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Published by Sara on 28 Jun 2012


Free from training wheels!  Last week, I noticed that Julia’s training wheels were a little bent, and half of the time when she was riding her bike the training wheels were not even touching the ground.  So when daddy got home from work we took them off and she was able to balance and ride on the first try!

Good job Julibean!!!

Published by Sara on 27 Jun 2012

Little Helper

Why are babies always attracted to the dishwasher??



Published by Sara on 26 Jun 2012

Luke turns ONE!

Our sweet little boy turned one on Saturday!  We celebrated by having a pizza party and cake and ice cream with all of our family.

We ate EIGHT large pizzas.  That’s a lot of pizza!

I made him his birthday shirt.

Opening Presents!  A ball can put a smile on this kids face instantly.

He got lots of great things that he has really been enjoying!

Uncle Kiki took some time to ride the airplane with the kids.

Time for cake!  I made him a ball-themed cake.  When he looked at it for the first time he got all excited and said “BALLLLL!”

He got his own cupcake.

It was so funny watching him with that cake.  I got it on video and tried to put it on here but youtube was really taking forever to upload and I am impatient.  When we put the cake in front of him he smiled and said “mmmmmm!” but he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to touch it.  So he just repeatedly tapped it and laughed until he finally grabbed a piece and ate it.  He took little bites at first and said “mmmmm” after almost every bite, and then he got serious and started cramming cake in his face.  It was so funny.

He really really loved the cake.

After almost everybody went home, he fell down and busted his lip open.  Coy brought him to me crying with a bloody mouth.  He calmed down after a few minutes.  It was a pretty big cut.

I don’t usually worry too much about cuts and bruises, but this one was pretty gaping and it looked like it needed stitches.  We were not sure what to do.  We went back and forth for an hour about whether or not we should take him in for stitches.  So I took him to my mom’s to see if she thought it needed stitches and she wasn’t sure either, so we decided to be on the safe side and take him in.  Of course it was about 9pm by now so the only place we could go was the ER which I wasn’t thrilled about, but better safe than sorry.  I didn’t want him to have a giant scar on his face for the rest of his life.  But the doctor at the ER said it was going to scar anyway due to the placement of the cut whether we stitched it or not.  So we opted to not put him through the torture and went home.  He will have a scar, we’ll just call it his birthday scar.  🙂

We love you baby boy!  Happy birthday!!



Published by Sara on 25 Jun 2012


On Wednesday we went out to Emmett to hang out with Grandad and Cam and pick cherries out of one of the local orchards.  The cherries were plentiful!

I think the idea is to get the cherries into your mouth and not on your face, but whatever!

After we got all of the cherries we wanted, we went out for ice cream and then went to the park.  We had such a fun day, thanks Grandad!!




Published by Sara on 10 Jun 2012

Bob Lebow

More like Bob LeBRRRRRR!  We woke up on the morning of the Bob Lebow bike ride to very cold temperatures, wind, and rain.  Worst weather ever for an outdoor event.  The girls were whiny about the weather and didn’t want to go but we bundled up and left anyway.  We can handle three measly miles in the cold and rain.  And it wasn’t really that bad.  A few miles of freezing rain in the face is all…puts hair on your chest right?  Something like that.

Neil pulled Luke and Julia in the trailer.  Luke loves to ride in the trailer.  I gave him a graham cracker to keep him occupied while we made the 30 minute little ride, but he didn’t even end up eating it because he was too busy looking out the window and enjoying himself.  I even heard him singing a few times while riding along.  They were completely protected from the weather.

Bethany, all ready to go.  She really did a great job and was way ahead of us most of the time.  It was a breeze for her and she didn’t complain about being cold at all.

Our ride was really pretty.  Along a little creek the whole way.

There was an aid station at .75 miles with beautifully decorated cookies.  Seriously!

And then there was a big BBQ at the end that we enjoyed with Zach and Rochelle and the twins, and then Vince and Randi and Keith showed up too.  They did way more miles than we did though.

I am more than certain that we ate more calories than we burned.  Here is our littlest Bob Lebow participant all bundled up and adorable.

It was pretty fun despite the weather.  Thanks Clint and team Simplot for hooking us up.



Published by Sara on 05 Jun 2012


Well this puts a damper on our summer BBQ-ing, we just lost 2/3 of our biggest, most beautiful shade tree.  Boo hoo!

Published by Sara on 05 Jun 2012


Sometime last year, my mom and I saw this cool airplane teeter-totter while surfing around on  I thought that it looked like the coolest thing ever but didn’t think much more about it.

So as summer approached, I thought of how boring our backyard is.  We would like to have more BBQ’s and things like that, but there just isn’t anything for kids to do back there.  So then the airplane came back to my mind.  It’s smaller than a play structure (we have NO room for a play structure), it can be moved around the yard, it holds up to 7 kids and 600 pounds.  Oh, but the colors are hideous!  I don’t like the bright primary colors at all.
So the other day, my mom was at Costco and said that they were selling the airplanes there and I knew it was meant to be.  So we packed up the fam and headed down to Costco.  To my surprise when we got there, it was the green and brown one and not the ugly bright one!  Score!!

It came in about 50 million different pieces and took Neil and I a few hours to assemble.  This picture was about halfway through assembly.

We love it! We are so glad we decided to go ahead with the purchase.  The kids really enjoy it and Neil and I can even use it.  Heck, the whole family can use it at once!  You can put two kids on each big wing, two in the middle, and three on the tail.

Come on over and play!


Published by Sara on 04 Jun 2012

First Day of Summer!

It was nice and hot on the first official day of summer vacation so we got the pool out.

We are looking forward to many hours of fun outside in the water this summer!

Also, this was a day of tooth milestones for two Adams kids.  Luke was in a terrible mood and wasn’t feeling well at all.  So we looked in his mouth and there it was, his first tooth (finally)!!

We got him to open his mouth for these pictures by singing.  He is singing along.

Later in the evening, Neil put the kids to bed and then I went outside.  I was really surprised when Bethany came busting out the door with a big toothless grin on her face.  She had Neil help her yank out her top tooth that was loose!

I just wish the other top tooth would come out too so that we can get through the awkward “gaping hole in your face” look.  The tooth fairy brought her a 1 dollar gold coin and three quarters. 🙂




Published by Sara on 02 Jun 2012

Last Day of 1st Grade

We are certainly happy to have such a great little girl.  About a week ago we got a letter saying that Bethany had earned an award and she would get a certificate and be honored in front of the whole school.  We went to the award ceremony on the last day of school to see her get her award and to cheer for her.  She won the “Flying Falcon” award.  One student from each class was chosen as someone who tries extra hard to do things correctly and goes above and beyond when it comes to learning.  So proud of her!!
We didn’t get a very good spot to sit, that gym was jam packed with people.  The whole school was in there, plus the parents of all the award winners.  Here is our view from where we were sitting:

They sang some songs and did lots of different types of awards for the different auxiliaries, and for the kids who had perfect attendance.  Then it was time for the academic type awards.  Here is Bethany heading up to the front after they called her name.  Can you tell she is embarrassed?!  And I LOVE the happy/proud look on her teacher’s face.

Acting all embarrassed after all the clapping was over:

We had to leave the assembly right after this picture because Luke was fussy and noisy.  I just can’t say enough how blessed I am to be Bethany’s mama.  Love her!
So after Luke’s nap we came back to the school and had Lunch with Bethany one last time.
Then we left and came back to pick her up from school at the end of the day.  I wanted to just drop into the classroom right before the kids were let out to give Mrs. Flint a little gift and to say thank you for being such an amazing teacher.  I was seriously sad.  And it didn’t help at all that most of the girls (and some boys) in the classroom were crying as they were saying goodbye.  Then Mrs. Flint started to cry and I was getting teary.  She taught my daughter how to read.  She taught my daughter to love school and learning.  She played a huge part in my daughters life for the past 9 months.  Mrs. Flint will not be at Parkridge next year and this makes us all very sad.  She is such a great person and we will miss her terribly.
Bethany and Mrs. Flint:

Goodbye first grade!




Published by Sara on 01 Jun 2012


The school district has an AR (accelerated readers) program where you read books and then take tests about what you read.  Each child in the school has a goal to meet by the end of the year, and if you meet the goal then you get to attend the AR BBQ.  They give the kids hot dogs and chips for lunch, and they also have cotton candy, sno cones, and a bouncy house.  We are so happy that she met her goal!  She actually got really behind on her AR points because she was wanting to read chapter books instead of the approved AR testing books.  She really stepped it up the last few months of school and caught up and surpassed her goal.  We are so proud of her!
We all came down to party at the BBQ with her.

Julia had a school hot lunch.

Luke spotted the balls that were on the other side of the gym and took off for them.

He is obsessed I tell you.

This is what happens when the little boy has to put the balls away because it’s time to go:

It was nice of Bethany to share her cotton candy with Julia.  BFF’s:

And not only did Bethany meet her AR goal, she was rewarded with a ticket to Roaring Springs for getting high scores on her AR tests.  She is amazing!  This is not the only thing she has done this year that has made us proud…more on that later.  🙂