!  She was the “VIP” for the day (the snack person, basically), plus it was her birthday so she got to bring cupcakes.  She is going to learn a lot this year.  This is a great private preschool with a small class size, so they will run with her if she gets ahead.

Published by Sara on 04 Sep 2012

Julia Turns Five!

Our little Beano finally had her fifth birthday.  It seems like she was just way too big to be only four years old.  Being five suits her much better. 🙂
She went with a Minnie Mouse theme because it is cute, and because she is excited for Disneyland!

Chowing down on some delicious pizza:

Loving the airplane!

The littlest mouse just walking around like he owns the place.

I thought for sure that Julia would want a pinata at her party, but she was certain that she wanted a treasure hunt.  I guess treasure hunts are the cool thing to do nowadays.  They seem to really enjoy them.  Here are all of the Mickeys and Minnies getting ready to hunt for clues.  The Cannon mouse was very mad that I made him wear ears.

They are just a blur of energy and excitement as they are on their way to find the next clue.

They ended up finding the treasure bags in the BBQ.

Time for presents!  So exciting!

Bethany’s friend Megan inspired me to buy a glitter tattoo kit a few weeks ago.  They are so pretty and very durable.  So I gave all of the older girl cousins a Minnie tattoo which they loved.  I got one too.  😉

Oh how we love our little girl Julia.  Happy birthday sweetheart. ♥