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Published by Sara on 25 Mar 2011


Today my sister and her family moved away.  Boo hoo.  🙁  Klayton found an awesome job in Portland and it will be really good for them, but they will be dearly missed!

Published by Sara on 21 Mar 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

I guess since we are stuck in this house forever, I want it to at least look nice.  Here is our laundry room before:

And after!

Quite a bit better, huh!  Up next:  some custom coat racks for the wall made by me and Papa Shadd!

Published by Sara on 19 Mar 2011

Random Stuff

Just some miscellaneous pics from the last few weeks:

Beth has been trying to earn money to put in her piggy bank.  She scrubbed the sink for a dime and was thrilled about it:

Beth wearing Tori’s glasses:



Published by Sara on 07 Mar 2011

Baby Brother Practice

Thanks Becky for letting us borrow your baby to practice with!

I just hope our baby boy is as cute as this one is!


Published by Sara on 05 Mar 2011


Here I am at 25 weeks.  Not the best picture, but that’s just what happens when your photographer is a five year old.

Look at how far that thing sticks out!  At my last doctor’s appointment I was measuring 3 weeks too big. Ugh.  I am so huge.  My feet ache at the end of each day now due to all this weight I’m packing around. I can say for sure that some of it is fluid, and I can prove it!  This next picture is so gross it’s hilarious:

Yes, that is my chubby leg!  Seriously it makes me laugh hysterically to see that 1/4 inch deep sock mark in my cankle!  Don’t get me wrong though, I am absolutely happy to get enormous for this little baby boy.  I already feel like he’s my little buddy.


Published by Sara on 04 Mar 2011


I finally decided to make the change.  I love love love her big Britax carseat though, and it will be staying in the garage for her to use on longer car trips.  She feels like such a big girl and asked me specifically to put this picture on the blog so everyone could see her in her new seat.

FYI, the band-aid is because Julia accidentally bopped her in the face with a piece of wood.  🙂

Published by Sara on 01 Mar 2011

Oh Boy!

The nursery fabrics and colors have been chosen!  Heaven help me to be able to pull these fabrics together into something fabulous!