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Published by Sara on 26 Aug 2009

The Fair 2009

We went to the Western Idaho Fair on Monday (family night).  Luckily, it wasn’t too hot outside, but there were SO many people there.  


This is what Bethany thought of the small animal building…too loud!  The honking geese were scaring her.








Bethany went on the ferris wheel for the first time this year.  I thought she was going to get scared and freak out, but she loved it!  




Julia got bored while waiting for Bethany to get done with her ride, so she dumped all of her water out into her stroller tray and made herself a mini swimming pool.


All of the little girls in the expo building:



Published by Sara on 25 Aug 2009


Raised garden bed + soft soil + water = fallen sunflowers.  I guess the roots didn’t get down deep enough to keep them stable, they just tipped right over!  Darn, those sure were some nice looking sunflowers…



Here is Bethany pretending to cry over this horrible tragedy:


Published by Sara on 22 Aug 2009


For our anniversary, we decided to celebrate by doing something adventurous!  We went up to Horseshoe Bend to do some ziplining.  Fun fun! 


Neil’s first run:


Here’s me before my first run.  My heart was beating so fast, I was quite scared, I didn’t think I would be because I’m not at all afraid of heights.  I guess it’s a little frightening because basically they take you to a platform at the top of a tree and say, “ok GO!”  UMMM…..


Wheeeee!  It wasn’t bad at all.  Quite fun actually!!  The hardest part is keeping yourself from turning backwards.  Then you have to land in the other tree facing the wrong direction.



Neil getting ready to do one of the long ones (1700 feet long).  I tried to upload the video he is taking in the picture to the blog but couldn’t get it to work. 🙁


Here’s what that run looked like:


This is us right before the last run.  It’s an 1800 foot long side-by-side zipline, so we got to go at the same time.  WAY COOL and so much fun!!!  At this point I was very comfortable and was even able to let go and just dangle from the rope while flying through the air (which Neil made fun of me for because he said I looked like Peter Pan.  Whatever.)


Just a final brag about my most awesome husband.  As we were driving home, he suggested that we call Krista to check on the kids.  I said ok and asked him where his phone was.  He said it was in the center console.  So I opened it up and didn’t find his phone, but found another gift box from the jewelry store!  WHAT?!  It was a pair of diamond solitaire earrings!  I am so spoiled.  I have the best husband on the planet, end of story.

Published by Sara on 18 Aug 2009

7 Years

Yesterday was our 7 year anniversary!  Neil and I were married on August 17, 2002.  It was a very hot and beautiful day, one of the best of my life. 

I finally have a photo scanner, so here are some old pictures of us.  I couldn’t find very many, I either don’t know where they all went or they don’t exist, oh well!

Our very first date, the Grubby Skip dance 1997:


Prom 1998:


Neil’s graduation, 1998:


Cherry Festival, summer 1998:


And then he left for a couple of years to go on a mission, so there aren’t any pics between March 1999-March 2001.  And I couldn’t find a single picture of us in 2001, strange.

June 2002:


Our engagement photo:


August 2002, at our grocery shower:



August 17, 2002:




I wanted to have my ring cleaned and buffed this year because it hasn’t been cleaned in years and it really doesn’t sparkle anymore.  So I had Neil drop it off at the jewelers since he drives by there all the time.  Here are our rings on our wedding day:


Welllll, when he brought my ring back to me, it didn’t quite look the same!!!  This picture doesn’t even come close to showing the sparkly-ness of the beauty that now adorns my finger.


He bought me a diamond wedding band while he was there!  I couldn’t believe it.  It’s beautiful.   My original wedding band was very inexpensive (I’m still wearing it though, I can’t bear to take it off), and I have always wanted a diamond wedding band, but I couldn’t justify spending the money just to have some extra bling.  I guess he thinks I’m worth it…♥

Happy anniversary Neil, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

Published by Sara on 16 Aug 2009

Mother Shucker

Pardon my french.  This last Monday we headed to Emmett to get our supply of corn for the year.   Neil’s parents had access to a friend’s sweet corn field, and they let us pick as much as we wanted, and boy did we pick some corn.  Around 700 ears.  It was practically a complete truckload full.


We shucked it, we cooked it, we de-cobbed it (or whatever the proper word is), and we bagged it.  It was a lot of work but it is SO worth it!  We ended up with 150 or so bags all together that we got to split up between Krista, Clint, Neil’s parents, and us.  We worked at it until about 10:30 at night.  Julia was right by my side half the time, stealing corn off my tray.  She’s a little pig, that child.





So now we ended up with about 50 bags with 4 cups of corn in each bag.  Thats enough to have fresh corn about once a week for a year, yay!


Published by Sara on 12 Aug 2009

Lake Fork 2009

The annual family camping trip this year just happened to land on the rainiest weekend of the summer.  I guess it was a few days of record rainfall.  Needless to say, it was very wet and cold!  A lot of my time was spent by the fire.  The kids didn’t seem to care about the wetness at all, they played and played and got very dirty! 



A cool thing about the humidity, it made Bethany’s hair SO curly.  It was in perfect little spirals all day on the first day.  Very pretty.


The huckleberries were all over the place.  They were ripe and juicy and delicious.  Both of the kids loved them, but Julia was addicted.  All during this camping trip, she was very curious and was constantly exploring.   I (or someone) had to keep a close eye on her at all times to make sure she didn’t run off or fall in the creek or something.  At one point I ended up losing her for a few minutes, and when I found her she was in the middle of a huckleberry patch just chowing down.




The Tonka truck was a huge source of entertainment for Bethany.  She is finally big enough and brave enough to ride down Tonka Truck hill all by herself.  She did that about a jillion times and rode down just about every other hill she could find all over camp.




I was afraid the girls would freeze at night (it was about forty-ish degrees overnight), so I pretty much brought every blanket they own and they stayed nice and toasty in their warm little beds.  Juila only woke up once during one of the nights and said, “where IS….…my BINKY?!”  It was quite funny.  Here’s Julia in her nest:


And Bethany…see if you can find her:


This is where the adults were most of the time.  Since it was so rainy, we put a screen tent OVER the fire and sat there.  It was nice because we could stay dry and warm.  It was not so nice because we were getting hot-boxed and had to inhale lots of toxic fumes from the fire.  Plus it took two days of shampooing to get the campfire smell out of my hair. 


This is a funny story.  So Neil was chopping firewood, and when Neil chops firewood, that means that he grabs a big piece and then whacks it against a rock to break it into pieces.  Not a good idea without protective eyewear.  So a piece of wood bouced back and smacked him in the face and it cut his forehead.  The very next day, he was doing the exact same thing and took another piece of wood directly in the eyeball (Or I guess he says that Kevin may have had something to do with it?).  Anyway, he seemed seriously injured because he couldn’t open his eye and it hurt and was really watery.  We needed to get it rinsed out, and he HATES having stuff put in his eye, so we literally had to hold him down and it took two people to pry his eye open to get some saline solution in there.  He ended up feeling completely better in a couple of hours.





Nurse Randi to the rescue:


We also buried a time capsule this year up by the “big rock”.  The kids drew pictures, and the adults wrote down memories and we put them in a big bottle to be dug up in five years.  That was pretty cool.


Here’s Bethany having a good ole’ time riding with G-pa on the 70:




And a few more final pictures.





Published by Sara on 10 Aug 2009

Sugar and Spice

And everything nice.  Some friends and I recently put together a baby shower for our very good friend Vicki.  She just had her first baby girl after already having four boys, so she deserved to be showered in pink for once!


Keith and Carmen let me borrow the lillies from their wedding (thank you!), and they were the perfect decoration for a baby named Lily…awwww.



Some crazy lady made this super fantabulous cake…;-)


It was starting to droop and look a little gnarly by this point in the day which was kind of a bummer.  The flowers and blankets are pretty cute though.  The babe on top is covered in a camo blanket because of Lily’s daddy’s love of hunting, and one of her very first outifts in the hospital was a camo onesie. 



Vicki opened up SO much cute girly stuff.  Baby Lily will never run out of clothes to wear.  Ever.




And of course we can’t forget about the star of the show, Miss baby Lily Rae: