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Published by Sara on 28 Feb 2012


We got ourselves into some trouble at Costco this weekend when we stopped to watch the Vitamix blender lady do her thing.  We got sucked in and stood there for probably 30 minutes and had 4-5 different concoctions that she made.  Anyway, we ended up buying one!  We were excited to bring it home and try it.  I love smoothies!

So this is just some random stuff that we had.  Some fruit juice concentrate, frozen grapes, strawberries (you don’t even have to take the green part off!) a banana, a whole apple (I told Neil to cut the apple in half at least but he threw the thing in there completely whole) and a load of ice.


Delicious.  Smoothies are so good for you so this really is going to be a great thing to have.  Jamba Juice will not be getting any more of my money.

I have also made baby food, soup, playdough, many smoothies, and ice cream and we’ve only had it for 4 days.

Even Lucas approves!

You can tell we are boring people when we get excited over a kitchen appliance.


Published by Sara on 25 Feb 2012

Thunder Buns

Our little guy is 8 months old already!  He has a lot of different nicknames (Junior Dos, JD, JR, Lukie) and also Thunder Buns because he is packing around some serious thunder!  Look at that fat thigh.

I just love his chubby carcass.

8 month milestones:  He is trying wanting to crawl but just can’t figure out how to get those knees to work for him.  He rolls and rolls all over though.  When he gets somewhere he likes he will sit up and play for a while, then go back to rolling.  He eats really well and likes most fruits and veggies.  Doesn’t like applesauce or pears though.  Loves to feed himself crackers and those Mum Mum crispy cracker things.  Just recently started using his pincer grasp to pick up little pieces of food.  Loves watching Baby Einstein movies and will sit completely still in the bouncer while watching.

And just for fun- buns from left to right; Bethany 4 months, Julia 4 months, Luke 8 months.


Published by Sara on 21 Feb 2012


Julia has finally gotten to the point where she is used to having Luke around and they play together pretty well.  She used to smother the heck out of him and he would cringe when he saw her coming near him.  It was a really annoying phase.

She likes to play with him in his crib when he wakes up from his naps, and he likes it too.  Julia brought her blankets this time and they played in there for quite a while.

Published by Sara on 06 Feb 2012

Catching up, Again

Lately we haven’t been doing anything exciting…same old, same old.  The only difference is that we are adjusting somewhat to Neil’s new calling in the bishopric.  So far it has been great, he is gone a little bit more during the week and Sundays are hard on my back and feet (a 21 pound baby + high heels = no bueno!!) but we are feeling the blessings from it so it’s all good!

I was clearing off the table the other day and came across this letter that Bethany wrote to Kevin.  It is a little hard to decipher so I thought I would just put it here.  He checks the family blogs so he’ll still see it.

It says:  Dear Kevin, I really miss you.  We have been growing.  Love, Beth.  We really do miss you Kevin and think about you every day!!

Luke is definitely growing!  He is rolling all over and wants to crawl but can only manage to stay on his hands and knees for a few seconds before falling on his tummy.  He also likes to make this fake coughing noise all the time that is so cute…it gets even louder when he is super excited.

He likes to bounce so he has been enjoying the jumper:

The above picture is actually Bethany.  Just wanted to see if you would notice.  They look a lot alike!!

He has been sleeping SO much better lately.  He used to wake up every 2 hours so he usually ended up in my bed at night.  A few weeks ago I got tired of having him in my bed but he would not sleep in his crib, so I put him in there anyway and just let him cry himself to sleep since there was nothing else I could do.  He has slept like a little angel ever since!  He sometimes wakes up once at night now but usually he sleeps all night and Neil brings him to my bed when he leaves for work in the morning.  I took this picture the other morning just to demonstrate what a bed hog he is!

Also this year we have started a rotating date night with Clint and Krista’s families.  Every Friday someone watches all 9 of the cousins while the other two couples go on a date night.  Last Friday it was our turn to watch all the munchkins.

What is funny is when Laken finds some chapstick and smears it all over her face when you’re not looking.  🙂




Published by Sara on 06 Feb 2012


Neil’s grandpa Adams passed away last month.  He was a great man and will be missed very much.  His funeral was on Wednesday the 18th of January.  This was the ONE day this winter that it snowed, and Julia was outside playing in it before the sun was even completely up.

Bethany went to school for half a day and then we picked her up and headed to Emmett for the funeral.  It was a beautiful service and Grandpa should be proud.  I brought my camera along to take a few pictures but forgot to bring my camera battery (duh blondie!) so I got this picture off of Heidi’s facebook of the pall-bearers at the graveside dedication (all grandsons).

A few things that I want to remember that grandpa always said:  “Why go to bed angry when you can stay up and fight?”  (Which must have been a popular comment from him because it was mentioned several times, even by a speaker at his funeral), and “Never wake up grumpy…just let her sleep in.”  I loved his humor!  Goodbye grandpa, we love you and we will take good care of Grandma. ♥