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Published by Sara on 28 Jul 2009

Our First Carrot

Looks like a rake.  Or a fork.  Or a squid if you turn it upside down.  Strange.



Published by Sara on 27 Jul 2009

Happy Girl

Here is one benefit of getting things for free by couponing.  You can feel free to play with or “waste” things without feeling guilty about it.  In this case it was my shaving gel, or “puffy soap”, as Julia calls it.



Published by Sara on 19 Jul 2009

Happy Birthday Bethany!

My little girl turned FOUR this weekend!!  It’s so much fun to see her get so excited about her birthday as she gets older.  She asked me a at least 20 times the morning of her party, “how many more minutes until people get here?”  And then I would tell her, and she’d say, “how many fingers is that?”  Over and over again.  She’s so funny.  No matter how excited she was, she still got all shy and bashful when all of her guests arrived.  That’s just my sweet, timid little Bethany for you. 
Here’s her invitation, made by Krista, AKA  Bolder Visions:


So she picked out her birthday cake many months ago out of one of my baking books.  She has looked at all of my cake books, but she still liked this one the most.  I thought it was a little strange looking, but that’s what she wanted so that’s what I made her.  I guess she just really liked the sun on top, so I kind of went with a “sunshine” type theme for her party.  The cake is chocolate with vanilla buttercream, and I made the sun and flowers/leaves out of chocolate. 



We also made a sun piniata to go along with the theme…




This is the part that she has been waiting for!  Presents!!  She was so happy.  All the little girls went right to work on the princess gowns (and even one little boy…haha…and I think Nash may have been wearing a necklace?).  She has been constantly playing with everything since the party. 







Also we got to have Cam stay with us, which was awesome!  Bethany had someone to share all of her new toys with, and he was such a good boy.  He came to church with us on Sunday and they all looked so cute.



Happy birthday, my sweet baby Bethany!!  Daddy and I love you so much it isn’t even funny.  And a big THANK YOU to everyone who came!!  Bethany is a lucky girl to have such an awesome family!

Published by Sara on 19 Jul 2009

Thanks Aunt Karin

Neil’s little sister and youngest sibling came to stay with us this week to help me with the kids while I prepped for Bethany’s birthday party.  We had so much fun having her here!  She had a little fun with the camera during her stay, so I thought I’d post a few of the many pictures she took.










Thanks Carebear, we love you!

Published by Sara on 14 Jul 2009


I haven’t been to the rodeo in a long time, SO long that I can’t even really remember being at a rodeo.  I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it, but I LOVED it!!  The whole fam damily enjoyed it.  I even came to the conclusion that I have a little bit of cowgirl built into me.  I felt like I should have been out there riding horses with the rest of them.  And oh boy, it made me really, REALLY want a horse.  I didn’t realize how much I miss riding horses until I saw these “bareback riders” doing their thing. 


Oh, and I also want a sheepdog.  This one was SO smart and talented with his sheep herding.


The girls had way too much fun.  Bethany thought the mutton busting (or whatever it’s called) was just the funniest thing ever (that’s where the little kids ride a running sheep and hold on for dear life).  And this was another cool part for the kids…they turned all the lights off and the riders came out and ran around covered in lights.  It looked a little like this…but less blurry of course:





We had to leave early though, due to this…a tired Julibean:


Published by Sara on 14 Jul 2009

Playdate with Mason

We had Mason over for the afternoon, and I had to post about it because these two are so funny. 


They just played and played and had a great time.  Mason taught Bethany how to be a boy, like finding the highest thing in the house and then jumping off of it.  It was the kitchen counter in this case.


And Bethany taught Mason about being a girl, and he learned all about princesses.  Haha.


Published by Sara on 05 Jul 2009


We spent the holiday weekend at one of our favorite places, Lake Fork campground.  4 days and three nights of a constant war against the mosquitoes.  I’m a little bitter about that.  Anyway, we hiked and played by the water and did all of that typical camping stuff.  We really enjoyed spending some quality time together and being in the great outdoors.




We ate smores every night, and then we ran out of chocolate because we’re pigs.


I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the DVD player.  I feel a little guilty about bringing electronics on a camping trip, but it is oh so nice to occupy the kids while camping without involving dirt, sand, water, or mosquito spray.



We also went into McCall on the 4th to watch the fireworks show.  They have a pretty good one!  The kids were a little scared from all of the loud booms, so we ended up leaving a little early because of that, and also to miss all of the traffic once the show was over. 
It was so nice to get out of town for the weekend!  We had a great time, and we also got to enjoy a thunderstorm at 7am on Sunday.  The thunder was so loud that it rattled our camper.   So we ended up all sleeping together because Iwas….I mean, the kids were scared.

Published by Sara on 01 Jul 2009

Bubble Face


I just thought this was funny, she was completely submerged in the tub and her face was the only thing showing.