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Published by Sara on 27 Aug 2012


The rear window of our car flips open if you want to get inside without opening the hatch.  On Friday night Neil was putting some stuff back there through the back window but then forgot to close it.  On Saturday morning he was leaving early in the morning and opened the garage.  The garage door hooked onto the open window, bent it backwards and exploded it!  Neil said he thought someone was shooting at him because it sounded like a shotgun.  Is that funny or what?!  There was shattered glass everywhere.  We found pieces of glass 20 feet away.  There were even a few pieces embedded into the back of the garage door.

The girls did a really great job helping to clean up the mess.

Luckily we were able to get it fixed the very same day, so we didn’t have to drive around ghetto-style with duct tape and plastic. 🙂

Published by Sara on 26 Aug 2012

Bald, Again



Published by Sara on 25 Aug 2012

Second Grade

Bethany was so excited to start school again.  We have been having lots of fun doing school shopping and prepping over the past few weeks.  The night before school we did our traditional mani/pedi’s and Neil gave her a blessing.  She woke herself up on the first day of school and could hardly wait!  After I finished her hair she wanted to leave even though it was 15 minutes too early.

She is going to have a great year!  She has lots of friends in her class and she got an excellent teacher, Mrs. Potter.  People flip out about Mrs. Potter because she is so amazing.
After I dropped her off Julia was pretty upset.  She asked me if I could change her birthday so that she can go to Kindergarten this year.  I felt bad for her and so I took her out to lunch that day at Idaho Pizza.  She will start preschool in a week so hopefully she will like that.
Bethany had a great first day.
I love second grade!–Bethany

Published by Sara on 24 Aug 2012


Bethany got a Live Butterfly Garden from Grandma for her birthday.  She loves insects and she has been wanting this garden for a long time.  It was so fun (and educational!) to watch the little caterpillars grow and make their cocoons.  The butterflies hatched while we were camping.  It is crazy how that whole process works!  We watched them and fed them for a few days and then it was time to let them go.

Bye bye butterflies!!


Published by Sara on 23 Aug 2012


We got to go to Camp Hycliff again this year for our ward campout.  We love this place; it is fun, beautiful, and comfortable.  We were hesitant to even go this year because we heard that the water slide was going to be shut down.  We went anyway and it turned out that the waterslide was up and running.

Luke didn’t really care for the slide, but he enjoyed this little pool that Vicki brought.

He also loved the dirt!  Every time I put him down he would head straight for the dirt. 

Look at how pretty the cliffs are:

Beth and her sweet friend Aubrey:

The men did a service project too.  Working hard or hardly working?

We had so much fun.  We ♥ our ward!


Published by Sara on 21 Aug 2012

Fun Weekend

We have really been packing the activities in now that summer is almost over.  Two Saturdays ago, we were busy from dawn till dusk (way past dusk actually).  First, I took the girls to the Nampa farmer’s market, and then to the art festival in the park.  It was really fun.  Hot, but fun.  We saw so many cute things and I bought each of the girls a little beaded ring and a strawberry lemonade.  Oh, and there were bouncy things too.

Nice one, Julia.

After that, we were really hot so we came home and got wet.

Then we made both the girls take naps because we knew we would be up late.  Later in the evening, we headed out to Parma with our friends to the Motor Vu drive-in theater.  We have never been to this drive-in before, and I honestly don’t think I have ever been to Parma. 

I love going to the drive-in!  It is fun to stay up late and snuggle with your kids when it gets cold.  We all ended up getting in the back of the car for the movie because we could hear better.  It was pretty cozy.  Then Luke got all bent out of shape so we only got to see half of Spider Man.  That’s okay though because it was really late. 


Published by Sara on 16 Aug 2012

Roller Skating

We usually try to do fun stuff on Fridays because Neil has the day off.  Last Friday we tried roller skating.  The girls have never been skating and I haven’t been since I was a kid.  It was not easy and I looked like a total goon. 

Lacing up!

Luke was mostly mad the whole time because he wanted to push the skates around like a car.

The girls hated it at first.  They were too scared to let go of the wall and they fell a lot.  We changed into different types of skates multiple times.  I held their hand while going around the rink, which wasn’t that great of an idea because I was not so steady on my skates either.  Then a little show-off kid was skating backwards and not looking where he was going and knocked us all over.  I landed on my booty SO hard.  Luckily I cushioned the fall for Bethany.  Fun stuff.

More pics:

By the end of the skating session, Bethany was doing much better and was able to let go of the wall.  She was having a blast.  Julia still wasn’t thrilled about it, she didn’t quite get the hang of it.  Now Bethany asks me all the time when we can go back because she had so much fun.

Published by Sara on 13 Aug 2012

Dance Camp

A friend of a friend of mine has a teenage daughter that is a dancer, and in the summer she teaches dance to little kids.  So all summer the girls have been going to her dance camp every Tuesday.  They loved going and they had a lot of fun.  They learned cultural dances from Ireland, Hawaii, Mexico, and also swing dancing.  Last week they had their recital (just in the teacher’s living room) and it was SO cute.  Adorable.  Especially Julia’s age group, the first dance that they performed (their swing dance), all of the girls got messed up and fell down.  It was so funny.  I tried to upload a video of Julia’s dance but I swear Youtube hates me.  I managed to get this one of Bethany uploaded (this is her swing dance):

Also, my camera battery was low and died halfway through the recital.  🙁  I did manage to get a few pics though.

This was their little “Riverdance”…so cute:

And their little Mexican skirts:





Published by Sara on 07 Aug 2012

Lake Fork 2012

We always look forward to the annual family camping trip.  We got right to work having fun after we set up camp on Thursday afternoon by hiking up to the waterfall.  I have an Ergo baby carrier to carry Luke in which I love, I can carry him for hours and hardly even feel it.  Luke loves it too.   At the waterfall:

The huckleberries were excellent this year!  They were everywhere and they were HUGE.  A few of them actually made it all the way home and have since been baked into muffins. 🙂  Luke loved eating the berries and it was fun to pick them off the bushes while hiking and feed them to him. 

Picking berries on the way back from the waterfall:

Beano and her jar of berries:

Luke enjoying his very first RZR ride!  (In the Ergo)  He loved it.  Thank you Keith and Carmen for being so generous with your fun toy.

Seven kids piled onto the RZR:

This picture cracks me up.  Can you tell that he is pooping?

By the way, Luke started walking full-time about a week and a half ago.  He did really well walking on the uneven ground at camp, I was surprised.

Some pretty shots of the water:

Kids being wheeled around:

Lukie too!

Lets talk for a minute about DIRT.  The dirt up by the outhouse this year was like dust.  “Ghost dust” as my brother and I used to call it.  For some reason, my kids could not stay out of it.

Bethany was taking big handfuls of it and just throwing it into the air above her head.  And also crashing her Tonka truck and falling into it.

I have never seen this kid so dirty.  Both her and her filthy sister got a shower that night.

More dirt!

On our last day at Lake Fork we hiked to the Rock of Ages. 

Luke fell sound asleep on the hike back down and slept for about an hour longer after we got back to camp.  Meanwhile, Bethany learned to play cards with Grandma and Vince.  You can see me holding the sleeping baby in the background.

And then we spent our few remaining hours playing in the water.

We had a great time like always!  Until next year!!