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Published by Sara on 29 Apr 2009


We have a couple of new boxes that the girls have been playing with a lot this week.  I have been wanting to get the girls a sandbox for a long time, but was worried about them tracking sand into the house, getting sand in the grass, etc.  They can play in the dirt for hours, so I figured why not.  Sand is cleaner than dirt, right?  They love it.





The other box is just a cardboard box.  Bethany has dubbed it her “house”.  I cut some windows and a “garage door” for her.  She has colored and painted it.  Beth and Jules think it’s the coolest thing ever.  Bethany even sleeps in it at night.


Published by Sara on 23 Apr 2009

Fish Hatchery

We took a field trip this past Tuesday to the Eagle Fish Hatchery.  There is a pond full of huge rainbow trout.  It was a beautiful day and the girls had a blast feeding the fish.






Relaxing in the grass with her good buddy Megan.


Published by Sara on 21 Apr 2009

Pretty Girl

Bethany has been playing outside a lot the past few days.  The sun was getting in her face, so I let her borrow a hat.  I just thought she looked so pretty, wearing that hat with her cute curly hair surrounding her little face.




Published by Sara on 21 Apr 2009


It was probably only 50 or 60 degrees outside on Saturday.  The irrigation water has been turned on for the year, and I guess Bethany just couldn’t resist!






Published by Sara on 16 Apr 2009

101 Things About Me

I have been working on this list for a long, long time and finally finished it!  Enjoy!

1.  I recycle everything plastic, even the smallest little things like those tabs that you pull off the milk lid.  I’m not as good with paper or cans, but I try my best.

2.  I have always wanted to pierce my nose.

3.  I laugh the easiest and hardest when I’m with my brother or sister, they are so funny!

4.  I almost went to nursing school in 2000, I changed my mind at the last minute.

5.  I can write an essay like nobody’s business.  I used to be able to anyway.

6.   I NEVER take my contacts out.  EVER.  And I only change them if I accidentally lose one or if one of them rips.  Or if I get pinkeye, like right now.

7.  I really dislike brushing my teeth.  I still do it though…calm down!  I usually brush my teeth in the shower.

8.  I have never broken a bone. 

9.  I love everybody!  You would have to either be really mean or very annoying for me not to like you. 

10.   The first car I ever bought myself was a purple 1993 Subaru Impreza.  I loved that car and everyone called it the “super sube shaggin wagon”.

11.   I love pop, especially if it’s green and has the word “dew” in the title.

12.   I know how to change a tire,  and I have had to fix my own flat tire once when I was at work.  My dad taught me how to do it when I got my drivers license.    

13.  I love horses.  When I was younger, I was able to ride a horse at a full gallop with no saddle or reins and with my hands behind my back.

14.  I once fell (flew, actually) off a very tall running horse while riding in the above mentioned fashion.

15.  I can crack an egg with one hand.

16.  My brother and I once lit a whole hillside on fire with a smokebomb.  Then we lied about it.  Yep, spontaneous combustion.

17.  The funniest word in the world is gonnoherpasyphilaids.   Not really a word, but hilarious nonetheless!

18.  Lightning and loud thunder scare the crap out of me when I’m camping!  I love it if I’m safely indoors though.

19.  I was the goalie on our high school soccer team. 

20.  I ran cross-country my senior year in high school until I hurt my foot and had to drop out.  That was fine because I totally suck at running.

21.  I once had a plastic surgeon fix a permanent cut that I had on the tip of my nostril.  I had a stitch hanging out of my nose for a week that looked like a big nasty nose hair.

22.  I had two guinea pigs when I was younger, Sugar and Sparky. 

23.  I am deathly afraid of spiders.  Clint found a monster dead spider in our apartment once and chased me around the house with it.  I hid under my covers and cried while he threw plastic spiders at me. 

24.  Blood doesn’t bother me a bit.  I used to work in an urgent care clinic, and if someone came in with a severed finger or something I would always ask to see it.  For triage purposes, of course.

25.  I like to cook, but my passion is baking.

26.  One of the saddest days ever was the day before Neil left on his mission.  We put “Every Light in the House is on” by Trace Adkins on repeat and just cried and cried.

27.  I cut Neil’s hair.  He hasn’t paid for a haircut in at least seven years.

28.  My hair measured three feet long in high school.

29.  I call Neil at LEAST three times a day while he’s working.  Usually for no particular reason.

30.  My first real job was a sports photographer for the local newspaper.

31.  When I’m writing with a pen, it MUST have the cap on the end.  I hate short pens, and I’m not too fond of clicky pens unless they are fat ones, like Dr. Grip.  I’m very particular about my pens. 

32.  I used to play the piano.

33.  Barbies were my favorite when I was a child, I had a ton of them plus a three story Barbie mansion with an elevator.

34.  I used to take such good care of my hair, I wouldn’t even blow dry it because I didn’t want to damage it.  I would wake up for school extra early to give my hair time to air-dry.

35.  I collected bunnies when I was younger.  Stuffed, ceramic, whatever.  I had a room full of bunnies.  Some of those very bunnies now adorn my girls’ room.

36.  I wish that I took more pictures of my kids, but usually when we are at home they either aren’t wearing pants, their hair is a disaster, or something along those lines.

37.  There are very few foods that I don’t like.  Artichokes and mangoes are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

38.  My favorite thing to eat in the world is mashed potatoes.

39.  I went to three proms when I was in high school.

40.  I used to sometimes spend the night in the ER with my mom when she worked night shift there.

41.  I have never been hospitalized except when I had Bethany.  Hospitals aren’t for me, so Julia was born in a birthing center.

42.  If there was a decent culinary institute in our area I would enroll myself in a heartbeat!  Pastry arts, to be specific.

43.  I was an honor student in school, and a member of the NHS.

43.  I was also president of the ski club.

44.  I once had a kitty named Feline (pronounced FUH-leen), I had to give her up when I married Neil because he hates cats.  She lives at my dad’s house now. 

45.  I also had a kitty named Bella that I got after we got married.  She also now lives at my dad’s house because Neil STILL really hates cats.

46.  I want a cat.

47.  “Push” by Matchbox 20 is one of my all-time favorite songs.

48.  “The Maker Said Take Her” by Alabama is “our” song.

49.  Neil and I used to cruise around in his 87′ RX-7 when we were dating.  The radio was broken, so all we could listen to was the tape player.  He only had one tape to listen to, Third Eye Blind.  After a few months of that…that tape was hucked out the window.

50.  I sort of assisted in burning Neil’s family log home business to the ground.  A smaller building caught fire first, and that fire was put out by the fire department.  Neil was supposed to stay there and stand guard just to make sure that the bigger, more important building didn’t catch fire from the residual coals left over from the first fire, but I was SO hungry!  As we were driving back to the log plant from eating dinner, we watched a fire truck fly by us, and when we looked to the hillside we saw that the whole log plant was ablaze.  It was a very sad day.

51.  Neil once chopped his thumb off at the aforementioned log plant, and drove all the way over to my house first so that my mom and I could take him to the hospital. 

52.  Neil is my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. 

53.  We recently were headed down to our realtor’s office to make an offer on a house.  She called us at the last minute to tell us not to bother, and that somebody else just made an offer on the same house that was $30,000 more than ours was going to be.

54.  The only lotion I used to ever use was from Victoria’s Secret.  I had 16 bottles of different scents, and I would use a different scent every day so that all of the bottles had the exact same amount of lotion in them.

55.  I enjoy weed whacking, but I usually have Neil do it because I feel silly doing it.

56.  I have only ever slapped one person across the face, my sister.  I think it was because she stole my socks or something petty like that.

57.  My family used to live in a house on a hill, with a gravel pit down below.  My brother and I would go there often to play.  Our favorite thing to do there involved fire crackers and stinkbugs.

58.  When it was time to come home from the gravel pit, I remember my dad would always stand on the back porch and whistle…the kind of whistle where you stick two fingers in your mouth and it’s really loud.

59.   I have always wanted to know how to whistle like that!  I’ve tried, I just can’t do it. 

60.  I am terrible about picking at my cuticles and the skin on my fingers.  Sometimes I put fake nails on just so I can’t pick as easily. 

61.  I am never holding still.  I’m one of those jitter people that has to be wiggling a foot or bouncing my leg.  I am even genlty rocking while trying to fall asleep. 

62.  I’m afraid to let my arms or legs hang over the edge of the bed at night.  I think this fear comes from growing up with cats- they can’t resist attacking a dangling appendage.

63.  I don’t like being told what to do.  If I feel something needs to be done, I’ll do it.  It’s probably on my list of things to do anyway.

64.  I enjoy fishing and think I’m pretty good at it.  My dad taught me how to fish with a bobber when I was very young.  Neil’s brother Vince  taught me how to fish using a spinner while up at Lake Fork one summer. 

65.  Neil’s uncle Jim and I once caught a trout using a piece of cheese.

66.  I have a bad shoulder that causes me pain almost every single day.  I have seen several regular doctors for it, two ortho doctors, a chiropractor, and even a “witch” doctor.  I have also seen numerous physical therapists, had electrotherapy and light therapy, and I’ve had a cortisone injection into it as well.  Most recently I have had another set of x-rays taken, only to find out what I really need is an MRI.

67.  I am very sensitive to the smell of mildew.  I hate that smell worse than anything. 

68.  I am very blessed to be able to fully enjoy being pregnant.  I am usually very comfortable and I have never gotten morning sickness.

69.  I gained approximately 50 pounds altogether at the end of  both my pregnancies.

70.  In a perfect world, I would be two inches shorter and Neil would be two inches taller.

71.  When I’m talking on the phone to my brother or sister, we always end up talking about either food or Disneyland.

72.  I talk to my sister on the phone for about an hour at least three times a week.

73.   I often look at the clock when it’s 10:13.  Sometimes I’ll look at one clock and it says 10:13, and then a few minutes later I will look at a different clock and that one says 10:13 too.  For a while this was happening twice a day every day, and it was starting to freak me out.  It’s just strange because my birthday is 10/13.

74.  I recently lost 17 pounds in a weight loss competition that was started by a friend of ours.  I got third place, but the winner was a fairly big guy and the guy who got second place is a cheater…haha.

75.  I never watch TV.  Maybe once a month I will sit and watch the food network for a while. 

76.  I have seven pairs of designer jeans.

78.  I have a hard time shopping for jeans, because the ideal inseam for me is 36 inches, and that isn’t very common. 

79.  I have never been outside of the United States.

80.  I have, however, traveled through many different states while on a road trip to Missouri where my Grandpa used to live.

81.  I love bookstores and can browse around in them for hours.

82.  I have never been in a car accident, and I have only gotten one speeding ticket.

83.  I have zero credit card debt.

84.  I have big ol’ size 10 feet.

85.  It takes me a VERY long time to fall asleep in unfamiliar surroundings.  I always take sleeping pills with me when I travel.

86.  It also is hard for me to sleep unless I have two pillows, preferably feather.  One firm, one soft.

87.  I love doing crossword puzzles, but just can’t bring myself to do sudoku.  I have a hate/hate relationship with numbers.

88.  My real name is Sarah, but I stopped writing the “h” on the end when I was in third grade.  I prefer the way it looks without the extra letter, plus the H serves no real purpose anyway.  So, remember…it’s SarA, not SaraH.

89.  I started making this list in September of 2008.  It’s really hard to think of 101 things about yourself.

90.  I am often afraid to talk to people because I have a fear of saying something dumb, which unfortunately happens quite often.

91.  I am anti-antibiotic.  I will ONLY take them if I know that I can’t get better on my own.

92.  I am really bad at giving and accepting compliments.

93.  I can’t stand watching the credits roll after a movie is over.  It has to be shut off immediately.

94.  I never drink plain water.  I prefer my water to have sugar and bubbles in it.

95.  I am not an aggressive driver.  However, if I see an aggressive driver on the freeway (lane weavers especially), I do my best to get in their way and block them in just to irritate them.

96.  I only have one living grandparent, my Grandpa Richard who lives in Florida.

97.  I am horrible at styling my hair.  I’m pretty good at makeup though.

98.  I have had a cell phone since way back when cell phones looked like bricks.  I think I was 17 when I got my first brick.

99.  I have always wanted to be a cashier at a store, because I love to push buttons and scan things.

100.  I am not afraid of reptiles, and had many pet snakes and lizards when I was younger.  Usually I caught them myself.

101.  I love my life, and feel like I am the most blessed person in the whole world.  I have the best husband, two absolutely beautiful little girls, and everything else I could ever want.

Published by Sara on 13 Apr 2009

Easter 2009

The Easter Bunny was good to us this year!  Egg Hunt #1 was at our church on Saturday morning. 




Bethany opened a special egg with a piece of paper in it that allowed her to pick a prize out of a box.  She picked this stack of lip gloss and she is obsessed with it.


Bethany couldn’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny brought her on Easter morning.  Julia wasn’t awake yet, and I didn’t want to wake her because I knew we would have a busy day and she would need to be well rested.  The kids loved their baskets.  Then we had egg hunt #2, we always hide eggs around the house for the kids to find.  Julia woke up a little after Beth got her basket, and she was excited about the candy that she found in hers. 


We ate breakfast and then got ready for church.  I tried to get a few good pictures of the girls in their dresses, but they didn’t really want to cooperate.



After church we headed to Grandma’s house for egg hunt #3.  The kids got tons of candy, and a few other fun prizes too.




After completely filling all of our tummies with candy, we left for Emmett to Aunt Don’s to have egg hunt #4 and a pot luck Easter dinner.




We had a great day!  Happy Easter!

Published by Sara on 10 Apr 2009

Easter Dresses

They are finally done!  I made these for the girls, with a lot of help from Aunt Charlotte.  She really helped me to learn some good tips to make sewing easier and faster.  They are NOT perfect, I messed up more times than I can remember.  Bethany’s dress is at least 3 sizes too big, but I think I’ll go buy a little sweater to go over top so that she can still wear it on Sunday and it will look ok.


Published by Sara on 08 Apr 2009

Coloring Eggs







Published by Sara on 08 Apr 2009

Pin Cushion

I have been trying to sew this week (key word-“trying”), and I was sure that I had more pins.  I was just cleaning the toy room and found some of them.  Boy, I don’t know what poor Walmart baby did to deserve THIS, but she must have been a very naughty baby!



Published by Sara on 07 Apr 2009

Adventures in Couponing

I made a pretty killer deal today at Albertsons.


I got these Lipton sides for 5 cents each.  With tax they ended up being about 7 cents a piece.  Here’s how I did it if anyone’s interested. 

Bought 10 for $10
Buy 10 and get an instant $5 off (Albertsons promo)
-$2.25, three .75 off two coupons
-$2.25, Albertons coupon doublers
=$.50 for ten items, plus .17 tax

I also did this twice, so I got a total of 20 and spent $1.34.  Cool huh!

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