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Published by Sara on 29 Mar 2010

Coloring Eggs 2010








Published by Sara on 27 Mar 2010

A Nice Day

Our Saturday started out with a visit from Uncle Eric.  This picture is adorable!


It was so nice outside today!  We spent almost the entire day outside.  Daddy left to go whistle pig hunting with Keith and Clint, (he works so hard during the week, I thought it was good that he went and did something fun with his brothers) so us girls just played and played outside.  Well, the little ones did.  I sat in a chair and read a book.  🙂
Julibean and her precious tractor:


They love to ride up and down the street, you can see Julia waay down at the end.


Here is Bethany being obnoxious and chasing these poor bike riders down the street:


Seeing these people riding their bikes gave me an idea.  So I hooked up the trailer and we went for a short ride.


We have the prettiest flowers growing in the backyard.  I even saw a bee!  I am happy that the bees are out because that means it’s spring.
I’m a bee, I’m a bee, I’ma I’ma I’ma bee.  (Haha, I copied that off the radio!)


When daddy got home he stained the fence…


We also planted our pea seeds today, and the fresh dirt was just too tempting for the kids.  Julia doesn’t quite understand that you should NOT throw dirt into the air, because 90 percent of it will go straight in your hair and face.   She was filthy. 
This is her concerned look: 


Loving this weather!

Published by Sara on 17 Mar 2010

Us Lately

Life has been going on as usual over here at the Adams house.  There hasn’t been much excitement lately, hence the fact that there hasn’t been much blogging done.  We are just trying to make it through the final days of winter.  There have been a few really nice sunny days, and those are the days when we go outside and play with the firetruck.



When it isn’t so nice outside, we have been doing some painting and artsy stuff.




Bethany has been quite the model lately, she will bring me my camera at random times of the day and say, “take a picture of me!”  Well, alright!




Did anyone notice her nice little tuft of bangs?  She gave herself a haircut a few months ago, it’s just now becoming manageable.

Also we have been putting the finishing touches on the new floor, it still isn’t done but here’s a picture anyway.


Published by Sara on 06 Mar 2010

My Poor Momma

Friday morning I recieved a phone call that nobody wants to get… “Your mom is in the hospital”.  She went to work that morning looking like a ghost, feeling faint, and saying that her stomach hurt.  Her wonderful boss and friend told her to get her stuff, she’s taking her to the ER.  Thank goodness she did because my mommy was having a heart attack.


She is doing well and feels much better after having a stent and a balloon put in.  She had a 90 percent blockage in one spot and about a 70 percent block in another spot.  If you ask her though, she doesn’t think she REALLY had a heart attack.  Whatever mom!  I’m just glad you’re ok!  She gets to come home tomorrow and start her new life eating rabbit food (if I have anything to do with it!).  Love you mom!