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Published by Sara on 31 Jul 2011


What would I do without this girl?  I just wanted to do an entry on how amazing I think Bethany is.  She is so helpful to me.  These are a couple of pictures that I snapped of her while she was cleaning the kitchen (she dust-bustered the floor, loaded the dishwasher, and scrubbed the sink).  I did NOT ask her to do these things!  She does this all the time.  What little kid cleans the house voluntarily??

But wait, there’s more!  She does childcare too!  She always calms the baby when he is fussy and I am unavailable to tend to him.  She really is an excellent helper and I totally trust her with Luke.  They are watching TV in this pic:

But wait, there’s more!  She is also an entrepreneur!  This is funny.  She told me she wanted to sell lemonade outside in the driveway.  I tried really hard to talk her out of it.  I didn’t think anyone would stop for her and I didn’t want her to get disappointed.   And frankly I was embarrassed to have her standing out there selling stuff.  I don’t know.  Anyway, she insisted and persisted about it.  So I agreed to let her sell cans of pop and bottled water.  I also told her that I wasn’t sure she would get much business out there.

Well I was wrong.  Five minutes later she came running in the house with five quarters.  A little while later a friend stopped by and gave her a dollar, and then another neighbor came by and gave her another quarter.  I was astonished and proud at the same time!  I can also tell you that there is nothing funnier than hearing your daughter outside in your driveway yelling, “Bethany’s pop and water stand!! Only a quarter!”

I freaking love this kid.

Published by Sara on 26 Jul 2011

One Month

My big little baby boy is a month old already!  I haven’t taken many pictures of him lately because he is going through his ugly phase with the baby acne, thinning hair, and cradle cap.  He got hit hard with the acne.  It is clearing up a tiny bit now, but it is still pretty bad.  I feel like he has gotten huge over the past four weeks!  His 0-3 month size clothes are getting snug.

Look at that fat belly!


He has been a really good baby and he is so precious to us!


Published by Sara on 22 Jul 2011

Another gross bug blog

Leave it to Neil to find the biggest, ugliest bug in the state of Idaho and bring it home in his lunchbox.  Yes I am totally rolling my eyes right now.

He tried putting this one on Julia but she didn’t like it at all.  She will play with spiders but not beetles I guess?

Look at those pincers.  Gross.  Oh and it also makes a hissing noise when it’s mad.  Double gross.

Published by Sara on 19 Jul 2011

Six Years

Six years ago today, our lives changed forever.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Happy birthday Bethany, WE LOVE YOU!


Published by Sara on 18 Jul 2011

Happy Birthday Bethany!

We celebrated Bethany’s sixth birthday yesterday!  This year the birthday girl requested a Hello Kitty party.

I had a “brilliant” idea to host the party outside, because my house is just so small that it’s hard to even move around in there with all the people.  It was hot.  I had another brilliant idea to have a BBQ instead of just doing pizza like we usually do.  That was quite a bit of work.  It was delicious, but it made me too busy to visit with anyone.  And I got so caught up in serving the food that I forgot important details, like taking the hamburger buns out of the freezer *forehead slap*.



This is her with the little play makeup kit that I made her.  She loves it and that makes me happy.


My dad looked over at the kids watching Beth open her presents and made a funny comment that they all have the same hair color.

The pinata this year was a cereal box, reinforced with a little duct tape.

Just kidding, it was almost completely covered in duct tape…Vince had to cut it open and spill the contents after the kids all got tired of beating it.  🙂

Thank you everyone for making Bethany’s day so awesome.  After everyone left and she was playing with her new toys, she just kept saying how this was the best birthday ever!


Published by Sara on 10 Jul 2011

July 4th

Our Fourth of July was a busy one!  First we went to Emmett and visited with both sets of Great Grandparents.

Grandma and Grandpa Adams:

Granny and Grandpa Brenner:

Climbing trees at the Brenners:

Then we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for some lunch and swimming!

This is funny, Grandma was holding Luke against her shoulder and the blanket got “glued” to his lip.  We had to use warm water to get it off.

Then we headed over to Vicki and Oscars for a BBQ, some water fun, and fireworks (thanks guys! We had a great time):

Water balloon volleyball:

Baby slept a lot, which was nice!

Then we did fireworks in the road.  At this point the girls kept saying over and over that they wanted to go home and go to bed, they were so tired!

Happy Independence day!!!

Published by Sara on 03 Jul 2011

First Bath

Luke hates being cold and naked, so I was thinking he would probably really dislike his first bath.  We got the space heater out to help him be a little more comfortable while he was undressed.  He loves the heater, Neil has it pointed right at him and he is loving it.

He didn’t really care for the bath.  He had a really uncomfortable look on his face the whole time and he cried a little (but not screaming thank goodness).

Why is it so funny when babies make this face?  I love it!

More heater-ing by Daddy…

Couldn’t you just kiss that little face all day?!

Published by Sara on 02 Jul 2011


This is so disturbing to me!  Neil has taught Julia that it is OK to pick up spiders and play with them and let them crawl all over her.  It is NOT OK!!!  It is totally freakish and disgusting and wrong on so many levels!!!

Yep, it’s in her hair!

Seriously!?  I can’t even look at these pictures without totally freaking out (Neil took them).  If I had a spider in my hair;  first I would scream, then I would freak out and do a dance while yelling “GET IT OFF ME!”, then I would probably sit down and cry for a good long while.  This girl thinks it’s cool to have a spider in her hair…SICK AND WRONG!!!!

Published by Sara on 01 Jul 2011

Eh, I Tried

Baby photography is hard.  Especially if your baby hates being naked and you have sucky lighting and little motivation.  Maybe I’ll try again later.  The baby is stinking cute though and I could just eat him up! hudrick.rene