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Published by Sara on 29 Jun 2011

Our First Week

We have been a family of five now for just shy of one week. ¬† I haven’t taken all that many pictures, mostly because I am usually feeding a baby. ūüôā ¬†He wants to eat constantly. ¬†When he is done eating, he wants to eat again. ¬†He’s a big, growing boy! ¬†We have had to supplement with formula a little because he is just so hungry all the time.

Of course the girls love him and want to “help” me with him at all times.

Also this week, Bethany lost another tooth! ¬†She was sent to her room for being completely out of control cranky, and a little while later she came running out with her tooth in her hand and a bloody mouth. ¬†I don’t think she meant to pull it out and it scared her because she was crying and laughing at the same time when she told us she yanked it. ¬†Sorry for the yucky bloody picture.

Overall, this week has been totally joyful! ¬†Luke is just the sweetest thing and I could just cuddle him all day long. ¬†He sleeps really well at night too and that is awesome. ¬†He sleeps in my room in the bouncy seat. ¬†He doesn’t really like being flat on his back and I like having him tipped up a little just in case he throws up or something.

This morning he found his fingers, but I don’t think he will turn out to be a finger sucker. ¬†I just thought it was cute.

Some other noteworthy items of the week:

We were spoiled with so much good food and treats this week! ¬†I can’t emphasize enough about how awesome it was not having to worry about feeding the fam. ¬†THANK YOU!!!
Bethany and Julia were at each other’s throats for most of the week, I don’t know if it is because their schedule got all messed up when the baby came or if it is because they have been staying up too late. ¬†I think they are over it now though, they have been really good today.
My brother took the girls to see Cars 2 and they had a great time with him and Cam.
Neil took them to Settler’s Park on Monday. ¬†They burned up a ton of energy and were completely pooped when they got home.
Neil has been working in Emmett lately, and the other day he stopped at Roe Ann’s and got me a burger as a surprise! ¬†May not seem like a big deal but it is to me! ¬†Best surprise ever.

It was a great first week!


Published by Sara on 24 Jun 2011

Lucas Richard Adams

Our little Luke finally entered the world!

6/23/11, 3:45am
9 pounds 14 ounces
21 inches

I have the whole birth story typed out on the ipad, anyone who wants to read it is welcome.  Here is a condensed version:

6pm on 6/22/11, arrived at hospital for induction.  Got some meds and got hooked up to monitors for a while.
10:30 pm, nothing has happened.  Got another dose of medicine.
12:30am, still nothing.  Doctor came in and broke my water.
12:30-3:40am, intense pain and suffering…haha.
3:40, told Neil to get the nurse asap. Everyone came running in, including the doctor.
3:45am, baby was born!

His blood sugar had to be regulated because of his size, so we weren’t allowed to leave the hospital for at least 12 more hours. ¬†We got home from the hospital at about 4pm and everyone is doing well and happy. ¬†He is such a sweet little boy with a head of soft, almost black hair that is so cute. ¬†He is such a blessing!




Published by Sara on 22 Jun 2011


Today is the day, hooray!!

Mostly completed nursery?  Check!

Just need to hang some shelves, and I have this vinyl decal on order from Alyce:

Fully stocked diaper changing area?  Check!  Portable swing?  Check!

Custom crib bedding made with love by me?  Check!

Completely stocked closet?  Check!

Carseat and hospital bag?  Check!

Big sister that loves babies?  Check!

Now all I need is my little Luke! ¬†The plan is to go in to the hospital (although I’m still going to be treated as a birthing center patient) tonight at 6pm. ¬†I chose the later time of day so that Neil wouldn’t have to miss as much work and also I had hoped that maybe my body would go into labor on it’s own by then. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of being induced, but I guess I will give it a go.



Published by Sara on 18 Jun 2011

Cherry Festival

I have been feeling pretty good for being 40 weeks pregnant, so I packed up the girls along with Grandma, Becky and Keaton and we went to Emmett for some Cherry Festival fun. ¬†We met up with Richy, Cam, Grandad and Fonda and had ourselves a good ol’ time.

Published by Sara on 15 Jun 2011

Fortune Cookies

These were two of the fortunes out of our cookies from our Chinese food lunch yesterday:

Is that funny or what?!


Published by Sara on 14 Jun 2011

Swimmin Pool

The temperature here is still below average, but we wanted to get the girls a swimming pool before it got too hot and all of the cool pools were sold out.  We brought it home yesterday evening and they have been playing in it ever since!

Julia and Bethany:  Prissy Pants and Sassy Pants.

Published by Sara on 13 Jun 2011


Look who came back to Idaho!

Baby Keaton and Becky flew in on my mom’s birthday (Thursday). ¬†Richy and Cam joined us for the weekend and it was so fun having us all together. ¬†We started a fire on Friday night and had marshmallows and cookies and let the kids stay up way too late.

Everyone stayed at my house and crashed on the couches. ¬†Loved it! ¬†We woke up on Saturday and had an enormous breakfast and then went to mom’s for a BBQ later. ¬†It was great fun. ¬†And it is so nice having my sister around to help me get some things done before this baby comes.

At my last appointment (4 days ago) I was showing absolutely zero signs of labor. ¬†The doctor thought for a second that the baby might be breech, so we did an ultrasound which was so nice because she measured his femur, head, and abdomen and the baby is not enormous at all. ¬†He’s a perfectly normal size and he isn’t breech. ¬†He has been measuring large because of the way he is positioned in there. ¬†Phew!

Published by Sara on 04 Jun 2011


If you have known me for quite a while, then you may remember this beloved shirt of mine.

Ah, my white trash shirt that I wore to the Grubby Skip dance on my first date with Neil. ¬†He had a matching one. ¬†As you can see it is completely full of holes and totally useless as a shirt, but I couldn’t bear to throw it out. ¬†So I made it into a cute hat for the baby!

I got the idea and the pattern from my new favorite website, Pinterest.  I could literally sit and be on that website all day and never get bored.  I got this next idea off of Pinterest too.  I had some more scraps from the white trash shirt and I also decided to tear up a couple of other shirts to make these jersey knit bracelets.

These were so fun and easy to make.  The white one with colored spots is made from a shirt that I wore to the birthing center when I was in labor with Julia.  The yellow one is just from a shirt that I bought because I loved the color but then never wore.  Upcycling is fun!!!

Published by Sara on 02 Jun 2011

38 Weeks

Well here I am, 38 weeks down and 2 to go. ¬†I’m pretty sure I will be going to 40 weeks with this little guy, even though he is measuring 40 weeks in size as of today.

Do you like my cool bracelets?  More on those later!

Bethany did a pretty good job on the pictures don’t you think? ¬†Anyway, I am pretty much miserable due to the size and weight of this child but I will spare you all of the complaining. ¬†It will just be SO nice to finally get to hold this baby in my arms instead of my belly.

Published by Sara on 02 Jun 2011


This is what happens when you let your girls go to Walmart with their daddy, they come home with hunting stuff!

It will be nice having another “guy” in the house in a few weeks.

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