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Published by Sara on 26 Sep 2009

Speaker System

Today we (and by “we” I mean mostly Neil)  finally got around to installing our ceiling speakers for our house.  We had 10 speakers that we wanted to install in the ceiling in various rooms of the house, plus volume controls for each room.  This involved crawling around in the attic and pulling a bunch of wire, plus cutting a bunch of holes in the ceiling and walls.  The process was not very fun, but I got a kick out of it because Neil is just a funny guy and says and does silly things while he’s working. 
For example, while he was in the attic, he shouted down at me, “You should see me right now!! I’m covered in insulation and I look like Teen Wolf!!”  This turned out to be partly true, actually.  Look at those arms!




While I was getting these furry arm pictures, he was trying to explain to me in very great detail how to properly tape these two wires together efficiently….blah, blah.  I wasn’t paying attention.  This made Teen Wolf angry.


I think he said something like, “I oughta bust you up”.  Anyway, we finished with the wire pulling.  It had to have been 110+ degrees in the attic, so he was SO sweaty and gross when he was done up there!



“Oh come on, this is embarrassing” he says.  Haha.

Here is one of the final speakers going in. 


As he was putting this one in, he said, “it’s not my fault I’m a genius!”  I just wish I had some video of his goofy dance moves after we got the speakers working and turned up.
He makes me laugh.

Published by Sara on 25 Sep 2009

Doctor Visit

Part of enrolling Bethany in preschool is that I had to get her immunizations updated.  I can’t even remember her last set of shots.  I know it was before she was two.  It’s been a while.  I told her a while ago that eventually we would have to take her in to have her shots updated.  She was horrified, afraid, and said she wouldn’t do it.  How was I going to get this done then?   I thought about saying we were going to Walmart and then pulling into the pediatrician parking lot instead in a sneak attack move.  Nah, honesty is always the best policy…or bribery.  I ended up promising to buy her her very first Barbie doll in exchange for her cooperation with the whole shots thing and she agreed.  I can understand how scary of a thing this is for her, I have witnessed full grown men pass out at the sight of a needle, so I think a Barbie in exchange for some shots is a fair trade.
So we get to the office, and it turns out that she is scheduled to see the doctor too, which I didn’t know about, but was fine since she hasn’t been to the doctor in quite some time.  So she had her 4 year well child check as well and her stats are as follows:

Weight:  36.2 pounds 55.16%
Height:  39.96 inches 46.52%

We had a nice visit with the doctor, who gave Bethany a clean bill of health, and then the dreaded time was upon us.  Bethany was very brave, I must say.  There were FIVE shots all together.  Poor thing.  When it was time, she just took a deep breath and positioned herself on her back just like the nurse told her to.  She didn’t start crying until about the third shot, but she was screaming by the time it was over.  She quickly recovered and she got her sucker and stickers, plus a coupon for some ice cream from the nurse.   Then we went to the store and she picked out her doll.  I was very, very proud of her.



Those shots have been hard on her so far.  She has had a fever ever since, and she keeps saying that her legs hurt.  Poor baby.   I do believe she earned her Barbie doll after all.

Published by Sara on 23 Sep 2009

A First

I was putting my makeup on today, and when I was done I went looking for Bethany.  I found her outside.  Playing.  BY HERSELF.  She must be starting to realize that being outside is a good thing and it isn’t going to hurt her.




Published by Sara on 14 Sep 2009

Memory Monday

Now that I have a photo scanner, I can add a feature to my blog that I have been wanting to do forever…Memory Monday.  I will be putting up random old pictures on random Mondays, just because it’s fun.  So I’m going to start off with:

“Fun Times in the Apartment”  🙂

Clint, Emmy, Krista and I used to share an apartment in Boise almost 10 years ago.  None of us were married yet, and we were pretty much free to do whatever the heck we wanted.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun! 
One thing we always made sure to do was decorate for the holidays.  Here is our Chrismas tree one year (which I think we cut down ourselves?  I can’t remember)  It was dang near ten feet tall, I do remember that.


Clint had a fog machine, which we used quite frequently (even when it wasn’t Halloween).  Anyone remember the gagging sensation brought on by an apartment filled with artificial fog? I do.  That little doggie is Gypsy, I remember the day Krista brought her home.  She was the cutest freaking thing ever.  For the longest time I thought her name was Chipsie, but I never told anyone that because I felt like an idiot when I finally figured out that wasn’t her name.  Haha.


We used to dine out a lot (probably because we couldn’t cook yet), and for some reason when we went out this night we wore matching colors and called ourselves the “gray and reds”.  Krista where are you?


Here is another time when we went out to eat.  This time we went to the Olive Garden (our favorite).  The service wasn’t so great that night, so we decided to steal the dinner napkins and then wear them out on our heads like bandits.  Such rebels!


This may be hard to believe, but at one point we had a minor swearing problem.  We held a little craft night and decorated some jars, which were then known as the “swear jars”.  If anyone caught another person swear, you would have to put a quarter in everyone elses swear jar (the price was a quarter PER naughty word).  This could get quite expensive, because when you got caught it usually went something like this, “D****t!!  Oh s**t, did I just swear?? D**n!!”  So that little sentence just cost a pretty penny!  I won’t say who lost the most money (cough…Clint…cough) but we all got rid of that nasty habit pretty quickly after the invention of the swear jars.


Some other memories about our apartment days:
*There was NEVER a place to park!
*Going to Winco at 3 in the morning
*Riverdance anyone?
*Tripping the breaker everytime I tried to blow-dry my hair the same time as Krista
*Playing cards ALL THE TIME
*All of us trying to do “Great Abs Guaranteed” every night
*Rollerblading all over the place (I BIFFED it in front of a bunch of people at 27th and Main.  That really hurt my elbow)
*Swimming in the “lake” in our backyard

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  Good times, good times.

Published by Sara on 09 Sep 2009


Yesterday was Bethany’s first day of preschool!  I was very worried about this day, because she kept saying , “I don’t want to go to preschool!” for two days beforehand.  She was clearly scared to go.  I had to sit her down and explain why she was going to be fine, and then she changed her mind and said she would go.  I took her down to her school a little bit early so that she could get a feel for it before all of the kids and parents started pouring in.  Here she is by her cubbyhole where she hangs her backpack and gets her little name stick out.




She kept asking me when I was going to leave, and finally I gave her a hug and kiss and said goodbye.  She went right to work on her puzzle and was fine, no tears thank goodness!


I wish I could say the same for myself though, I shed several tears in the car after I dropped her off.  What IS it with leaving your kids at school and then crying afterwards?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, when I picked her up she was as happy as a clam.  She had a great time and says that she is just so happy and that she loves preschool.  I asked her what she learned about and she said, “ummmm…..we had SNACKS!!”  Great!

Published by Sara on 08 Sep 2009

My First Wedding

I got to go with Krista this weekend to shoot a wedding.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  Here are some of my shots, I’m leaving out pictures of actual people only because I didn’t get their permission to put their faces on my personal blog.  I’m sure they wouldn’t care, but you just never know!






I guess this picture has people in it, but if you can tell who they are I’ll give you a million dollars.


My favorite…♥


Fine.  Here is Krista’s “favorite” shot…


(No, I swear I didn’t use Photoshop to give myself an 18 inch waist…hahaha 🙂 Sorry, inside joke)

Published by Sara on 07 Sep 2009

Julia’s Party

We had to leave the ward campout a little bit early so I could make the neccessary preparations for Julia’s birthday party on Saturday.  We got home at around 1:00, got cleaned up and I put the birthday girl down for a nap.
Due to the fact that we were camping, there was nothing fancy in the cake department from me.  Just some simple cupcakes.  I was going for a Strawberry Shortcake theme, but ended up just using mostly strawberries for decorations.




We had pizza for dinner and then opened presents.  Bethany took charge when it came to unwrapping the gifts, which was fine because Julia needed a little help anyway.



About halfway through opening her gifts, she opened a toy broom.  It was all downhill from there, because she immediately lost interest in the rest of her presents and left the living room to go sweep the kitchen floor.  We had to hide the broom from her to get her to finish with the rest of her gifts, she’s so funny.  She kept saying, “where’s my broom?!”




Happy birthday Julia!!!  She had a great time.  Thank you everyone who came, and Julia says thank you for all of the presents!!  We love you!

Published by Sara on 06 Sep 2009


This past Friday we packed up and headed to Garden Valley for our ward campout, and we stopped and did a little fishing along the way.  There are some nice sandy beaches along the Banks/Lowman road, so we pulled over and played for a while.




Neil caught a Squawfish, so he brought it over to the girls while it was still on the line and let them both reel it in.





Julia just thought that this fish was the coolest thing ever.  She kept saying, “c’mere fishie!!” and giggling her cute little girl giggle.


Neil, the mighty fisherman. 


Published by Sara on 03 Sep 2009

Happy Birthday Julia!

My little Julibean turned 2 today!  Her party is on Saturday, but we wanted to give her our present from us today instead of making her wait until this weekend.



We got her this fabric pop-up tent (plus tunnel!) for her gift.  She thinks it’s awesome and calls it the “castle”.   



Big sister got to play too of course.


We love you SO much Julia.   Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

Published by Sara on 02 Sep 2009

Two Babies

I came home from my mom’s house tonight and couldn’t find Neil anywhere.  It took me a while to locate him because I didn’t really think he would be all balled up in Julia’s crib!?  Too cute.