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Published by Sara on 25 Apr 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter weekend was chock-full of eggs, candy, fun, and SUNSHINE!  The sunshine had to have been the best part.  On Saturday we went to the Letha egg hunt for the first time.

Papa Shadd…always front and center with his camera!

The girls got tons of candy, as did all of the cousins that were there.  Cannon’s bag was too heavy for him to even carry.  After that, we went the back way home.  Being the nice wife that I am, I told Neil to bring his gun so he could stop and kill some critters on the way.  The hillside by the log plant now has a dent in it’s whistle pig population.

The reason why we took the back way home was so we could stop at Sandhollow Nursery and get a new tree for a bare spot in the backyard.  We picked out this little baby Bing Cherry tree.  I have always wanted one!

We also finished painting the shed, planted some flowers, planted peas and lettuce, and other misc yard chores.  We were pretty much outside all day.
On Sunday morning, the girls woke up to find eggs hidden all over the living room.  Since Bethany can read now, the Easter Bunny planned a scavenger hunt for the munchkins.  One of the hidden eggs had a clue inside, which led to another clue and so on.

They found some prizes in the toy box, the bathtub and the oven.  Eventually they ended up at their baskets which were hidden in the soon-to-be baby’s room.

Later that day we went to Clint and Sydnee’s for a big Easter get-together.  We had hoagies and floats and another egg hunt for the kiddos.

Shortly after this picture, Bethany was hanging upside down on the swingset and fell.  She landed directly on her head and jammed her neck.  She couldn’t really move at all for the rest of the evening, but today she is up and moving around but is still a little sore.  She also has a goose egg on the top of her head, but she is fine.  🙂

It was a great weekend!  Thanks everyone and Happy Easter!


Published by Sara on 21 Apr 2011

32 Weeks

32 weeks down, 8 to go!  I saw my doctor today, everything is going well.  I didn’t gain any weight since my last appointment, so that means I have only gained a few pounds in the last month. The baby is still growing big and is measuring 2 weeks larger than he is supposed to.  He used to measure 3 weeks too big, so I’m thinking that things will probably slow down and he will be just the right size at 40 weeks.

Most people are wondering what we are going to name this little boy.  You would think that we would have a boy name all ready to go since we already have 2 girls, but no…I am so picky when it comes to names.  My brother has been trying to help me with the name, and he has officially dubbed me the “baby boy name rejector”.  Neil’s favorite names are Little Bill and Jack Bauer.  I told a lady today (complete stranger) that we were going to name him Chuck Norris.  She had to pretend that it was cute until I told her I was kidding…haha!

Published by Sara on 19 Apr 2011

Coloring Eggs 2011

Published by Sara on 17 Apr 2011

Egg Hunt

We had an Easter Egg hunt and brunch at the church yesterday for the kiddos.  Luckily I remembered to bring my camera.

Unluckily, I forgot to charge my camera battery so the above picture was the last.  Just imagine the girls taking about 30 seconds to gather their eggs out of the grass.  After that, they sat down on the curb and stuffed their faces.

After the Easter festivities, Neil went hunting for whistle pigs with Bethany, Vince, Josh, Keith and Carmen.  After that, Vince and Josh came over to play.

Reason number 382 that having a tiny backyard sucks:  when playing baseball, second base ends up being on the tippy top of the roof.

Then we started a fire…

And roasted some Peeps.

It was a fantastic day!

Published by Sara on 14 Apr 2011

Tool Shed

Why didn’t we do this years ago??  On Tuesday, Idaho Wood Sheds pulled up and assembled this 8×12 little building in our backyard.

These two cute girls helped me paint it!  Well, they helped for five minutes and then they lost interest.

Our garage has so much more room in it now!  We love it.

Published by Sara on 12 Apr 2011


What the heck?!  Do you think that the law does not apply to you?  The funniest part about it is that I can tell that you got mad and crumpled it up into a ball.  HA HA!  But seriously Neil, knock it off.  This is ridiculous.  You force my hand, I am posting this for all to see so that you will hopefully get multiple lectures from different people that know about you and your aggressive driving ways.

Love you to pieces,
Your dear wife.

Published by Sara on 01 Apr 2011

Sleepy Bean

Right before dinner, Julia rocked herself to sleep in this chair that we got for the baby’s room.  My girls never fall asleep unless they are in their beds at bedtime, so this is hilarious to me!