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Published by Sara on 27 Mar 2009

La Grande

The girls and I just got back from a trip to La Grande to visit Klayton and my favorite sister Becky.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

I didn’t need to bring any toys with me, because they have three cats and the kids played with them the entire time.  Julia probably said “kitty kitty!!” a million times.



Julia was trying to get to one of the kitties, and she fell off the couch and bonked her head on the coffee table.


The weather was absolutely awful.  We were planning on going to an outdoor hot springs, but the weather was just too nasty.  It was cold and rainy and snowy the entire time we were there.  


So we stayed indoors most of the time.  We watched quite a few movies and made some magnets…


We took the kids to Primos for lunch on Wednesday.  Their Primos has a fun center attached to it, so that was our entertainment for that day.



I went out shopping while Julia was napping, and I scored this cute little nightgown for $.97!


Becky got out her halloween costume stuff for Bethany to play with, since she loves to play dress up.  Here is officer Bethany giving me a ticket!


We were sad when it came time for us to go home.  We love our crazy Aunt Becky!



Published by Sara on 22 Mar 2009

Daddy at Work

We had the opportunity to get some exclusive photos of Daddy at work on Friday.  He just had a few minutes of work to do out at a job in Fruitland, so we all tagged along with him so that we could spend some family time together afterwards.  This is at a new water treatment facility that is just being constructed for the city of Fruitland.




He specifically asked me not to post this picture, but he should know better than to act like a dork while I’m pointing a camera at him.  Haha.


These kids really love dirt!




After Neil finished his job here, we headed out into the “desert” by New Plymouth to do some “hunting”.  While we were driving, we ran into a few familiar faces.  Lo and behold, we just happened to cross paths with Grandad and Fonda out in the middle of nowhere while they were taking their Friday ride.


I guess this is the hilbilly way of spending time together as a family…hunting whistle pigs.   Neil didn’t even get out of the car half of the time.


I just noticed that in this picture, it looks like there is a little bird sitting on Neil’s shoulder.  It’s probably saying, “psssst…don’t do it!!”


A scene from Little House on the Prarie?


The girls had a great time exploring the great outdoors.  Although there wasn’t much to explore, just a bunch of hills and a lot of cow pies. 🙂



Published by Sara on 20 Mar 2009


I left the girls in the backyard for THIRTY seconds while I went out front to get the mail, and they managed to make quite the mess of themselves.  Mostly Julia though, she was covered from head to toe with dirt.






I decided to just let them stay out there and play by themselves, they were already filthy so it couldn’t get any worse, right? Wrong.  A few minutes later, I hear some whining/crying noises coming from Bethany.  I looked out the window and she was running toward the door screaming “There’s a bee on me!! There’s a bee in my hair!!”  Sure enough, I opened the door and there was a VERY large hornet full-on attacking her, and it had gotten all tangled up in her curly hair.  She was in a total panic.  We were both frantically trying to get it off of her before it ended up hurting her.  Eventually the evil bug got loose and flew away.  It ended up stinging Beth on the hand.  She kept saying, “It BIT me!!, Why did it bite meee!!!?”  I hope it flew away and died, stupid bug!

Published by Sara on 11 Mar 2009

New Hobby

I am adding yet another hobby to my list of things I enjoy.  It’s overwhelming, confusing, addicting, gratifying and fun all at the same time:  couponing.  I am still a beginner, and this is my first attempt.  I got these few things at Target for a grand total of .$88.  You will see more posts about this interesting hobby as I get better at it!


Published by Sara on 04 Mar 2009


Julia has had a fever for the past 24 hours, and this morning Bethany said “Here, Joo-yah, you can lay on my shoulder.”  So Sweet.

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