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Published by Sara on 30 Dec 2010

Batman Begins

Becky is scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning, but yesterday she started having contractions.  They got worse as the day turned into night.  At 10pm we went to Walmart to try to walk off some of the contractions to no avail.  I told her to call me when they are 5 minutes apart and 1 minute long.  The call came at 3:30am that they were headed to the hospital.

My mom and I met them there.  Her contractions were painful and regular, I assumed they would admit her.  The nurse checked her and found that she was only ONE centimeter dilated.  Serious?  This baby is 10 days overdue already!  They kept her there for several hours though, making sure the baby wasn’t under any stress.  I had to laugh at her, she was saying, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” and “I want to go home!”.  It cracked me up.  Probably because I said those exact same things a little over three years ago.  She also said that he is going to get a spankin when he comes out, haha.  Anyway, they sent her home.  She is currently on the couch trying to rest.  She is going to try and deal with the pain until tomorrow morning and show up for her scheduled induction.  We’ll see if she makes it another day.  Either way, there will be a baby born before the new year!

(Also, see if you can figure out why this post is called Batman Begins.  It’s a little riddle for you if you’re bored.)

Published by Sara on 29 Dec 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Ahhh.  Christmas was so nice this year.  Less worrying and more enjoying.  Loved it. 

I think I have said it before but I will say it again; Christmas is a hundred times better when you have children.  They get so excited and it makes the parents so happy to see them so overjoyed.  Santa was good to the girls this year.  Bethany was blessed with a new scooter, an easy bake oven, and a jump rope.  Julia was super easy for Santa this year, anything with a princess on it is precious goods to her.  She got an assortment of princess items that she has now stashed (she stashes the things that are important to her, we all think it’s pretty funny). 

Julia’s favorite present after a few days ended up being the stick horse that you can see on the couch in the above pic.  Santa got it at the dollar store.  She named the horse “Turbo Speed” and she rides it all over the house shouting, “Turboooow Speeeeeeed!!”

More pics from the rest of Christmas day:

Neil’s mom gave each of her children a treasure box full of memories from their childhood.  Such a sweet gift.

Anyhoo, I would have loved to elaborate more on how our day went, BUT I just got off the phone with Becky who seems to be experiencing signs of labor.  I must leave now to get the scoop on the situation!  It could be a long night.  A long but awesomely exciting night!!

Published by Sara on 29 Dec 2010


As an early Christmas present, I wanted to take these three cuties on a date for lunch and to see the new Disney Rapunzel movie. 

It is so fun to spoil kids sometimes.  They just get so excited and it’s cuter than heck.  We went to Mcdonalds for some happy meals before the movie, PLUS we got a big popcorn to share at the theatre.  We found out that a large popcorn will feed one large girl (me), plus four small girls (Tori, Bethany, Julia, Oakley), and one Coy.  The movie was excellent, and a great time was had by all!

Published by Sara on 27 Dec 2010

Christmas Cookies

We usually have a get -together every year at Clint’s house to do something Christmas related that involves lots and lots of candy. This year it was cookies! More edible than graham cracker houses, and easier for kids to decorate.

(I have to say..totally off the subject…but typing on a laptop is such a pain!! Every time I go to hit enter, I hit the up arrow instead and end up messing up something that I already typed.  My fingers are too long for this mini-keyboard. Ugh. Ok-vent over!)

These are Julia’s cookies.  Would you like some cookie with your candy??

Thanks Clint and Sydnee for letting us mess up your house for the hundredth time.  🙂

Published by Sara on 27 Dec 2010

Santa Pics

Ok, I’m going to attempt to play catch-up on my blogs on Neil’s laptop since my desktop computer is now deader than a doornail. 

Our ward party was the 17th of December.  We ate a very nice dinner at the church and got to see Santa.  Both of the girls sat on Santa’s lap this year.  This was Julia’s first time without crying.  He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she couldn’t remember, so she had to ask me, “Mom..what do I want again? Oh yeah, princess stuff.”  Sweet Bethany’s only gift request to Santa was to be able to see Rudolph in person. She was disappointed that Santa sort of ignored her request and changed the subject…ha!

Published by Sara on 17 Dec 2010


My computer, that is. I can’t get pictures onto it, so until it decides to quit being stupid there will be no blogs with pictures.
Things have been pretty quiet around here anyway. The house is all done up for Christmas and we are done with our holiday shopping. We are all really enjoying this time of year, especially the two little ones! They can hardly wait to see what Santa will bring them this year.
This week we did what I like to call “toy inventory”, where we clean up and donate our older, less cool toys. We got rid of more than half of our toy supply. The ones we kept were moved into the girls’ bedroom, so we no longer have a “toy room” but the beginnings of a new nursery. Awwwww.
Speaking of babies, my sister is going to have a baby boy any day! She is due on the 20th.
As for my baby, there is no hiding him or her now. As soon as I hit 12 weeks, my stomach went BAM! And doubled in size. None of my clothes fit and that makes me very crabby. Having a brain that doesn’t work and a heart that doesn’t beat correctly also makes me a tad irritable. I have lots to be thankful for though so I guess I shouldn’t complain.
Anyway, that is a short update. Hopefully, Dint up in the I.T. department will be able to help us straighten out our computer. If not, then I guess I better ask Santa if he will bring us a new one.

Published by Sara on 02 Dec 2010


Maternity photos!  Some classic and some unique.  No matter how you look at it, that is one big ‘ol belly!

She is not a fan of Oregon but Klayton is.  Hence the wrinkled up nose.

Hee heee…

Baby was doing some acrobatics in this picture, can you see how her belly is all pointy and strangely shaped?

I think this one is my favorite.

Published by Sara on 01 Dec 2010

Garden Valley

Neil has been hunting an awful lot lately.  This time he was going to head up to Garden Valley to hunt with Carter and Oscar, and he was going to stay at the Andrews’ cabin with them and the Andrews family.  We made a last minute decision to go ahead and accompany him on this trip.  I am so glad we did!  We always love to be with Carter and Tendra and their family and we love their very nice, warm cabin in the mountains. 
The snow was deep and beautiful, and we spent a lot of time playing in the snow while the men were out trying to slay wild beasts.

Tendra and I made some snowmen!  They were cooler looking in real life, plus this picture was taken the day after they were made.

Having some quiet time…

Doing some artwork…

We also did some sledding, and I discovered that my two girls are fearless on a sled.  We took a nice swim in the hot springs pools one evening as well.  The rest of the time we were relaxing in the cabin and sipping hot chocolate while the snow came down.  It snowed non-stop on Saturday.  So much that the locksmith that was supposed to come and get our keys out of our locked truck slid off the road on his way up to save us.  We were supposed to come home on Saturday but had to wait until Sunday for the locksmith.
And as for the “mighty hunters”, they came home empty handed.  They almost got a nice buck, Carter shot it and it went down.  While they were standing by it waiting for it to die, it made a miraculous recovery, jumped up and ran away.  Quite funny if you ask me!  I guess they thought it was funny too because I found this “poster” stuck to my fridge this morning (All of the “guys” were over here last night):