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Published by Sara on 26 Apr 2010


On Saturday we all went to the dentist for some cleanings and check-ups.  This was Julia’s first visit, she did extremely well.  At first she was saying that she didn’t want to go, but when she saw all of us get our teeth done she changed her mind.  Plus we told her she would get a prize and a brand new toothbrush when she was done.  Bethany was a pro, this is her third time in the dentist’s chair.





Our results were pretty good.  We walked out of there with only three cavities total (too bad they are ALL in MY mouth!! Gah!!).  No cavities for the girls or Neil.  The dentist asked us if Julia took a binky because of her gap.  We said yes, but she has been binky-free for a couple of weeks now.  He said that they are baby teeth and they should correct themselves.  She doesn’t have an overbite…she has a “crossbite” which is where the teeth on her upper jaw are too narrow to fit over her lower teeth.  He said that both of the girls teeth are a bit crowded and we may have to put braces on both of them when they are older, dangit!!

Published by Sara on 24 Apr 2010

So Proud

Bethany was given an assignment at preschool to do a research project.  It was to be an ocean report on the subject of her choice, and she chose to do hers on corals.  It had to be presented to the class on a poster board and she was to find out all that she could about corals so that she could answer any questions.  I was glad that her preschool gave her something to do that was a little bit of a challenge.  Bethany worked so hard on her project and I was so proud of her!!  She painted the board herself (I only helped a tiny bit).  She even took pictures of daddy’s corals by herself and memorized the names of them to add to her presentation, and she labeled all of the pictures herself.  Together, we gathered information about corals so that she would be completely educated on the subject before she had to share it with the class.



I sent my video camera to preschool with her so that I could watch her presentation without actually being there.  I knew that I would make her nervous if I was sitting there watching her.  She did an awesome job.  These are stillshots of the video, that’s why they are all stretched-looking.



Again, I am so proud!  But what is more important is that she is proud of herself for working so hard and doing so well.  I love you, my smart girl!

Published by Sara on 21 Apr 2010


Julia is currently sound asleep, taking her first nap since the binky fairy came!  She has had a hard time settling down for naps since she doesn’t have a binky anymore.  To make matters worse, blankie is gone now too.  We went to Walmart with it on Monday and left without it…I didn’t realize that it was missing until we got home.  The Walmart people haven’t seen it, so I fear that it is gone forever. 🙁  Poor Julibean.  But she is such a good girl because she is asleep right now without her comfort items.  Yay!

On another note, I took my sweet Bethany down to the elementary school yesterday and registered her for KINDERGARTEN.  What the heck?!  I’m going to have a child in Kindergarten?  This is sad for me, I’m going to have a hard time with this when the time comes. 

My kids are growing up!!!  Waaaahhh!

Published by Sara on 19 Apr 2010

New Bike

Bethany has gotten way too big for her old bike.  We were thinking of getting her a new bike for her birthday, but I saw one at a yard sale so I picked it up.  You can’t beat a bike for five bucks!  The chain comes off every fifty feet and the brakes don’t work, but hey, who needs brakes when you can stop your bike with your toes? 


We went for our very first family bike ride today, I couldn’t believe it.  I was towing Julia in the trailer and Bethany was riding right along side Neil and I.  I couldn’t stop looking at her!  It is so strange that I have a child big enough to ride a big girl bike right beside me!  I guess you had to be there.  😉  We probably rode about 1.5 miles and Beth wasn’t the least bit tired.  We just wanted to go home because we were getting tired of having to put her chain back on all the time!  Daddy fixed it when we got home, the back tire needed a little adjusting.  I just have to see about fixing the brakes, and then it’ll be as good as new and she won’t burn any more holes in her shoes.


The little bike was passed on to little sister.  She can’t pedal it yet though.



Published by Sara on 16 Apr 2010

Bye Bye Binky

We have been telling Julia for months now that the Binky Fairy would be coming to take her binkies away.  I have been worried about her teeth, (she has a heck of an overbite) and today was her last day with her precious binky.  At about 7pm, I called the binky fairy on the phone and told her to come on over to collect Julia’s binkies.  She had one final picture taken with a bink in her mouth, and then she put them in a pile on the ottoman. 


Kissing them goodbye forever.



After she said her goodbyes, I had Neil load the kids up in the car for a short drive so the fairy could do her thing.  I took the binkies and knew that I needed to put them in the trash, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to get them back out for her if she had a hard time.  I almost cried as I dumped them in the outside trash can, realizing that I was taking away something that my daughter truly loves.  Plus it’s the last thing she had that was holding her in babyhood.  I don’t have a baby anymore, but a big girl…sniff, sniff.
The binky fairy replaced the binkies with some of her very favorite things and a Zhu zhu.  Julia is obsessed with my purse and it’s contents.  She is always carrying my purse around and taking things out of it.  So she got her own little purse filled with gum, her own keys, chap stick and some other stuff.  Now maybe she’ll quit stealing my stuff because she has her own. 😉


She was SO happy when she saw her loot, she forgot all about the binkies.  Look at that happy face!



(Notice in the above picture how she has a huge gap between her upper and lower teeth?  That’s as close together as they get.  She can’t even bite food with her front teeth.  I think it’s stinking adorable but it probably isn’t good.)


She did very well at bedtime.  She did say that she wanted her binky, but I reminded her that they were gone forever.  I’m so proud of her, and a little sad that she is growing up.  I love you baby Beano!!


Published by Sara on 13 Apr 2010

La Grande

We left on Friday evening with Grandma on a road trip to visit our loved ones in La Grande.  We really had a great time and didn’t want to go home.  Klayton’s custom tire swing was a huge hit with the girls.




La Grande has the coolest park I have ever seen.  It’s huge!  And it looks like a big castle.  Plus it’s right by the river.  We spent several hours here on Saturday afternoon and had a little picnic.







More swinging!  Becky also wanted me to add that she has nothing to do with the junky building behind her house. 🙂


After Klayton cooked us a giant delicious dinner, we started a fire in the pit and roasted marshmallows.



Then we had a genius idea.  Roasted peeps!  They are marshmallows, after all.  These are the “anatomically correct” ones…;)


Oh. My. Word.  A roasted peep s’more has got to be the most heavenly thing ever.  Try it.  Immediately.

The next day the girls were having fun with uncle Klayton feeding the friendly squirrels by hand.



And then we went for a little drive to Morgan Lake and threw some rocks in the water.




We had a really really awesome time!!!

Published by Sara on 05 Apr 2010

Easter 2010

What a fun, busy day we had yesterday!  We were going non-stop pretty much all day.  I got up early to put a turkey in the oven, and when the girls woke up they were so excited.  I love Easter because it’s a bit like Christmas, our Easter bunny always leaves a toy of some sort. 

Coming down the hall to get their baskets:




Then we had a little indoor egg hunt.  The eggs were all filled with legos this year!


Then they found the little lego trail leading to a surprise!  The mother load of legos.




After playing and enjoying Conference, we had my side of the fam over (minus Becky :() for an Easter lunch.  I made my very first turkey!  It’s a lot easier to make a turkey than I thought.  Im just not a huge fan of fondling a whole dead bird and having to stick my hand in places that I’d rather not.  It was pretty tasty though.


Then the adults hid eggs and goodies in the backyard for the kids and they got ready for a hunt.



Ready, set, go!  They took off running into the yard.  They ran all over the place, completely missing all of the eggs.  When they decided to slow down, they filled their baskets with all sorts of treats.






My mom brought these cool eggs that were filled with confetti.  We had fun playing baseball with these and watching confetti fly. 


This picture cracks me up!  Nice hit, Richy.


My favorite brother is turning 30 this week, so we also had a birthday party for him.


Happy birthday bro!  I heart you!


After all the Easter festivities at my house, we headed to Aunt Don’s for a potluck dinner and another egg hunt!  Neil is just squeezing through, I promise!


Another picture that cracks me up.



Here we are exploding some more confetti eggs on Russ’s bum…


Blowing some of the bubbles they got:


Here is Julia trying to tell Great Grandpa Brenner about the ring she found in an egg.  He kept trying to tell her that it was not a ring at all, but a bell.  It was cute to watch this little 2 year old have an argument with a 92 year old.


Happy Easter everyone!!

Published by Sara on 02 Apr 2010


It’s done!!!  The Adams family blog book, volume 1!  I have put many many hours into this thing.  I’m happy that it’s done, but I’m a little bummed that it’s only the first year of the blog.  The software was a pain to use, but now that I have gotten the hang of it a little, maybe the next book will come out faster.




The blog comments wouldn’t fit on the proper pages, so I stuck them all in the back like an index.  Bethany is sulking because I’m taking a picture of it instead of letting her get her grubby hands all over it.


I’m so excited to have this in my home!  It will be even more precious to us all as the girls grow older.

Published by Sara on 01 Apr 2010

Mixed-up Dinner

In honor of April Fools day, we had our dinner all backwards.  We had cupcakes for dinner…



They are meatloaf with mashed potato frosting.  They were de-lish!


And we had pizza for dessert!  Ok, this did not turn out as authentic looking as I thought it would, but whatever.


It got gobbled up anyway.


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