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Published by Sara on 31 May 2012


For the past few months, Julia has been going to the Playschool at Columbia High school.  The high school teens need some kids every year to play with for their child development classes.  She had such a fun time.  It was one day a week for 2.5 hours.  Each week they would have a different theme (dinosaurs, bugs, camping, emotions, and baking were a few that I can remember).  Hopefully I can get her in again next year since she still can’t go to kindergarten till fall of 2013.

Published by Sara on 30 May 2012

11 Months

Our little boy is 11 months old now.  We love him to pieces.  I just wanted to document a few things about him at this age.

*He is cruising all over the place.  He will probably be walking around his 1st birthday.
*He has a blankie that he LOVES.  He gets so excited when he sees it and he calls it “dit-ty”.

Here he is watching a Baby Einstein (another thing he loves) with his blankie.

He is a tad more mischievous than the girls were.  For a while he was always getting into the plant in the kitchen and trying to eat rocks.  But then he got bored with the plant when he discovered the toilets.  If the girls forgot to put the lid down in the bathroom he would go in there and splash around and have a good ol’ time.  He hasn’t done it very much lately though so I hope he’s over it.  His new favorite thing to do is mess with the stereo stuff.  He likes to pull the jump drive out of the Ps3 (which immediately stops his movie).
See?  Caught him red-handed!

He knows he isn’t supposed to, so he looks around to see if I am watching and if I am, he just smiles at me all adorable like so:

He is cute even when he’s naughty.

*He is really easy to put to sleep now.  I just nurse him and give him his blankie and put him in his crib awake and he goes to sleep.  Easy!  I love that.
*He hates having his diaper changed.  He wants to roll over and so it is very hard to get a clean diaper on this kid.
*He also LOVES balls.  He is obsessed.  He also really loves pushing cars around on the floor.  He pushes and giggles at the same time.
*He loves the dust buster and the vacuum.  If I get the dust buster out he comes crawling over as fast as he can and tries to take it from me.

*He loves to SING!  If you know Neil very well, then you know that he will just belt out whatever song he has in his head.  Luke loves this and tries to sing along.  He also gets really quiet and listens intently during the hymns at church.
*He loves his bath!

He also loves to take that cup he is holding and dump it over the side when it’s full of water.

That’s our little boy in a nutshell!!


Published by Sara on 07 May 2012


Saturday we took a trip out to the Bruneau sand dunes with Keith, Carmen (a very pregnant Carmen!), the Hibbs, and Karin.  I haven’t been there since I was a little kid and it is still just as fun!

Climbing up.  I was so winded when I got to the top it was ridiculous.

Luke was quite worried at first, but after a good 10-15 minutes he was having fun and crawling around.

Digging a big hole…

…to put Karin into.

The funnest thing to do is climb to the top and then run down.  Neil and Beth are racing.

Wheeee!  But wait, Bethany is losing control!

Uh oh.

Oh boy.

Oh dear.

Is that funny or what?! When I saw these pictures I was laughing my head off.  She was not hurt so it’s all good.

Thanks guys for a fun time!  We will definitely be coming back here more often.


Published by Sara on 06 May 2012

Monster Truck

I made this truck cake this week for my little buddy Jace.  The truck is rice krispy treat and modeling chocolate.  The mud is chocolate ganache.  I tried a new fondant recipe on this cake and it SUCKED!  Total P.I.T.A!  I found a tutorial on how to make this cake online so don’t give me any credit for the design on this one.  I can copy almost anything, but am useless when I have to come up with my own ideas.
For example:

This one I did a few weeks ago.  All I had to go off of was “orange and pink”.  So this cake took twice as long as the truck one because I had to come up with my own design which is the hardest part for me.   It was pretty tasty though!  My favorite chocolate cake recipe with Oreo cream filling.