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Published by Sara on 28 Oct 2009

Halloween Party

Last night we headed to Clint and Sydnee’s for the 2nd annual Halloween party.  I brought along my little Snow White and my cute Strawberry Shortcake.  Julia’s costume is pretty much just regular clothes and a strawberry hat, but that’s what Strawberry Shortcake looks like (the one she knows at least).


Julia did a cake walk:



Snow White was being a party pooper for the first little while and didn’t really want to participate.


The adults played some games too.


Vince and Randi cracked us all up with this ostrich costume:


When Snow White finally snapped out of her little shy episode, she searched for bones in the graveyard:


And had a mummy race:


We finished the night with some yummy cookies and popcorn.  Thanks Clint and Sydnee for another fun party!

Published by Sara on 27 Oct 2009

Pumpkin Carving





This is my sorry excuse for a pumpkin:


When we were done with the carving part, we let the girls draw on them.  Bethany insisted that all carved pumpkins must have drawings on them.



Bethany’s and Daddys:


Published by Sara on 26 Oct 2009

Memory Monday

“Education Week”

This memory actually only happened a couple of months ago, but I finally just got a hold of the pictures so here it is. 🙂  And it’s definitely something that I never want to forget.   At the end of July, I took a trip with three great friends down to BYU Idaho for Education Week.  It was one of the funnest, most uplifting, educational experiences ever.  I didn’t decide to go until the last minute because I was so busy that month, but am so very glad that I went.  BYU-I has an amazing garden.  If I had known that they had such a beautiful campus I would have brought my camera.



Me, acting like a dork:


Tendra and I acting like dorks:


(FYI Tendra and I were not the only ones making fools of ourselves…;)



Here is a list of all the classes I took over the three-day trip:

Am I the coach or the referee to my children
How can I teach to change my children’s behavior
Learning how to discipline before you go crazy
Faith and miracles amidst carpools and clutter
A time to laugh: the power of humor in mothering
Positive parenting: 5 steps to growing a gospel-centered family
Finding peace in an unpeaceful world
Finding extra money in the cracks or getting paid what you’re worth
The importance and fun of family traditions
I can do hard things
Feed your body, feed your soul:  rituals for radiant health
Sowing seeds of joy and creativity
Strengthening relationships in our families
Elements of a great marriage
Training children to work
Create a new vision for your life

It was such a great experience.  Not only did I get to take all these awesome classes, I got to see where my friends went to school and we ate at their old favorite restaurants.  We even climbed into Alyce and Jessica’s old dorm closet to see if the names that they wrote on the wall were still there…they were.  We did a little shopping, watched a few movies, went to Walmart several times, and stayed up WAY too late.  And I also happen to know that it takes 4 grown women to kill a hobo spider.  HA HA. 

The end.

Published by Sara on 23 Oct 2009

Along Came a Spider…

…who sat down on my cake.



It’s been a while since I made a cake, so I was glad when I was asked to make a “halloween-ish birthday cake with a spider” 🙂  This one is all buttercream, except for the spider which is a rice krispy treat covered in fondant.  I had originally made these really cool looking spider legs out of gumpaste, but most of them broke so I went with the licorice legs instead.  And I have since re-done the message at the bottom (like 20 times), I don’t know why but I just can’t get the hang of piping letters, plus I didn’t even cross the T, duh.  Someday I’ll get it right.

Published by Sara on 19 Oct 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

The hay maze:


This picture is funny, it looks like she is flat haulin’!





The petting zoo was WAY fun for Julia, she just couldn’t get enough of this cute little goat.  Bethany could have cared less about the animals, I think she may have been a little scared.



All the girl cousins going down the big slide:




Beth and Oakley on the cow train:


Julia and Beth on the cow train (looks like fun! Whee!  haha)


We lost daylight really quickly, so we didn’t even get to go into the pumpkin patch.  That’s fine though, Grandma grew us our pumpkins this year.  We finished the evening off with some hot chocolate and then headed home, the girls were pooped.

Published by Sara on 16 Oct 2009


I joked with Neil the other day that he should change his name to Neil Hunter, because he’s been out trying to shoot stuff a lot lately.  I’ll spare you the gory and painful details, but here is the Elk he shot yesterday with Big and Little O. 


Published by Sara on 05 Oct 2009

Memory Monday

“Humble Beginnings”

My very first memories are of this place, my first home.  The sweetest brown and white single wide you will ever see.  We had our own little trailer park going on, our Aunt Janette had a trailer next door, and Uncle Carey had his trailer on the other side.  I spent the first 4 years of my life here.
My dad wrote on most of the backs of these pictures, the quotes are what I’m finding there.
“Movin’ in trailer, November 1978”


“Dad (meaning Grandad) and Barb planting utility pole, November 1978”
(Dad-do you STILL have that old milk thingy? Is that the same one that’s on the deck right now?)


“April 26, 1981, Aftermath of one of many cloudbursts.  View is behind trailer.  49 Ford pictured.”
About this time in history, my brother is almost exactly one year old, and my mom is about 3 months pregnant with me.  Way cool car, dad.


“January 1982, From Viewpoint”


This picture didn’t have writing on the back, but the date stamp said 6/84.  That makes me almost 3 and Richy 4.  This was one of our favorite things to do.  Ride our Big Wheels down the hill.  I remember it well!


I don’t know how old we are here, but I know it’s October! 

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