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Published by Sara on 27 May 2011

Best Day Ever

To celebrate the first official day of summer vacation, I took the girls to this place called Jabbers that is over here by JCPenney.  It is one of those play places for kids where you can let your kids run wild and not have to worry about them too much.  We were seriously there for the entire day.  We got there at 10:30 in the morning and left at 5:00 to go home for dinner.  Then we went back after dinner.  There are lots of soft leather couches for the parents to just sit and relax while their kids play.  I literally thought to myself, “I am in heaven.”  I got to just sit and play with my ipad all day.  Aaaahhhhh.

Here are lots of pretty self explanatory pictures.

We will probably be spending lots of time here this summer!


Published by Sara on 24 May 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

Bethany finished Kindergarten today!!  We are so proud of her.  She ended up being an advanced reader, and on her report card she got the kindergarten equivalent of straight A’s.  Here are some pics from her little graduation ceremony.

Daddy and our mini-diva:

We love you Bethany!  Next year, first grade.  That is going to suck (for me), I hate having her be gone all day.

Published by Sara on 24 May 2011


pris-sy, adj.  : overly prim and precise

high-maintainance, informal adj. (of a person) :  requiring a high level of care and attention; demanding.

This littlest girl of mine is developing a bit of a problem.  She is obsessed with looking pretty.  She is THREE for crying out loud!  She always wants to wear a dress, and her hair MUST be braided in order for it to be acceptable to her.  I am not used to this behavior from her because she has always been so easy-going and lovable.  This “new” Julia likes to act like a diva all day.

Here she is before church this last Sunday.  Notice the braided hair.  She is pouting because her dress is black and not pink.  We ended up making an agreement that if she would just wear the black dress, she could wear the pink fur coat.  This agreement was ok with her, but she still stuck out her lip and acted like a stinker.

The Sunday before this one, she threw a terrible fit.  I had fixed her hair all cute into a side-swept messy bun and it looked adorable.  When she realized that there was no braid in her hair she became very angry and said that it was “NOT PRETTY!”.  Ugh!  We fight nearly every day now about her attire and hairdo.  Just this morning she was barking demands at me.  In these exact words and with a sassy tone of voice, “DRESS ME UP and FIX MY HAIR!!”  She wanted me to get her all prettied up just to drop Bethany off at school.  Anyway, long story short…I ended up having to take all of her dresses away.  It was a bad morning for Beano.  She can earn them back one at a time for showing me good behavior. We had a good talk and she understands why I took them, and she already has earned one back.

I just wanted to document this little phase of hers because I’m sure it will pass quickly.  Then hopefully I can just look back and think about how funny it is!

Published by Sara on 22 May 2011

Bethany’s First Tooth

Wow, I have a child that is old enough to be losing teeth.  A few weeks ago, Bethany noticed that one of her teeth was a bit wiggly.  It kept getting looser and looser until it was just barely hanging by a thread, and then it was time for it to come out!

See how loose?  It gave me the willies.

Pushing on it with her tounge…


Then she got a tissue and gave it a little pull.


My toothless little girl!

Published by Sara on 21 May 2011

Gardening 2011

The garden is in!  We really packed stuff in there this year.  Early girls, romas, cukes, lettuce, peas, peppers, carrots.  In the herb section we planted basil, oregano, parsley and a stevia plant (20 times sweeter than sugar, I thought I’d try putting it in some lemonade).  It was a chilly day on Wednesday when we planted, hence the coats.

I told the girls to say cheese for the picture.  Julia decided to dance and sing about cheese instead.

Still dancing…

On a serious note, the baby bing cherry tree that we planted has passed away due to a fatal flesh wound.  Here is Julia doing her best sad face.


Published by Sara on 19 May 2011


This blanket has been in the works for a while now.  I did most of it over conference weekend, but then it waited another month before getting it’s binding.  And then it waited a few more weeks to get a second binding, because the first one was terrible and I had to re-do it by hand.  Behold, the beauty of the baby’s puff quilt!

Hopefully it can take it’s rightful place in the finished nursery sometime in the next few weeks.

Also, here are a few interesting things I learned at my doctor’s appointment today:
My birthing center is shutting down at the end of this month.  That means that I have to deliver the baby at the hospital, but I guess the hospital is going to somehow incorporate the birthing center into it.  I have no idea how that is going to work and am actually quite confused about the whole thing.  I hate hospitals!
My due date is actually June 16th, and not the 19th.  Only three days difference but still, I didn’t know that.
The baby is still measuring 2 weeks ahead, but I continue to weigh less.  I have lost 8 pounds in the last three weeks.  It’s strange, but I’m totally fine with it!  The baby is also very low which is causing me a bit of discomfort.
Also, the baby actually does have a name but I’ll never tell!  Haha!  I am evil.



Published by Sara on 13 May 2011


Wow, what a show.  Wicked was wicked awesome!!  We met at Jess’ house…

Ate at PF Changs…

Went to the show…

And then had cheesecake!  (Hello bartender in the back!)

Thank you, my ladies, for the best girls night out ever.

Published by Sara on 05 May 2011

Finishing Touches

I got a few more fun little things for the laundry room.  My friend Alyce did the vinyl for me, she is awesome and has an etsy shop here.

But the best thing ever are these coat rack shelves!!  My dad and I (but mostly dad) built these by hand.  They are beautiful and I love them!!  One shelf for big people and one for little people.

Of course this is what they really look like…

Thanks dad for your time and woodworking expertise on these!!  Love you!!

Other random info:

The baby’s room is nearly complete.  There is still a treadmill in there that we have to move to the garage, but the majority of the sewing is finished!
I went to the doctor today.  The baby is still measuring 2 weeks on the large side, but I also lost 4 pounds. (????)
Bethany only has 6 days of school left, and she has a loose tooth!
I am super excited to see Wicked next Thursday!  I added a link just in case you have been living under a rock.  🙂