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Published by Sara on 28 Jul 2012

Bethany’s Party

Bethany decided on a candy theme this year for her birthday party.

There was candy galore!

She liked the scavenger hunt that Randi did at Josh’s last party and wanted to do one.  So we opted to do a treasure hunt instead of a pinata.  I made up the game and put all of the clues inside of Easter eggs that I wrapped up like candy.  The first clue was hidden in the tree outside and they found it before the hunt even started.  Here are all the kids that participated.  Julia did not join in because she wasn’t feeling well.

There were about 12 different clues and the kids took turns opening them.  They were really having fun!  They ended up finding the prize bags under Luke’s bed.

Beth was a little shy while opening her presents so she isn’t smiling in most of the pictures, but I did get a few happy faces.  She was so excited for her presents but she was really nervous about having to read the name tags that are written in cursive.  So she asked if I would sit next to her and help her if neccessary.

She got so many great presents and over 30 dollars!  She was stoked!! She is really getting some good Disneyland money saved up.

She was so happy about the way her party turned out!  Thank you everyone for making her day so special.  We are thankful to have such a great family on all sides!


Published by Sara on 25 Jul 2012

Cruise Night

My favorite sister and I went to Emmett on Saturday night to watch my Dad’s band play at cruise night.  I haven’t been to Cruise Night in years!

We had such a good time.  I always knew that my dad was good at guitar, but man!  He rocks!  Please enjoy some face-melting guitar playing by the one and only Papa Shadd.

You are amazing Dad!



Published by Sara on 23 Jul 2012

Goose Egg

Luke crawled as fast as he could into a sharp corner the other day.  He had the biggest bump ever! 

Look how far it sticks out!

Poor thing!  And on top of that, he has been so fussy/cranky for the past three weeks.  At first I thought it was a food allergy so we had him tested by Grandma and he is fine.  So then I assumed it was a reaction from his 12 month shots, but it has been going on too long for it to be the shots.  So I guess it can only be teeth coming in.  Whatever it is, it better be over soon!  I can’t get him to eat either and he has diarrhea three times a day.  If you have any advice let me know!  Beth and Julia never had problems with teething so I feel like this is strange teething behavior.

Published by Sara on 21 Jul 2012

Bethany is Seven!

Bethany turned seven years old on Thursday.  For her special day she woke up to a fun surprise.  She lost another tooth (#6) the day before her birthday.  She let Aunt Becky pull it out at Grandmas. (Becky is here for a few weeks to visit and to help Jack recover from his open heart surgery, we love having her here!)  Anyway, Bethany thought she would get some extra perks since she lost a tooth and had her birthday at the same time, so she wrote a note to the tooth fairy to explain the situation.

Haha, five dollars is a lot from the Tooth fairy!!  She also scribbled out on the left where it said “I’m not trying to be greedy”.  She didn’t quite get five dollars, but she got two gold dollar coins and a dollar bill shaped like a basket.  I am really confused about why it looks like there are three gold coins in this picture though, because I am sure she only got two.  Weird.  Also there was a note from the Tooth fairy saying happy birthday.  She was thrilled.

Then we got ready to go to gymnastics.  We dropped Julia off first, then Beth, Luke and I all went to Winco and we picked out tons of candy for her birthday party on Sunday.  Seriously, we got so much candy!  Be prepared!  Then Beth went to gymnastics, and after that we went and had lunch at Carl’s JR.  It is always a special treat to go there.  Luke loved the toddler area! 

We had dinner at home, and then I got out her presents from us and let her pick two of them to open.

She has been wanting this school teaching set since Christmas, she was very happy!  Julia also got her a little plastic lap desk to play school with. 

Then we went out for ice cream at Dairy Queen.  It was a great day.  We love you Bethany Ann!  We can’t believe that you are seven years old, and we are so proud of the smart, sweet little girl that you are!

Published by Sara on 17 Jul 2012


Bethany is always stapling papers together and making all sorts of books.  I found this one the other day, titled “Poumes”, I guess she is into poetry too?  Anyway, I just wanted to share her two little poems because they crack me up!

Also, if the blog is showing up teeny-tiny in Google Chrome, switch to Internet Explorer.  I don’t know what the heck is wrong with it.

Published by Sara on 15 Jul 2012


Our insurance now covers an eye exam for everyone in our family, so I made appointments for all of us to get our eyes checked.  My contacts are old and weak anyway and I needed to get some stronger ones.  My eyes lost a lot of power over the past year, and now I have one eye that is weaker than the other.  So I got some updated contacts and now I can see so much better.  Neil is also giving contacts another try, but he has astigmatism so he may end up being happier with glasses.  His contacts bug him all day long and make his eyes water.  Anyway, we also found out that having bad eyes seems to run in the family.  BOTH of my little girls need glasses.  Bethany’s eyes are fine as of now, she will probably need vision correction by about third grade.  Julia’s eyes are worse and she could really use glasses right now.  She sees well enough to get along just fine, but the doctor said that she would be much happier with glasses.  She had her eyes dialated at the appontment…I felt so bad for her!  Look at those pupils!!

Her cool sun-shades:

We went swimming later that day when her eyes were still all huge.  It was really uncomfortable for her,  poor thing!  She had forgotten to bring the above sun-shades to the pool, but luckily I found her sunglasses in the car and she felt better with those on.
The good news is that she can get away with not wearing glasses at all.  She can see fine without them but she is missing a lot of the tiny details that she probably doesn’t even know about.  And there is a possibility that she will grow out of it and will have perfect vision when she is older.  She is actually quite thrilled about needing glasses, so we will probably get her a pair and let her wear them on an as-needed basis.  And Bethany is dying to have glasses and is mad that she has to wait a few years.  Silly kid!

Published by Sara on 04 Jul 2012


She really has a hole in her face now!  She has lost her 5th tooth.  It was pretty wiggly so I told her we should just get it over with.  I was going to pull it but it grossed me out too much, so Neil grabbed onto it with a tissue and yanked it right out.  I was sitting next to her and I must say that it made the most disgusting flesh tearing noise ever!!

Now let’s just hope that those new teeth grow in quickly!!  🙂


Published by Sara on 02 Jul 2012

12 Month Well Baby

Here are his 12 month stats:

Weight:  23.81—84%
Height:  31—88%

He was a good boy for the doctor.  She noticed that his nasal passages are a tad swollen and I mentioned to her that he never breathes through his nose.  She suggested that I have him tested for allergies and have him use a nasal spray.  If that isn’t the problem then he may have enlarged adenoids (but it is unlikely).  He got three shots and his toe poked so they could check his iron.  His iron was a little low which is common in breastfed babies, so I have to give him those vitamin/iron drops that taste horrible.  He tolerated the shots really well.  They did make him tired later in the day (or maybe just the stress of the day made him sleepy), because he fell asleep in his bouncy seat while watching a movie.  It was so cute!  He has never done that before.

He felt great the rest of the day.  We all stayed up really late to watch the fireworks that night and he was still a good boy.  Love him!!!

Published by Sara on 01 Jul 2012


Neil and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this August.  Our original celebratory plans included somewhere relaxing and tropical without the kids.  But then we decided to wait and do that next spring instead so that we can go with a few friends.  But we still want to celebrate our first ten years, so we couldn’t think of anything better than to spend some time with our favorite people in the world at the happiest place in the world.  DISNEYLAND!!!
I came up with this idea several months ago and Neil said that it would be fine.  I was surprised to hear this because he isn’t much of a Disney kind of guy, more like a Six Flags guy.  So I was super stoked because I LOVE LOVE all things Disney, especially Disneyland!!  So for the past few months I have been setting the girls up for this awesome news.  I got an app on the ipad that is all about Disneyland, and it quickly became one of their favorite apps.  It lets you explore the magic a little and it sparked their interest a lot, so we would have lots of conversations about Disneyland and I would tell them all about how amazing it is.  They would occasionally ask me if we would ever get to go there and I would always tell them that it is just soo far away and sooo expensive.  So they would just shrug their shoulders and continue to dream and wonder about it.  I also have been showing them some Disney movies that they haven’t seen before and then telling them how there are rides at Disneyland about these movies and such.  Peter pan, for example.  And THEN, a Disney Vacation Planning DVD “magically” showed up in our mailbox.  We watched it together and it REALLY got them excited about this place that they figured they would never go.  I even heard Julia say, “If I ever went there I would be like…’I can’t  believe I’m heeeeerreee!!!'”  And just a few weeks ago when we were watching all the cousins for date night, I overheard Julia telling Nash, “Have you ever heard of Disneyland??? It’s like, the funnest place ever.”
But wait, there’s more!  Bethany recently was using the ipad app to make a list of the things that she wants to do at Disneyland.  I asked her why she was doing that and she honestly was just doing it for fun.  She would ask me questions about Disney while she was making her list and I would just giggle inside because she had NO IDEA!!

She kind of crinkled it up, but this is what the list looks like:

So last Monday night right before bed, we sat the girls down on the couch and told them that we have some news to share with them.  We told them about how Neil and I  were going to go to Hawaii or something but then changed our minds, we decided to go somewhere else with the whole family….DISNEYLAND!!!  Here are their faces after we told them!

Bethany-*GASP* REALLY????
Julia-*SQUEEEEEEALLLLL!!!*kicking and screaming*

I wasn’t expecting so much movement, hence the blurs.
*Jumping up and down and screaming*

It was so sweet.  Bethany had tears in her eyes!  Luke didn’t care.  He’s getting really good at balancing though!

We are going in September and we are flying!  Already got our airline tickets and condo and everything.  I am SO EXCITED!!  Maybe even more excited than the kids!




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