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Published by Sara on 30 Jan 2010

Sweet tooth?

Bethany:  Mom, we need more syrup.

Me:  Really?

Bethany:  Yeah, because daddy drank it all.

Seriously!?  That man of mine sure loves his sugar.

Published by Sara on 16 Jan 2010


I have had castles on my mind a lot lately!  First, I read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith for book club.  Great book!  Loved it.   The people in the book lived in an old castle that sounded just amazing.


Then, ironically, Oakley decided that she wanted a castle cake for her birthday.  I was happy to do it of course!  Happy birthday Oakley!





Published by Sara on 12 Jan 2010


This interview took several sessions, she kept wandering off.  She’s a bit small to sit and answer questions, but it turned out cute anyway.

What’s your name?  Ju-weah Adam

What else do we call you?  Princess.  What else?  Jasmine.  I was trying to get her to say Beano, but she just got done watching Aladdin.

What do you like to do?  Um, cartoons.

What’s your favorite food?  Mac and cheese.

Favorite animal?  Um…Jaguar.

Favorite toy?  Um, backpack.  What else?  Um, mac and cheese.

What’s your favorite cartoon?  Um…Max and Ruby

Do you like nursery?  Mmm hmmm.  Why?  Cuz.  I don’t know.

What’s your favorite song?  Um…(then just started singing some song she made up)

Are you a big girl now?  Why?  Yeah.  Um, I don’t know.

Tell me a story.  Once upon a time, there was a witto witto baby.  What happened to the baby?  And he cries.  He jumped out to her crib.  He needs to go potty.  And he gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger!  The end.

This little child of mine is quite the comedian.  Just last Sunday at church she was telling the family in front of us (in the middle of sacrament) that she was “gonna puke”, and then proceeded to make fake barfing noises.  Then she would just giggle like she said the funniest thing ever.  She cracks us up all the time.
She is almost completely potty trained now.  She is still just a little confused about what to do when she needs to do #2, but she’s getting better.  She doesn’t even pee in her diaper at night, and she wakes me up every morning because I can hear her yelling into the monitor, “mom!!!  I have to go peeeeee!”
She is quite the smarty pants, it’s so fun listening to her talk.  She has the cutest little lisp too.  She loves to sing, she is always singing something.  She also loves to sing along with songs on the radio when we are in the car (Lady Gaga is her favorite!). 
It is impossible to take her anywhere.  She hates sitting in a cart or stroller, but I can’t let her down because she will take off running every time.
She is still hooked on binky and blankie, she won’t go to sleep without them.  That’s going to be my next big project with her…getting her off the binky.  I think I will miss it as much as she will, sigh.  She has one particular blankie that she prefers over the others, if I bring her the wrong one by accident she will say, “NO, not THAT bwankie, the UDDER bwankie!!!” 
She can be a little handful sometimes!  If she is in a “mood”, she will sometimes just walk up to Beth and rip a toy out of her hands and run with it.  She will even run and hide under her bed if she knows she is going to get into trouble. 
She loves water and I constantly find her trying to play in the bathroom sink.  She climbs up on the toilet and turns the water on, then water usually ends up all over the counter and her shirt.  She always tries to make up reasons to go and “wash her hands” so she can play in the water.
I would say that her favorite food is probably pizza, but she isn’t a very picky eater and enjoys most everything.  She really loves avocados too, and she has been on a soup kick lately (she loves chicken and stars). 
She doesn’t really have a favorite toy, because she always wants to do whatever Bethany is doing. 
I do know for sure that she is adorable and we can’t get enough of her!!  I don’t want her to get any bigger but I guess there isn’t much I can do about that!

Published by Sara on 10 Jan 2010

New Years Update


What’s your favorite thing to do?  Play computer games

Favorite TV show?  Wubbzy and Caillou

Favorite thing to eat?  Grapes and Apples

Favorite book?  The Princess book that Grandma Bubka gave me

What do you love about Julia?  I love to play with her, especially ring around the rosies

What do you love about Daddy?  He’s my best friend

What do you love about Mommy?  I love to bake with you and spend time with you

What are you good at?  Running, and cleaning the toy room

What do you hope to do this year?  Read books (learn how to)

What was your favorite thing we did last year?  Went to the pumpkin patch

What’s your favorite thing about preschool?  The learning board

What’s your favorite thing to do with your sister?  Play with toys with her

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A doctor.  A baby doctor.

What’s your current favorite toy?  My Ariel doll

What’s your favorite song?  That one about the temple….(I love to see the temple)

Bethany is now 4 1/2 years old, how time flies!  She will start school in the fall, I think she will be ready.  She is still quite shy, but she is very slowly coming out of her shell.  She still has a hard time talking to adults if she isn’t 100% familiar with them, but at least she doesn’t hide her face from them anymore. 
Preschool is fun for her, she always has a great time.  It is a really good school and she is learning a lot.  Just this week they had a pajama pizza party (obviously they were studying the letter P), she just thought it was the coolest thing to get to wear her pj’s to school.  She now knows how to spell and write her name without help.  She loves that she knows all of her letters and is always asking me how to spell things so she can make words in her little notepad.  She also amazes me how well she can get around on the computer, she often gets on Amazon to look at toys and she can play almost any little kid computer game without help.
Little Beth is such a sweet little girl (except for when she’s NOT-I’ll get to that).  She seriously has a huge heart and is full of little random acts of kindness.  She will often give you a hug and kiss out of the blue for no reason at all.  She also loves to make little gifts for people (usually a craft or drawing). 
On the other hand, she can be quite a stinker!  She picks a lot of fights with Julia (Mommmm!  Julia is LOOKING AT ME!).  And tries to test my patience by either not listening to me, or flat out saying no to me if I ask her to do something.  If she does get in trouble she goes to her room for about five minutes, and she is always sorry for whatever it is that she did and she is usually good after she gets out.
She is SO much better now about sleeping in her room all night, and she rarely sleeps on the floor now.  Maybe once a month she will decide to go to bed on the floor.  
She cracks me up every day, she is a funny kid.  The other day Neil was play attacking me and I called to Bethany for help, so she jumped on his back and said, “I’m gonna wring your neck!”  I busted a gut when she said that, I’m sure it’s something she heard daddy say.  She was driving with Neil one day and said, “hey-watch where you’re goin, mister!” to another car.  She says all kinds of funny stuff, I wish I would write more of them down.
We just love our curly-Q little Beth! gile-regena