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Published by Sara on 31 Dec 2009

Christmas 2009

The festivities began on Christmas eve with our gift exchange, dinner, and candy game.  The adults and kids all got gifts, and the girls wanted to play with them immediately, as usual.






After a fun and eventful party, we headed home to get ready for Santa to come!  The girls were SO happy in the morning!  We woke them up and they ran down the hall to see what was left for them.


I admit I may have gone overboard on the girls gifts, they would have probably been just fine with one thing a piece.  Oh well, I get excited too you know.  Bethany got Barbies galore, and Julia got a new baby and some furniture for it.  Plus they got a crafting box filled with fun things to do, and they got new bedding.  Oh, and their stockings of course.



Giving her baby a kiss…


She finally got her paints!!  That’s really all she wanted, we could have just gotten her paints and she would have been happy.


After a while, we headed over to Grandma’s for some more present opening!  Presents everywhere!


Grandma and Jack got all the grandkids the coolest little riding firetruck:


Then we were off to Grandad and Fondas for Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  I don’t know what on earth is going on here, but it’s funny..




We finished up our day by “ice skating” on the pond. 



We had a wonderful holiday!!  We want to thank everybody for everything (pretty vague, I know.  It would take me all day to thank everyone individually!)  We love you so much!

Published by Sara on 25 Dec 2009

Is it hot in here?

I’m melllllllting!!!


This one has accepted his fate and decided to die with a smile.


I thought they turned out pretty darn cute!


Published by Sara on 20 Dec 2009

Santa Pics

We went to visit Santa last night at our ward Christmas party.  Bethany was very cooperative, although I could still tell she was pretty uncomfortable.  I think she told Santa she wanted some Barbies.  Julia was excited at first, when I asked her if she wanted to see Santa she said, “Santa bring me paints??”  She’s been talking about Santa bringing her paints ever since she used up the last of her watercolors.  Maybe Santa will put some in her stocking.  Anyway, she likes the idea of Santa, but not so much in person! 
Our ward party was Hawaiian themed, that’s why Santa looks a little different.




Published by Sara on 18 Dec 2009


I played soccer “way back in the day”.  These pics are from 1997, I was a sophomore in high school.


Notice how much bigger I am than everyone else?? 


I still have those socks. 
Fast forward to today.  Some of my buddies started playing indoor soccer at a really cool indoor facility so I thought I’d join in.  It’s like riding a bike right?  You can’t forget how to play soccer…NOT!!  It took me at least three games to even remember the rules.  So anyway, I’m playing soccer every Wednesday with a bunch of friends.  I tell you what, this old lady body of mine just can’t take sports like it used to.  I get injured every single game.  Last week was my knee, the week before I thought I broke my thumb, the week before that it was my calf.  Regardless of the beating my body takes each week, we still have a bunch of fun.  Our team name is the “trash talkers”, mostly due to one specific member of the team who can’t seem to shut her yapper…but we still love her.  🙂 
Here we are!


Team meeting.  Trina is doing a really good impression of a chicken.


Me and my goal…


This pic is cool, Alyce looks frozen in time or something.


A classic pic of Alyce yelling at the referee (which she does a lot..haha), love this one! 



Me and T-Dub,


Here’s an actual picure of me getting injured, notice that I have the leg of a player who was running full speed in my face.  Not pleasant!  This one hurt my nose.


Thanks to Rebecca for taking all the pictures for us.  There are lots more, I’ll try to email everyone some of your own to have. 🙂

Published by Sara on 14 Dec 2009

It’s Potty Time!

I have been putting this off forever.  Potty training isn’t on my “fun things to do” list.  She has been doing GREAT so far, except for a few minor accidents, (“Mom!  I peed on da ground.”)  She can now take her nap wearing big girl underwear and stay dry, and she even stayed dry for the entire time we were at church yesterday.  Good job Julia!


Published by Sara on 11 Dec 2009

Craft Day

Last Wednesday we got together with Syd and Krista and kids at Sydnee’s house for a craft playdate.  They made cinnamon ornaments with this way cool dough made out of applesauce and cinnamon, it smelled so good.  They also did a little painting and made some canvases with a little tree and sequins.  They had a great time and Bethany just adored the little treasures she made.  She showed her picture to everyone that would look at it.  Then we ate lunch and had some cake balls.  Thanks gals for a fun morning!  Let’s do it again soon, or maybe an adult craft night?








Published by Sara on 09 Dec 2009

Family Pics

Thank you Krista for coming out with us and freezing your tushie off to get some shots of us.  It was brrrrr cold!  Here are some that we didn’t use on our Christmas card.











Published by Sara on 03 Dec 2009

Bonk Bed

Beth needed a new bed, so we decided to get a bunk bed since we would probably need one in the future anyway.   Bethany calls them bonk beds because you can’t jump on them without bonking your head.  Or, if you fall off the top bunk you will go “bonk” on the floor.  Clever little girl, that Bethany. 



They have been playing in their room constantly, luckily we haven’t had any accidents YET.


I think it is going to look way cute with the new black and white damask comforters that Santa will be bringing!  And as you can see in the above picture, they now have their own fish tank.  I guess that’s daddy’s way of saying sorry for not letting them have a kitty that they wanted.

Published by Sara on 02 Dec 2009

Deck the Halls

We busted out our Christmas tree and all of our decor last Sunday.  Beth did a lot of the ornaments, so our tree is heavily decorated at the bottom.  I decided to leave it that way, it’s cute because she did it by herself and was very proud of her job.  The girls had a great time getting glitter all over the place.



Where’d Julia go?




She cracks me up.

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