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Published by Sara on 30 Nov 2011

Holiday Decorating

We always bust out the Christmas decor on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  It gets us all in the mood for Christmas!

Santa’s little helper really wasn’t all that helpful but he is so darn cute.

It is safe to say that he is officially sitting up now!




They are saying Ho Ho Ho…that’s why their faces are all screwy.  Shortly after this picture Julia said “stop touching me!!”  and a lovely fight followed.  I love December because you can always threaten your kids that they have to be good if they want any presents..haha.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Published by Sara on 29 Nov 2011

Weekend in the Mountains

We were invited again this year up to Garden Valley to spend some time with our good friends the Andrews at their cabin.  We always love hanging out with Tendra and Carter and their family!  There wasn’t any snow on the ground this year, so we mostly just kicked back and relaxed while the men were out hunting.



Upstairs there is a huge playroom with toys and games, and a “school” setup.  Bethany is pretending to be the teacher.


Mmmmmm.  Hot chocolate and rice krispie treats.

The girls also got to go to the hot springs each night and loved it.  It is always so nice to get away for a weekend.  Thank you Carter and Tendra!!

Published by Sara on 24 Nov 2011

Random Stuff

I must be part bear.  Once it starts getting cold and dark I go into hibernation mode and have a hard time getting things done so the blog is suffering a little.  So here are some things that have been going on.

*Our salt water fish tank is gone.  Things started to die and Neil couldn’t fix it no matter how hard he tried.  Some guy off Craigslist got a screaming deal on it.
*We had our Primary program at church.  The girls both had little parts and it was very cute.  Julia said, “I talk to Heavenly Father when I pray” and Bethany said, “I can be a missionary now by being a good example to my friends.”  They made their parts themselves this year.
*The girls have been enjoying gymnastics this month.
*I have been having physical therapy since early September for posture correction.  If you see me slouching, kindly remind me to knock it off.  My posture is so bad that my shoulder’s don’t even sit in their sockets correctly because they are curved forward so much, hence the 10+ years of shoulder pain.  Ugh.  My shoulder hasn’t hurt for months though so apparently it is working.
*Krista did our family photos a while ago, they turned out great!  They will be revealed as soon as I’m done with some editing.  I’m a little rusty with Photoshop so it’s taking me a while.
*I made a cake for the first time in a long time!  Thank goodness it was pretty simple because I’m a little rusty in that area also!
*I hosted book club at my house last week.  We read “The Glass Castle” and had some good conversation and food.
*My friends and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon last Thursday.  We went to the Outback for dinner first.  The movie was really good!  Probably my favorite of the Twilight movies so far.
*I had to go and get FIVE fillings in my teeth this past weekend.  For the first time in my life, the drill brought tears to my eyes because one cavity wasn’t numb enough.  Makes me shudder just thinking about it!
*Bethany brought home her first report card.  She got all E’s except for one S+ in writing and one S+ in “using time appropriately”.  E=exceeds standards, S=meets standards.
*Julia has been enjoying her preschool co-op!  But mostly she is bored when Bethany is in school, I feel bad for her sometimes.
*Luke is 5 months old today!  He had a well-baby visit yesterday and here are his stats:

Weight:  19.78 pounds…95%
Height:  27.5 inches…97.16%

He is a chunker!  He is also trying really hard to sit up but usually falls over after a few seconds.

Here is a pic of the cake I made.  It’s Captain America’s shield ( I had no idea what Captain America was..I had to google it!)

Whew!  All caught up now.


Published by Sara on 03 Nov 2011

Starting Solids

A liquid diet just isn’t cutting it for this boy anymore.  We gave him his first rice cereal the other day.  He did really well, mostly he was confused at first but then got the hang of it.  Today he had some more and he was a pro.  It was hard for me to get him to focus on eating though because he was busy smiling and acting all adorable.

Published by Sara on 01 Nov 2011

Trick or Treat

We all went out trick-or-treating as a family this year.  The girls put their dresses back on and were so excited!

Run run run!!

Junior and I walked the neighborhood together.  We were out for quite a while and he enjoyed it immensely.

We hit up our street first by ourselves, and then we went to the other side of the neighborhood and met up with a group of friends.  We trick-or-treated that whole side of the subdivision and then we could tell that Julia was starting to get tired.  So we packed up and hit Grandma’s, then we went home to check out the bounty!
Note for next year:  those buckets are too small.  Need buckets twice that size.

Neil was like, “which ones can I have?”

We had so much fun!  At one point Bethany said, “Halloween is like, the best EVER.”  What’s not to love about dressing up and getting free candy?

Happy Halloween!!  Hope everyone had a great one.