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Published by Sara on 31 Oct 2010

Cone Head

It was crazy hair day at school on Friday.  This is how Bethany looked!




There really is a paper cone hiding inside that nest.  Amazingly, it stayed put all day.  She thought it was pretty cool and enjoyed all of the “cool hair” comments that she got at school.

Published by Sara on 30 Oct 2010


This is just a little something that I want to remember.

So I am being totally lazy and tired and I’m sprawled out on the floor.  Bethany is next to me and I complain to her, “Awww man, Beth.  I’m not feeling very good and I still have to do my chores.” 
So she said that she could do them for me.  She got a chair to stand on and got the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer.  Then she unloaded the whole dishwasher except for the silverware.  She put it all on top of the counter because she’s too short to put stuff away, but still.  While she was doing my chores, one of her neighborhood friends came over to see if she could play.  She normally will drop everything to go play with her friends.  But she told the girl, “I’m helping my mom right now…I’ll come play when I’m done.”

Bethany is awesome.

Published by Sara on 30 Oct 2010

Carving Pumpkins 2010









Published by Sara on 29 Oct 2010

Becky’s Baby Shower

The baby shower for my one and only sister was held on Saturday at my house.  The decor was outstanding, the food was fabulous, and the company was excellent.  Becky got almost eveything she needs for her first baby. 











Dirt dessert shots, because boys like dirt.


We also had little wieners for obvious reasons. 


The momma-to-be!


Opening presents.  I had an Anne Geddes slideshow playing on the tv, that’s why the tv is on and there are random pictures of babies. 🙂



We can’t wait to meet you, baby Keaton!!  See you on Christmas!!


Published by Sara on 25 Oct 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We took our annual trip to Linder Farms last week.  They should rename it Dusty Farms.  We absolutely love Linder Farms, but the dust this year was just awful.  I actually had a whole paragraph right here about how angry I was about the dust, but I erased it because it was thick with negativity and sarcasm.  That’s just not how I roll.  And it’s not like there is a lot that can be done about it anyway.

Behold, the giant cloud of dust.


Besides the 90% dust saturation in the air, we had a great time like always.  Corn box, hay ride, jump houses, petting zoo, mini donuts.  Love it!








Published by Sara on 24 Oct 2010

Us Lately

I have slowed down a bit on my blogging.  I guess it’s because I don’t blog about every tiny thing like I used to.  If our family does something that is somewhat interesting…then I will blog it.  Right now I’m just going to do a little summary of things that have been going on.

I feel pretty good during these first few weeks of prenancy.  Little waves of nausea here and there, but nothing too bad.  The fatigue is starting to hit me now, but I’m trying not to be a sissy about it.  I am definitely fatter though and I have a pizza face.  It’s awesome.

Julia all of a sudden decided that she wanted to sleep in the bunk bed.  Bethany has already claimed the bottom bunk, so Julia now sleeps on the top.  She has slept up there for a week now, she loves it and she is doing great.  She doesn’t get out of bed in the middle of the night, and she asks for my permission to get out of bed when she wakes up from her nap.  I’m not super comfortable with the idea of her sleeping on the top bunk (I guess it’s not very safe if you are under 5) but I think it is going to be ok.  We are still going to leave the crib in their room for a while if the top bunk doesn’t work out.

We had a parent-teacher conference with Bethany and her teacher.  Bethany is “one of her best students” (do they say that to everyone?) and seems to be doing really well according to her teacher.  We also got her very first report card that we were very pleased with.  Overall it was a good meeting and I was happy about it.

On the other hand, Bethany’s school schedule sucks.  For the month of October she will have gone to school for a total of 8 full days.  There were teacher “non-contract” days and parent teacher conferences, and the kids did not have school on those days.  In the first and third weeks of October, she went to school ONE day in each of those weeks.  She had to miss school one day also because she was sick with a minor stomach bug.

Bethany gave her stomach bug to Neil and he has been in bed for the past 4 hours. 

Neil’s water filtration system overflowed all night last Sunday.  When he got up for work that morning, the laundry room was filled with water and all of the carpet in the hallway was soaked.  So I spent most of the day Monday sucking water out of the carpet and trying to make my house not smell like mildew. 

I shampooed the carpet in the main room four times last week, and after that I decided that I’m going to have to call a professional.  We have some seriously dark spots in the carpet that won’t come out. 

Harry Bungalow no longer lives with us.  We decided that he was bored at our house and so we put him on Craigslist.  Some guy came and got him yesterday (very nice guy) and he left us yesterday.  We will miss you, you big ugly spider!   The guy gave us thirty bucks that we plan on sending to Kevin on his mission since it was his spider to begin with.

I made some cash working as a stripper.  Hahaha!  No, I’m serious.  Neil brought home some scrap copper wire and he told me that I could have it if I stripped it myself.  I said “heck yeah I’ll strip it!”  Copper is worth 3 dollars a pound and they give you more money if it’s stripped.  So I got a box knife and went to town.  Neil still helped me do it but he still gave me all the money that I plan on blowing at Sephora.  He’s a sweetie.

I have been attending a Core Fusion class (yoga, pilates, and tai chi) and I love it.  However, I don’t love it if bring my children to Core Fusion and then they both have major tantrums because they are fighting over the ipad and I am forced to drag them out of the room screaming because they “just want ONE more chance, mom!!”.  That never happens.  🙂

Bethany gave a talk in Primary today, it was adorable and she did a great job.

The Primary Program is November 14th if anyone cares to come.  Bethany has one small line that she gets to say.

That’s really all I can think of!

Published by Sara on 13 Oct 2010

Best Birthday Ever

I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to have such awesome family and friends.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s so true!  It was a great day for me.  Thank you everyone for the messages and phone calls.  Thank you Alyce, Heidi, and Aleshea for the wonderful “surprise” lunch.  🙂  Thank you Jessica for the gift and for watching the girls.   Thanks mom for the presents and cake and for watching the girls.  Thank you Neil for the ipad.


Did I just say IPAD? 



I admit that I was actively engaged in making fun of all of the ipad enthusiasts that are present at every Adams family party.  I admit that I said I would probably never buy one.  Oh well, I lied.  

Also, thank you Neil for taking me out to a wonderful dinner where I ate so much that I was literally sick.  Well, I am eating for two after all.



For those of you that don’t know, another little tiny Adams will be here in June!!!!!


Published by Sara on 11 Oct 2010


I now have two little gymnasts in my family, little Julibean started gymnastics this month.  Beth has been doing them on and off for a while now. 




They both have the same teacher, she is this sweet grandmotherly lady named Miss Dee.  Don’t let her gray hair fool you, I can guarantee that she is in much better shape than I am.


Published by Sara on 09 Oct 2010

In Loving Memory

You were a good doggie to my mom and Jack.  You will be missed.