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Published by Sara on 24 May 2010


Holy cow, Bethany’s hair is waay too long!  Or WAS way too long until this morning.  Julia’s wasn’t too bad, but it was uneven since it has never been cut in the back.  So I took the girls to Stacy’s today for some much needed hair trimming.  Here they are after their bath, with their shaggy mops:






I used a flat iron on Julia, that’s why it’s so straight.   I think she is going blonde, which I am so exited about!  I may end up with one curly brunette and a straight blonde if Julia’s curls fall out.  Isn’t she cute?


And look!  Her gap is now completely gone after being binky free for a while.  I can’t believe how fast her teeth corrected themselves.


Bethany left a lot of hair on the floor at Stacy’s house!  It’s much shorter now, perfect for summer. 




Published by Sara on 24 May 2010

Bethany’s Graduation

Thursday was Beth’s last day of preschool, so they had a little graduation ceremony.  I am so proud of this girl!  She didn’t even miss a single day of preschool and she has learned so much.  I love you, my little curly girl!


They sang some songs and did a little show about what they learned over the past year.  It was adorable.  I had no intention of crying, but when she got a flower from her teacher to give to me, my lip started to quiver a little.  The country song “Let them be Little” was playing as she brought it to me, it was just a sweet moment!  I let a few tears slip out but I held myself together quite nicely I thought.  Later she told daddy that she made mommy cry and it was a “tender veertle” (that won’t make sense to anyone other than Neil’s side of the family!).

Published by Sara on 17 May 2010

Swan Falls

After the graduation festivities on Saturday, we took a trip to the Swan Falls lookout with Krista and Clint and their families.  There’s a lot of wildlife and fun things to explore, but it’s basically a giant cliff.  It was a little scary.  Neil was making my knees weak watching him climb on the other side of the protective wall.  So dangerous!



It was beautiful down below.  It wouldn’t have been so beautiful if my beloved husband had fallen to his death though!  Hey that rhymed. 


And these little buggers were everywhere!



The poor above lizard was tortured for quite a while by many tiny hands.  It was so cute watching baby Cannon try to grab that thing and then just giggle.  The lizard was probably traumatized but it survived.


Always remember to say no to crack.


The kids had a great time exploring.


Well, Bethany had a great time unitl she saw the red ants.  Then she freaked out, crying and whining and the whole nine yards.  She was terrified.  So she parked it on this bench where they couldn’t “get her”.  It took a lot of gentle coaxing from me to get her to walk on the ground again.


After that, we went to the Hibberts and lit a fire in the pit.  Then we ate tons of junk.  It was awesome.  Thanks guys!

Published by Sara on 15 May 2010

A Cake for Kiki

Little Kiki Baberno graduated from college today.  Except I guess he isn’t little anymore.  And no, I have no idea why he is called Kiki Baberno, the Adams boys are notorious for giving strange names to people and things.  For example, Neil’s dad is known as “Turkey Nose” or “The Gobbler” and Neil’s mom is called “Chucker Hooters”.  Their cars all have funny names too, like the “Die-Hud Sauce”.  Anyway, I digress.  I made a graduation cake for Keith this week, he has finished his long journey to becoming an electrical engineer.  Congratulations Kiki!!  I have many fond memories of you and you make me feel really old by graduating from college, I have known you since you were just a tiny boy!  Everything on this cake board is edible, made out of either fondant or gumpaste.





There is a reason and meaning behind this piece of paper and blue/orange chain.  Find out here and here



Eating a book…



Published by Sara on 11 May 2010

Still Alive

There just hasn’t been much goin on over here in Adams land that I have to post about.  A few things have happened though.

This past week, we found out that my favorite sister is expecting!  Yes, she is going to have a baby!  It is exciting for us all.  She is due right around Christmas this year.  I have been spending a lot of time on the phone with her lately.

Mother’s day weekend was awesome.  I told Neil that all I wanted was to have a day to go shopping by myself (ironic that I wanted to be away from my family for mothers day!)  I haven’t bought myself an article of clothing in what seems like forever.  I didn’t find anything for myself, but I got some cute stuff for the girls and Neil.  When I was done shopping, Neil surprised me with a new dutch oven (I still can’t figure out how he knew I wanted a new one), and then we went to dinner at the OG with Vicki and Oscar.  On Sunday, the mothers in the ward were treated to cheesecake at church, and then we traveled to Emmett to have an excellent mother’s day BBQ. 

So that’s really all that’s been happening around here.  I probably won’t do another blog until the end of the week because I will be busy in the kitchen starting tomorrow. 😉

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