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Published by Sara on 26 Aug 2011


Julia got dressed up in her fanciest things so that I could take her picture for her birthday invitation.  She is having a Fancy Nancy party which suits her perfectly!  I just wanted to share some that I didn’t use on the card because they crack me up.  She is totally a mini-supermodel.

Published by Sara on 23 Aug 2011

First Grade

My baby girl is a first grader!  Last Thursday we went to her school and met her teacher who is SO nice. We saw her classroom and her desk.  Ever since that meeting she has been so excited and was dying to go to school.  She kept asking me how many more days it was until school started.  This is crazy to me because I always got a stomachache just thinking about going back to school.  The first day of first grade was yesterday!

She didn’t even need or want me to walk her to her classroom.  I just drove up to the school and she jumped out and RAN to the door!

Such a huge change.  Last year she cried and wouldn’t let me leave, this year she jumps out of the car almost forgetting to give me a hug and kiss.

She had a great first day of school.  She said, “oh my gosh it was SO FUN”.  We are so proud of her.

Published by Sara on 22 Aug 2011

Ward Campout

Funnest ward campout ever!  This year our ward booked Camp Hy Cliff, (link might not work?) which is a church campsite at the base of the Owyhee Dam.  It is an amazing campground.  There is an awesome kitchen and pavilion, brand new bathrooms and showers, a nice grassy area for tents, and tons more.  But the absolute best thing is the waterslide!  And when I say waterslide, what I really mean is a giant sheet of really thick plastic that is used as a waterslide.  It was freaking awesome.  You can see Julia climbing the stairs to the top.



If you got enough speed, you made quite a splash at the bottom!  This looks like Neil but it is Cory.

The view from the top:

The slide was a busy place!  Most of the kids in the ward were on it the entire time we were there.  They would go down the slide in every position imaginable; backwards, on their knees, on their feet, and in giant trains.


Neil and Mike were helping people get some more speed by sort of sling-shotting them down.

This is when Marco and Oscar noticed that Neil wasn’t wet, so they grabbed him and forced him down the slide.

The ironic part is that he ended up riding on top of Marco the whole way down and didn’t even get wet!


Neil eventually changed into his suit and joined in.  I had to go tend to the baby, so I missed all the crazy stuff the adults were doing, like using Oscar as a surfboard and sending down a four-man pyramid.

Speaking of the baby, he is cute!

Home sweet home:

A sweet gal brought her glitter tattoo kit and gave all the kids (and most adults) the prettiest glitter tattoos.  Bethany chose a mermaid.

Julia is so funny.  After going down the slide a few times, she decided that she needed to go back to the camper so that she could brush her hair and put on some jewelry (prissy pants!).

We had such a good time.  Our ward loves this campground so much that we are trying to book it again for next year.










Published by Sara on 22 Aug 2011


Bethany and Julia had their well child checks last Friday.  They are both very healthy (mostly) and didn’t need any shots (wish I could say the same for the hoo).

Weight:  45.4 pounds-52%
Height:  45.08 inches-52.81%

Weight:  36.2 pounds-64.4%
Height:  40.94 inches-80.75%

We also found out that Bethany had strep throat, which is really strange because she wasn’t even sick.  I looked in her throat and sure enough, it was red.  They did a throat swab, and that was really fun because Bethany refused to open her mouth for the test so I had to hold her down and pry her mouth open.  The test was positive for strep.  I was amazed and counted this as a huge blessing that we caught this sickness before it really even started.  Also, she is getting her 6 year molars.
Luke had to have his shots too, but he is such a big boy that he only cried for a minute and it was like they never happened.  No adverse reactions or anything all day.  I thought for sure that Julia would need some shots, but she is good on those until she starts Kindergarten.

Published by Sara on 14 Aug 2011


So of course I think that my baby boy is the cutest thing in the entire world.  But a lot of his hair has been rubbed off, and lately when I look at him my mind’s eye sees this guy:

Inconceivable!  Nope, totally conceivable actually!


We decided to give him a buzz.  This was also his first time in the Bumbo.


No more hair.  🙁  I’m a little sad to see it go but happy that he doesn’t look like an old man anymore.

Maybe we should have buzzed his shoulders too, look at all that fuzz!


Published by Sara on 13 Aug 2011

7 Weeks Old

I took little Lucas to his pediatrician yesterday for his first well-baby visit since being born.  He is 7 weeks old and here are his stats!

Weight:  14.0 pounds (95.03%)
Height:  24.25 inches (99.15%)

As you can see, we are dealing with a monster child here!  The doctor said he is as healthy as a horse and was impressed that he is already so social with his coo-ing and smiling at everyone.

The onesie says it all:



Published by Sara on 09 Aug 2011

Lake Fork 2011

I am sitting here trying to think of something worthwhile to say about our annual family camping trip, and all I can think about is how bad the skeeters were!  Plus I can’t offer up that much commentary because I was in the camper almost the entire time.  I didn’t mean to be a party pooper, but I didn’t want my baby to be carried away by mosquitoes and I had some really good books to read.  Also, I am way too out of shape to hike. 🙂

Julia-the rock collector.

Luke-the cute baby that loves to be held.

Bethany-the thrill seeker.

Lucas is such a happy baby and loves to talk to me.  This is his happy face.

Grandma found a caterpillar.  Bethany confiscated it and named it Wormy.

Do you see a sleeping baby?

Here is Neil doing some tricks on Keith’s fancy Lefty.  He is pretty good.

Or maybe not?

Everyone went on a hike to Duck Lake this year, where Bethany apparently was running and then fell face first into a small muddy pool of water.  They also found some tadpoles and brought them back to camp.

And the rest of the pictures…


No, my girls do not have a horrible disease.  These are their mosquito bites.  We sprayed them with repellent, but they still came home looking like this.

Next time I guess we will have to spray them more often.  Overall we had a great time, thank you to the Grandparents who put so much work into the trip!  Until next year, skeeters.















Published by Sara on 03 Aug 2011

Average Mo’s

Our stake has had softball tournaments for the last couple of years and Neil has always played in them.  Our ward made it to the final championship game again this year and we all got to go watch.  Their team is called the Average Mo’s (as in Mormons..yes, very clever). 🙂



Go number 15!


Nice shoes Oscar.

The girls were mostly bored and kept asking me when it would be over.

Baby Luke.  I have decided that he is a fatter, boy version of a baby Bethany.  It’s those narrow eyes and pig nose…identical to Beth when she was a baby.

Anyway…sadly our team lost the game by one point.  We will win that championship someday fellas!