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Published by Sara on 25 Sep 2011

Three Months

Our little/big baby Luke is three months old!  He is spoiled rotten.  We can’t get enough of him!  He is very vocal and likes to talk and sing and make all sorts of cute noises.  He loves his hands.  He is always sticking them in his mouth, and he just recently figured out how to grab stuff.  He gets millions of kisses on a daily basis, he is so cute.








Yes there is a big gap here…don’t know what’s up with that.

Look at those juicy thighs!



Published by Sara on 23 Sep 2011

Always tell the Truth

Neil had the day off today so he made plans with Bethany to have lunch and recess with her at school.  It was an exciting day for Bethany.  Apparently having your dad come have lunch and play with you at school is the coolest.  All of the kids on the playground were swarming around him and wanted to play.  He was calling himself a “local celebrity” when he told me about his antics on the playground.
When Bethany got home from school, I noticed that she had a mysterious looking mark on the inside of her arm.  I asked her what it was and she said she didn’t know.  I was going to question her further but I had to head out the door to an appointment.

While I was gone, Neil asked her about the mark/bruise/thingy.  She said “I don’t want to talk about it.”  Okaaaaayyyy…that’s a little fishy.  He finally got her to tell him what the deal was with her arm.  Literally two minutes after confessing about the mark, a brown sedan and a police car show up at the house.   An officer and a lady approach the house and ask Neil if he is Bethany’s dad.  Neil’s first thought when he saw these scary people was, “which one of my neighbors is cooking meth in their garage? but no…they were asking about Bethany’s arm. It was the DARE officer from Beth’s school and CPS!  Yes, child protective services!!  They had a report from someone at school about Bethany’s bruise.  The CPS lady shuffled Bethany off to the side of the house to give her a private interview while the cop talked to Neil.  How embarrassing!!  It does sort of look like finger marks, so I can understand that someone may have thought that we beat her or whatever.  But the truth is that she was gnawing/sucking on her arm while she had her head down waiting to be let out for recess.  She was embarrassed to say that she was chewing on herself so when an adult at school asked her about it she said that she was fighting with her dad!  That little stinker!!  Why I oughtaaaa……

Now Bethany understands that sometimes telling a little lie can have big consequences!  Now not only does Neil have a horrible driving record, he is also not allowed within 100 feet of an elementary school.  Hahaha, just kidding.


Published by Sara on 23 Sep 2011


A group of gals and I started a preschool co-op for our 3 and 4 year olds.  I was first to host/teach, so here is Julia at her very first day of preschool!  We are learning about the letter A, so they are painting some branches on their papers in preparation for some apple stamping.

Ashlyn, Julia, Axel and Jace.

Published by Sara on 11 Sep 2011

Fish and Bikes

The Hibbs invited us to a cool new fishing spot on Saturday and we gladly went along.  We love to fish and this pond was stocked with lots of bluegill.


Bethany baited her first hook all by herself.

We caught quite a few fishies!  The girls caught the minnows with the pink net as shown in the above photo.

Luke was a good boy.  He’ll be fishing soon enough.


Later in the day, we put some training wheels on Bethany’s bike for Julia.  Bethany got a bigger bike from our buddies Kelby and Alyce, and she gave her old bike to little Beans.  This was her first time on a real bike and she LOVES it.  She is out there riding up and down the street every chance she gets now.



Then later in the day we went to Clint and Sydnee’s for a delicious BBQ. What a fun day!

Published by Sara on 08 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday Julia!!

On Sunday we celebrated our little Juliebean’s 4th birthday!  This girl is obsessed with all things girly and pretty, so it didn’t surprise me at all when she said she wanted a Fancy Nancy party.


I did cupcakes and the trendy ruffle cake for her fancy party.  The cake was pretty sloppy so I tried to photograph it creatively so that the ugly parts wouldn’t show.  I thought the cupcakes were pretty though.


We decided to do the party mostly indoors, but food outside (for the kids at least).

Presents!  Julia was easy this year for gifts.  Anything girly or pink or sparkly is a hit with her.  Big sister helped her to read the gift tags.

She got lots of fancy things!

Then we did the pinata…

This time I didn’t reinforce the bag as much as I have in the past.  It worked out perfectly, each kid got to take a swing at it and by the time it got to Josh it was pretty weak.  So he took a few swings and it tore open.

After that, we did cake and ice cream.


Luke spent his time trying to eat Grandma.

It was a great party!  We are so blessed to have our Julia.  She is our little fancy-pants princess and we love her to pieces.   Thank you everyone for making her day so wonderful!



Published by Sara on 07 Sep 2011


Luke was blessed in church on Sunday.  It was a beautiful blessing and of course he looked adorable in his suit.  These pictures really don’t do it justice, I probably should have tucked his shirt in, but it is cute nonetheless.


I made him these tiny black socks too.  You can’t wear white socks with a dark suit, and for some reason they don’t make black baby socks?

What a handsome little boy we have!

Published by Sara on 02 Sep 2011

A Tiny Suit

Neil had two suits that he loved.  He wore them on his mission and then for another 10 years afterwards.  He wore them until they were so worn out that they were beyond repair.  I didn’t like the thought of just getting rid of them since they were so good to him and he liked them so much.  So I took one of them apart and made it into a mini-suit for the baby’s blessing on Sunday.

And I finally found a little white shirt after months of looking.  I tried it on him and it is so cute I could die!  I just love that the same suit that Daddy served his mission in and probably wore to the temple on his wedding day is now being worn for his baby boy’s blessing.  Aww! benserlina