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Published by Sara on 24 Apr 2012

Willow Creek

We heard the weather was going to be really nice over the weekend so we decided to go camping.  I have never in my life been camping in April, it just seems way too early in the season and I figured it would be too cold, but sure enough it was as hot as a summer weekend.  We also convinced Shane and April and their kids to come along which was awesome.

Within minutes of getting the camper up, the girls were in their swimsuits in the water and the Dittrich kids were soaked in their clothes.

I put Luke in the pack n play so that I could start dinner.  He learned how to stand up last week and now it’s his favorite thing to do.  He is constantly on his feet now.

Neil decided that I was being mean by keeping him contained, so he put him on the ground which led to massive amounts of dirt eating!

Yucky.  The girls caught a frog and tortured it until we told them to let it go.  Also yucky.

Oh hey.  I’m just in a stream eating some bread.  No biggie.

One great thing about camping in the spring-there are NO mosquitoes!!  Not a single one!  We were able to sit by the fire late into the night in our t-shirts and shorts and not worry about being eaten alive.

Luke is still teething that darn first tooth (it has been a month!).  I can feel just a tiny bit of it poking through.  So he hasn’t been sleeping well lately.  He woke up at about midnight and cried for what seemed like forever and would not go back to sleep!  That was a highlight of the trip.  Fun stuff.

The next day we woke up and played some more.  This place was a favorite for the kids because they could splash around.

We went for a hike.  It was a gorgeous day, I couldn’t believe it.


I completely spaced putting sunscreen on, so the three blondes in my family got burned.  I got my first farmer burn, Julia was toasted all over because she was in her swimsuit the whole time, and even the baby’s chubby arms were red.  I felt totally awful! Neil and Beth were safe because they have that nice skin that doesn’t burn.  And of course you don’t realize you are getting a sunburn until it is too late and it starts hurting.  Julia kept saying, “my skin hurts!!  I need sunscreen” but of course by then it was too late.  Oops.







Published by Sara on 24 Apr 2012

72 Hour Kits

It was quite the operation, but we did it.  5 complete 72 hour kits, ready to go!  I got the backpacks over a year ago for 5 bucks, and after getting lots of tips online I finally decided to tackle this project over conference weekend.

Each kit contains:
Food for 3 days
2 bottled waters, plus a Seychelle water bottle.
Change of clothes
Toiletries appropriate for age
Emergency supplies (flashlights, ponchos, emergency blankets, etc.)
The kids each have a bag of toys/games
First aid supplies
Emergency contact info
Pictures of the family

They are pretty heavy, but the little girls are tough.

Now there better be some sort of major evacuation so I can get some use out of these things!

Published by Sara on 10 Apr 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

The Easter fun began on Saturday morning with our annual ward breakfast and egg hunt.  I was happy to have my brother and sister and their kids with me!

Keaton mostly wanted to walk in the sand, he thought he was at the beach.  🙂

Then in the afternoon we went to Keith and Carmen’s baby shower.  I brought the elephant-y cake and cupcakes.

Buntings on the top of cakes is trendy right now.  I thought it looked good at first but the more I look at it the more I think it looks like weird TV antennae.  Incorrect placement maybe.  It looked pretty cute all put together with the cupcakes though.  It was a great shower Keith and Carmen!  Loved it.

After that it was off to Grandma’s for an Easter party/birthday party for Richy.  Here are the kids waiting for the egg hunt to start!

Luke with auntie Deanna.

Luke didn’t hunt many eggs but he did find a ball!  He played with it in the grass for the longest time.  Those eyebrows crack me up!

Keaton has the prettiest eyes.

The next morning was Easter Sunday.  The girls searched for hidden eggs in the living room and a few of them had clues leading to their baskets.  They finally found them behind the office couch.

Little Lukie got one too!

After church, Bethany lost tooth number 3!  She let Neil pull it out.  It was just hanging by a thread.  Eww.

After that we headed to Emmett for dinner and an egg hunt/Karin’s birthday party.  I had 36 eggs filled with toys all ready to bring to this shin-dig and forgot them at home.  Ididottt!!!  At Christmas we forget presents, and at Easter we forget eggs.  Sorry everyone.  It worked out alright though.  Here are all the bigger kids getting ready to gather eggs.

Neil “hid” eggs in the trees where the kids couldn’t even reach…haha.  Here is Bethany trying to jump at one.

The kids were exhausted from such a fun, long weekend.  We wanted to get in a visit to Papa Shadd’s as well but Luke had had enough of this Easter stuff.  🙂  We’ll see you soon dad.

Happy Easter to all!!!!!












Published by Sara on 09 Apr 2012

Coloring Eggs 2012

It’s an Easter FHE tradition!

Junior got bored and wanted down.  He looks like a pasty white bald guy against that dark floor.