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Published by Sara on 31 Dec 2011

A Big Day!

I forgot to mention in the Christmas post that the big gift from us for the girls was that they were going to get their ears pierced.  They have been wanting real earrings for a long time, so they were thrilled to find out that it was actually going to happen.  We set a date for Friday to go and have a fun day at the mall.

They were stoked.  The plan was that Bethany would go first because she is the oldest.  In the car ride over she says to Julia, “Julia, do you want to go first?” and Julia said yes.  I could tell at this point that Bethany was scared!  It was quite funny hearing her talk her little sister into going first.

So, we headed to Claire’s to pick out earrings!

What a tough girl!  I could tell that she wanted to cry but she was being strong.  Looks like it hurt to me!

Bethany was up next:

Nicely done.  Two little girls got their ears pierced without even crying.  Next, we took them upstairs to Build a Bear.  They got some money to spend there from Grandma and they had never been there before, so they were excited.  Bethany chose the confetti cupcake bear and Julia wanted Hello Kitty.

And let’s not forget about little Luke!  He was a good boy during all of this fun stuff. (LOVE the outfit Syd.)

Adding the stuffing:

Adding their hearts and heartbeats:

And then we had to wait FOREVER for this little girl to finish “washing” her bear.  Seriously she was taking forever on purpose and I wanted to kick her in her little bratty butt.  (This machine blows all of the fuzzballs off of your bear while you brush it.)

Finally!  Geez! I wanted both my girls to go at the same time so I could get a picture of them both washing their bears together.

And then I went to Bath and Body Works.  The girls rode the escalator 10 or so times probably, that’s cheap entertainment right there!

But wait, we aren’t done having fun!  Next up was ToysRus to spend the gift card money that they got from Neil’s bosses.

It is interesting to watch my girls in a toy store and see how different they are from each other.  Bethany headed straight to the babydolls and ended up getting another version of a Baby Alive.  Julia headed to the dress-up clothes and play makeup stuff.  She ended up with a fairy outfit, a new hobby horse, and some glowing stars for her room.  She really really wanted a makeup kit but I put the kibosh on that one.

We were going to finish off our fun day by going to the O.G. for dinner, but my stomach felt funny and so did Neil’s.  So we opted for some quick Happy Meals for the kids which Bethany threw up on the floor later that night.  Darn you Christmas stomach bug!

“I loved going to Build A Bear and getting my ears pierced and going to ToysRus!” –Bethany

“I love my earrings so much because they are glittery!”–Julia

Published by Sara on 28 Dec 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve this year was at my mom’s.  It was nice to be able to actually spend some time there this year instead of only getting an hour or so on Christmas morning.  We started off the evening with a delicious lasagna dinner and then a holiday sing-a-long!  It is so weird that my mom plays a musical instrument.

Then we got to open some presents which the girls were thrilled about.

They got these cute outfits from Grandma which they wore for the next two days straight.  I kept telling them that they needed to change but “they weren’t dirty!” according to them.

After that, we headed home and tucked the kids in.  When we were sure they were sound asleep, Santa came!  This is what the living room looked like in the morning.

I’m telling you, those houses are great.  Cheap, fun entertainment!  The only problem is that they are huge.  They have been playing with them constantly since Christmas.  Santa also left a nice pile of presents under the tree.



We had to get ready and go to church on Christmas this year, so the girls woke up and saw their cool houses and then opened one present from us (new dresses for church).  They also got to check their stockings.  Here they are in their new dresses.

We finished opening presents when we got home from church.  Here they are with their presents!

And a picture of the cute boy just for fun…

They got all kinds of good stuff!  Definitely their favorites have been the houses, and these bouncy balls.  They have been bouncing all over the house non-stop it seems!

After presents at our house, we headed to Grandad and Fonda’s for a traditional turkey dinner and gifts for the kids.  Right before gift opening, Luke had a blowout in his cute Christmas outfit.  I’m SO glad I remembered to pack an extra onesie!


Thank you Grandad and Fonda!!  Next stop was Grandma and Grandpa’s where…you guessed it, more eating and presents!


Grandma made all of the grandkids capes, which they all were chasing each other around the house in and it was really cute.  I also still feel really badly about forgetting the presents for Oakley, Cannon, and Laken…seriously that will never happen again!  How awful.

We had a great Christmas and hope our loved ones did too.  The girls were very tired when we got home and slept in their houses that night.

Merry Christmas!!!


Published by Sara on 22 Dec 2011

Look at Me!

I rolled over all by myself!

I finally figured it out.  It took me a while but I got it!

Also, my sisters like to push me around in this doll stroller and I like it.

They also thought it would be funny to put me in this box.  It was fun.


I’m a happy little guy and my mom and dad love me to pieces!

Published by Sara on 21 Dec 2011

Our Little Family

These are all of the past Christmas card pictures.  I like to get them out every year and line them up and compare so I thought I’d put them up here too.  We started sending out cards our first Christmas with baby Bethany.










Published by Sara on 19 Dec 2011

Santa Pics

This year the girls were excited to see Santa, but then when it came time to get on his lap they got nervous and said they didn’t want to.  So pretty much they just got on his lap for a picture and then skedaddled.




We had a Mrs. Claus this year too.  Luke was happy for a minute…

But then he got scared and buried his head on her.  Sad but cute.


Thanks to our ward for another great Christmas party!

Published by Sara on 13 Dec 2011


We haven’t had any snow this year.  There is hardly even snow in the mountains, but we managed to do some real sledding less than a mile from our house.  Our friends Shane and April (both engineers) made a snow machine out of a pressure washer, air compressor, and a garden hose.  It makes real snow and it is so cool!  They just start up their snow contraption up and blow it all over the yard.  They are amazing!  They also built this ramp thing to sled down.  So much fun.


I just took a few pictures and put the camera away because it was dang cold.  We then stood by the fire and watched the kids have fun while sipping hot cocoa.  We had a blast.  Thanks Shane and April!  🙂

Published by Sara on 10 Dec 2011

Student of the Week

Last week, Bethany was a student of honor at her school.  This is a little award that they give the kids for good behavior and such.  Julia, Luke, and I got to go have lunch with her at a special table in the lunchroom.  I brought her a happy meal and she got a little certificate from the principal.  Good job Beth!

Published by Sara on 07 Dec 2011

Family Pictures 2011

A lot of you have probably seen these by now, but I wanted to also put up some of the ones that didn’t make it on the Christmas card.  I wish it wasn’t so freezing cold that day so we could have gotten a few more, but poor Krista’s fingers were freezing off and the kids were miserable.  They turned out great though, thank you Krista!