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Published by Sara on 30 Oct 2011

Halloween Fun

The Halloween fun for us this year started on Friday.  It was crazy hair day at Bethany’s school.

I went with her to her Halloween party at school where she handed out her cool popcorn gloves.  It was fun to get to be a room mother and see what goes on in her classroom.  They got so many treats and candies!

Then the next day was our ward Trunk or Treat and then the annual Halloween party at Clint and Sydnee’s.  So the kids got all dressed up and ready for some more sugar!
I had a Belle, a Sleeping Beauty, and a little baby spider this year.  This is what they did this time when I asked them to do a princess pose:

Look at the eyelashes on these beauties!

Here’s my little spider.  The girls are trying to hold all of his legs down.

I wasn’t sure what Luke should be for his first Halloween.  Some ideas were; a football player, a hunter in camo, Guy on a Buffalo, or a shark.  I went with the spider because I thought it would be fun if I dressed up like his spider momma.  I did my eyes really dark and painted my hair white and stuck a bunch of spiders in it.  Here’s our little family at the church:

Richy and Frankenstein were there too.

Mom and Jack came to hand out candy also.  Mom gave my baby a sucker even though I didn’t want her to (he didn’t like it anyway)….

…so for that I will post this hilarious but somewhat embarrassing photo!  HA!  🙂

It was double the fun at my trunk!

Trunk or Treat is so great because you can get a bucket full of candy in about 20 minutes.  The kids all got a ton of candy and we are still going to go trick-or-treating tomorrow!

After we were done with that, we headed over to Clint and Sydnee’s for some more partying.  I brought these dirt shots.  They were supposed to have really realistic jello worms on them but I messed up the recipe, but they were still cool looking sans worms.

We played some fun games and had some more treats too.  Thanks for another great party guys!  Neil was happy to be able to show off the giant antlers of the buck that he shot the previous day…

His deer only had one antler and was tiny but he is happy that he at least got something.  Someday he will get a big buck (so he says!).

Published by Sara on 27 Oct 2011


Whoops I forgot about the blog.  Here is what we have been up to since the last entry:

Bethany participated in her school’s jog-a-thon fundraiser.  I went down to cheer her on, she ran her little bum off!

Becky and Keaton were down visiting for a couple of weeks. For some reason I didn’t think to take any pictures.
It was nice having my sister here, especially since I am practically a widow now due to hunting season…Neil is gone all the time!  My brother and Cam came over one weekend and we all had a fun little sleepover at my house after my brother cooked me an amazing spaghetti dinner.  My dad came too and Becky surprised him because he didn’t know she was here.  It was quite funny because I was holding Keaton when my dad walked in and he just assumed it was Luke and didn’t even notice.

Also, Richy has always said that Luke looks like one of the Angry Birds pigs.  So I found this mysterious picture on my camera when I uploaded my pictures that I didn’t take.  Hmmm I wonder who did that?

The girls and I attended a crazy hair thing at church.  I put Julia’s hair up in those curly-buns and this is what her hair looked like in the morning.  She had a nice afro!

Luke is 4 months old now.  He is a happy little dude!


He has just been growing like crazy.  I swear he only fit into 6 month clothes for a couple of weeks and then jumped right up to 9 month sized stuff.
This is his signature smile…mouth wide open.




Just today the girls and I made a whole bunch of these popcorn hands to give out at her class party tomorrow.  Beth picked this idea out herself and did at least half of the work.  Julia also helped, so it didn’t take us long at all to whip up a whole pile.

I could not get them to look at me for a picture.  Sometimes pics are cuter that way.  And yes, that is what Fancy Julia wore today.  You can’t really tell but she has on a dress, fur coat, dangly earrings, and three different hair bows.

And that is what we have been up to, in a nutshell.  🙂


Published by Sara on 12 Oct 2011

Oregon Vacation, Part 2

Day 3

We woke up, got ready and headed down to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  It was rainy that day so it was great that we had an indoor adventure planned.

Luke started out in the stroller but got bored with that pretty quickly.

He liked the front carrier much better, and ended up falling asleep like this with the strap in his mouth.

These undersea tunnels were really cool.

After we toured the aquarium, we ate a delicious lunch at Taco Bell and then headed back to the house.  It was cold and rainy still so we got in the hot tub and it was fantastic.


I just have to add that Luke was such a good boy on this trip!

Later that day I went shopping at the outlet mall with Sydnee and Krista, and then we gave all the kids “sleeping vitamins” and sent them to bed.  😉  Then all the adults played Mad Uno and I sucked it up big time.  I can’t think fast enough for that game.

Day 4

Neil, Coy, Vince and Krista all got up early and headed into Depoe bay to load up on a boat and do some deep-sea fishing.  The rest of us stayed home and gave the kids ipads so that they wouldn’t bother us :).  5 kids and 4 ipads:

Two more kids on one of those awesome chairs that I mentioned before:

The weather was gorgeous.  Some of the kids eventually went down to the beach with Clint, Vince, and Randi.

When the kids were done at he beach they wanted to get in the hot tub but they were covered in sand.  So I sprayed them down with the garden hose and they jumped in!

The fishermen finally arrived back at the house in the afternoon.  They all had a really fun adventure and surprisingly none of them barfed.  Krista was able to get some great pics of the trip for us.


Neil also dropped a crab pot and got to help pull it out of the water.

He ended up with seven Dungeness to take home.

They were eaten within hours of being caught, you can’t get fresher seafood than that!

While we were eating crab and mac-n-cheese for lunch the men filled us in on all of their fishing stories.  Coy caught a monster that ate all of his line and then got away.  Neil caught a rare bright orange fish that he had to release.  They saw a sea lion and lots of jellyfish.  One man on the boat caught a 40 pounder and it was speculated that this was also Coy’s fish that got away.  They had excitement in their voices as they told their tales.  I am glad that they had a fun time.

After lunch we went back down to the beach some more because the weather was just beautiful.


Julia got over her fear of the sea and eventually was starting to scare me because she was fearless in the waves.  She settled down after playing in the water for a bit and both the girls had some fun in the sand.

Vince helped construct a mermaid tail for Bethany.


We had so much fun.  I was sad to go home and I want to go back already.  Until we meet again, big blue!



Published by Sara on 11 Oct 2011

Oregon Vacation, Part 1

We left at around 4pm on Tuesday for our Oregon vacation.  We arrived at Becky’s house at about 11pm.  The drive was dark and rainy and a little scary when the driver is a speed-demon, but luckily there were no casualties.  The kids were so good in the car, even the baby who hates car rides.  I was impressed.

Day 1

Our original plan was to go to the Portland zoo, but it was raining.  We decided to do some shopping instead.  We went to Ikea, where I died and went to heaven!  Absolutely without a doubt the coolest store in the world.  After Ikea, we lunched at a little pizza place and then went to Voodoo Doughnut.  This is their classic voodoo doll doughnut, filled with raspberry jelly.

A few words about downtown Portland:  FREAK-SHOW!  Now I know why their city motto is “Keep Portland weird”.  Because it is weird, and scary.

Back at Becky’s house.  This is the cutest felt sandwich kit from Ikea.

We had dinner at Izzy’s that night, and then Becky and I snuck off to the Clackamas mall.  The Clackamas mall is huge and has awesome stores.  We only had time for one store though because they were closing in an hour.  It was so nice to get to spend time with Becky and her family!  Especially this little wiggly guy who is now 9 months old.

Keaton is about as tall as Luke is, but he can walk better than I can.  I’m better at drooling though.


Day 2

The next day we left Becky’s and headed to Tillamook to meet up with the rest of the gang.  We toured the cheese factory and had some very delicious ice cream.
I didn’t want to lug my camera in, so here is a pic from the parking lot.  😉

Then we drove to the coast and found our house!  Oh man.  Our house was awesome.   Not only was it gorgeous, but it was the perfect size.  And it was beachfront!  I could go on and on about this house.  This is the room we got…the master!  We all drew numbers for the different bedrooms, but we ended up with this one thanks to a sweet angel that gifted it to us. {wink Krista!}  The bed was l.u.x.u.r.i.o.u.s.  I could tell that the sheets were very expensive.  Notice the ocean right outside the windows:


Here is the house from the beach:

A couple of more things about the house.  There were these two fluffy, cozy, perfect rocking chairs right in front of the window in the middle.  They were just right for Syd and I who were nursing small babies.  I would just sit in one of those chairs and stare out at the sea.  So relaxing!  Also, each of the children’s bedrooms had hideouts for them to play in, they LOVED it.

Once we got all settled in, we headed out back to the ocean!

I had to scoop Julia up really quickly to keep a sneaker wave from knocking her over, so she was freaked out by the ocean for the rest of the day.


Even little Luke came out and enjoyed the ocean from the Bumbo.


The ocean is so therapeutic.  The sight, the sound, the smell.  We were so happy to be there.

We ate dinner at a local seafood restaurant (Mo’s).  I wanted some local seafood so I ordered some very delicious clam chowder with local bay shrimp on top.  I also had one deep-fried Oregon oyster just for fun.  The kids ate every single bite of their grilled cheese and fries because all they had to eat that day was doughnuts and ice cream.  🙂  Aaahh, vacation.