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Published by Sara on 22 Mar 2012


I knew that Luke’s hair was getting long and needed a little trim.  What I didn’t know is that Neil would take care of it while I wasn’t home.  Except he didn’t just trim it, he buzzed it all off.  Now my baby is bald!  And I didn’t even get to take a picture of his little blonde curls before they went into the trash.  They were quite shaggy I know, but now he looks like Bruce Willis.

Oh well.  It’ll grow back.

I also wanted to document his first word.  He has been saying uh-oh for a few weeks now and it is so cute.  One of his favorite games to play is the “throwing things on the floor and saying uh-oh game”.  (The videos are pre-haircut)

Another one of his favorite things to do is to scream repeatedly at the top of his lungs.  It is so loud.

He sounds like a monkey.  He will do it over and over and over!


Published by Sara on 18 Mar 2012


Since Bethany has a summer birthday we decided that St. Patrick’s day would be a pretty good time to celebrate her birthday at school.  She kept calling it her “pretend birthday”.  Having it around St. Patty’s day would mean that we could do some cute cupcakes to go along with the holiday or whatever kind of day it is (Irish celebrating day? Leprechaun day? I don’t know).  Anyhoo, here are the cupcakes we made.  The shamrocks are chocolate.

Along with having cupcakes at school, Neil and Julia went and had lunch with her for her pretend birthday.   Neil got the girls some Happy Meals and then played with them on the playground at recess.  Don’t ask me who is taking this picture.  Some random kid probably!

Neil said that he had swarms of children following him everywhere just like last time.  He had to beat them all in a game of tetherball just to show them who’s boss I guess.

After recess they went to the classroom and Bethany chose a friend to help her pass out cupcakes.

It was, like, the best day ever.-Bethany

The following day was actual St. Patrick’s day.  We wanted to try and catch a Leprechaun this year and Bethany was obsessed with the idea.  She built this whole trap setup that consisted of a big jar with some paper over the top.  We were going to lure the leprechaun up  so that he stood on top of the paper and then fell into the jar.  She rounded up a bunch of jewelry and green things as bait.  Apparently leprechauns get feisty when you try to capture them because he made messes all over the house after our trap was unsuccessful.  Bethany wrote a note that said “Dear Leprechaun, what is your name?  I am nice here is some gold.”  haha.  The leprechaun wrote “NICE TRY” on the paper and then scribbled on some nearby things with the marker (and then left the lid off the marker!)

Then he turned our kitchen chairs backwards and flipped our barstools.

And left some footprints.

He also colored the toilet water green and turned the milk green.  But then the girls wouldn’t drink the milk because they thought the leprechaun made the milk green by using the green toilet water.  Ha!







Published by Sara on 12 Mar 2012


I wanted to post this funny story because I almost died laughing.  Don’t get too excited though because it’s probably one of those “guess you had to be there” type of things.

Bethany came home from school and was telling me about her day.

Beth:  There is this boy in our class who toots all day and stinks up our classroom.  It smells like a skunk.  He has skunk ass.
Me:  He has WHAT?
Beth:  You know…gas, he has skunk gas.

Ohhhh, skunk GAS.  Then I proceeded to laugh till I cried and she had no idea why that was so funny.  Seriously…say “skunk gas” out loud and see what it sounds like!


Published by Sara on 06 Mar 2012


Apparently this was news to Bethany.  Luke is crawling!

He also had a well baby visit today.  He has been sick lately and it turns out that he has a double ear infection and is also teething his bottom two teeth (finally).  So he hasn’t been a happy camper lately.  Plus he had to get shots.  It’s not a good day for little Lucas.

Here are his stats:

Weight:  21.59 pounds-85%
Height:  29 inches-86%

He is slowing down on the “chunk” scale and slimming down a little due to his more active lifestyle.  Even though he just learned how to crawl yesterday, he has been “power rolling” all over the place and burning some serious baby fat.  I’m sure he will lose lots more weight now that he is crawling.