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Published by Sara on 28 Feb 2010

Small Remodel

This is what my kitchen looked like yesterday.




Neil and I spent all day yesterday working on this little project of ours!  What in the heck are we doing?  Well, it has a lot to do with THIS bad boy!  Yep, that’s a big fat iron burn on my floor. 


New floors, woot!  Well we are pretty much done already, it only took us a day to install it.  The trim and stuff just needs to be replaced.  I’ll post some pics when it’s completely done.

Published by Sara on 23 Feb 2010


On Zumba.  Amy, A great friend of mine is an instructor and I have gone with her and a bunch of friends twice now.  Finally, something I have found that I am loving that’s actually healthy AND fun!  Yay!

What the heck is Zumba you say?  It’s an aerobic workout involving dancing.  Latin, merengue, salsa, hip-hop.  Check it out here.  Amy has worked this song and dance into her routine and I just love it!  There was even some NKOTB mixed in tonight…just thought I’d throw that in for a certain someone who may or may not be obsessed with that particular group. 🙂

Anyhoo, it’s just the coolest thing and I wanted to share.

Published by Sara on 15 Feb 2010

Fundraiser for Foyer

I woke up early on Saturday in order to be to Stone Lumber by 6:30.  It was a cold and wet morning, it looked like it had rained all night.  Luckily, it didn’t rain on us while we were doing the sale which we were extremely happy about.  The first thing we had to do was to get all of our items from the warehouse to the parking lot, which was a good 250 yards away.  We worried about moving all of our stuff, it would have taken us hours if it weren’t for the Stone Lumber people (who we absolutely love).  The owner of the store woke up early just for us, he got there right at 6:30 to open the gate.  Then he jumped on his forklift to move the “tables”, which were just big stacks of plywood.  We already had our items on top of the stacks, and he picked them up and drove them to the front without dropping or breaking a single thing.


While he was doing that, we unloaded the box van (that the store also let us use) and set up the rest of our tables and the canopy.


They even put info on their blinky sign for us.


When the sun came up, it was GO time! 



Thank you Neil, for stopping by and giving a few of us some added energy. 🙂


Miss Judie:


Judie is the mother of these three beautiful children (she now has 6 all together).  The boy and girl on the left were living in the Foyer De Sion orphanage two weeks ago.  When the earthquake hit, they got to skip some of the waiting involved in the adoption process and come home to their family.  They are so precious!


Our cash box was looking good toward the end!


At the end of the day, we raised $1500 for the orphanage.  It’s enough to have a new well put in.  This is amazing, considering only 25% of Haitians have access to clean water.  This was an awesome experience and I’m so glad I got to be involved.  Thank you everyone!


Published by Sara on 12 Feb 2010

One Loooong Day

In preparation for tomorrows rummage sale, a bunch of us spent many hours organizing and pricing our items.  It took around 8 hours to turn one HUGE pile of stuff into categories and put prices on them. 






We got an amazing head start on getting things ready for tomorrow!  Great job ladies!

Published by Sara on 11 Feb 2010

Hearts for Haiti

If you haven’t heard by now, some friends and I are conducting a rummage sale to benefit the Foyer de Sion orphanage in Haiti. 


If you haven’t already, please take your donation to Stone Lumber in Nampa, or drop it by my house.

For the event, I am putting together a little baked goods table.  So far I have made a triple batch of sugar cookies.  What do you think I should price these at?  $1? $2?  I don’t want to price them too high or too low.  What do you think?  They will be in individual cellophane baggies.




Published by Sara on 08 Feb 2010


We went to a “decade dinner” on Saturday, we dressed as gangsters from the 30’s.  Here’s a picture for you dad.  All of the other pics of us are “blech” due to my annual putting on of winter weight.  Not that I really care what people think, but I think they are ew gwoss.  I have pics of everyone else that I’ll email (if I remember, ha!).
We had tons of fun and I laughed till my face hurt!  Thanks Janae, Stacy, Natalie and Richy for babysitting.


And here’s something else that’s ewwww gwosssss!  I love ya honey, but seriously!  BARF!!  haha


Published by Sara on 03 Feb 2010


We love homemade playdough around here.  The kids were bored and buggin me for something to do and I needed to fix dinner, so I took five minutes to make some dough for them and poof, instant entertainment for the kids.  They played for a good 40 minutes straight, making “cookies” and “cakes” and all sorts of stuff.






Side note:  Julia is wearing the coat that she NEVER wants to take off, she usually asks to put it on right when she wakes up.  “I want my cute coat” is what she says.  Bethany is sporting the shirt that Grandma made for her that she got lots of compliments on at preschool.

Published by Sara on 02 Feb 2010

Great Grandparents

Last week we made a trip out to Emmett to get some things from my Dad’s house.  We had about an hour to spare before he was done with his bike ride, so we paid a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Adams.  I had Grandma show me a few knitting stitches.  I have since been practicing with the needles, and I really admire knitters (Holli!) because it isn’t very easy in my opinion!



Bethany wasn’t being very sociable and didn’t want her picture taken.  I think she was in a bad mood because the dog freaked her out a little.  That Peppy is really…peppy.  Julia didn’t mind though.



You’re up next, Granny Brenner!  I need you to show me how to make bibs (the best bibs ever) sometime.