About a month ago I bought myself a ticket to Portland to visit Becky with some Southwest points that I had.  I left the girls at home with Neil for the weekend and had myself a nice time with my favorite sister.
Here we are leaving the Portland airport and heading to her place.

My little Luke in the backseat.  He slept for the entire flight and just woke up as we were getting off the plane.

Becky and Klayton have a little townhouse/apartment that backs up to a big hill and lots of greenery and WILDLIFE!  Just a few minutes after getting to her place we looked out the door and saw an opossum!  I have never in my life seen a dang opossum but there it was, just eating an orange peel.  It got scared when we tried to take it’s picture but I snapped one right before it got away.

But that’s not all!  They get a nightly visit from these three…

It’s like a zoo back there or something.   Anyhoo, we didn’t have a whole lot planned except for two things,  The first was a visit to IKEA which is the greatest store ever.  I brought an empty suitcase with me in anticipation of filling it with goodies from this very cool store.

Excited to be at IKEA!

Luke got bored in the stroller so I moved him to the wrap and carried him for the next several hours that we were in the store.  He loves the wrap and is always content in it.
This is the part of the store where Keaton always likes to look up at the Big Ass fan on the ceiling.

See…it literally is a Big Ass Fan!  Ha ha.

The babies had a bath when we got home.

Six months apart in age, but the same size jammies.
“Gimme that foot Keaton!”

“Here Luke, you have something in your nose.  I’ll get it.”

The next thing we planned was a trip to the Clackamas mall.  It turned out that I wasn’t in much of a shopping mood so we mostly just checked out the stores and I got the girls a few things and browsed around for a while.  Luke was in the wrap again and he eventually fell asleep in it.

On our way home from the mall we stopped to look at the river.  Becky’s actual town is Oregon City, and I think it is beautiful.  There is gorgeous scenery everywhere; the river, old bridges and buildings, tons of greenery, cobblestone and such.

Later that evening we went to dinner and then spent the rest of the evening watching funny youtube videos and practicing the PartyRock Shuffle. 🙂  The next morning it was time to go home, boo hoo.

I got a window seat this time, which I love!

And I am not kidding I saw my own house from the sky.  I first saw lake Lowell and from there I traced the railroad tracks and spotted my neighborhood. I wished I had my camera in hand at that moment.  Luke was a good boy again on the flight home and flirted with the lady next to us the whole way.  That boy is a charmer.